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How To: Redeem XP Rewards

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

How To: Redeem XP Rewards

The XP Reward Section is how you obtain your Experience Points for completing jobs or assignments. Once you have completed a job or assignment of any given tier for the first time, you will create a topic in the corresponding sub-forum (D, C, B, A and Ω).

Each post, including the beginning post made by starting a topic, will net you the appropriate tier of XP reward. The experience will then automatically be added to your account by the forum.

D: 50
C: 100
B: 200
A: 500
Ω: 1000

Every post in the topic, including the first post, must contain the link to the approval of your xp reward. This would be the post where staff states “Approved and Rewarded”. You do not need to include anything other than the post where staff has approved your XP reward.

To learn how to link to a specific post in a thread, please see the tutorial here

*Make sure you name all XP Reward Topics using this format: "[Character Name's] [_-Tier XP Rewards]". So if I was to make a topic in the D-Tier XP Reward section, it would be called "Solomon's Proxy's D-Tier XP Rewards".

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