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Dynatós the Fanalis

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Name: Dynatós [Greek - ισχυρός strong, mighty, powerful]
Tier: D
Gender: Male ♂
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 24 - N/A
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Strength

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- Q u i e t -

Dynatos is a quiet man. Do not let this mistake you he is not shy, yet he may come off like that. Dynatos just likes to take in his surroundings because you never know where danger may come from. He prefers to listen as appose to just talking and being overly assertive with someone.

- W i s e -
Dynatos is able to give great insight into matter even if he does not know every detail of the situation. He shows great discipline such as not talking out of turn. Dynatos knows he is not perfect and he makes mistakes, but he learns from them and does not often make the same mistakes.

- P r o t e c i v e -
Dynatos is protective towards his sister and close friends. He tries his best to protective, often being a bit overly protective. However Dynatos does these things out of love towards those who matters in his life.

- R e f i n e d -
Being refined is something that some Fanalis know nothing of. This also means the masses think that Fanalis cannot be refined, but Dynatos tries his best to break that understanding. He is humble, dependable, and displays excellent manners. He is a patient man that can accept failure and rejection. He has excellent decorum as well.

- M o r e -
Dynatos does not live above his means and accepts things humbly. He rarely gets mad, but can become very aggressive if pushed to said point. He takes risks, but they are calculated. He would rather not take unnecessary risks, but he knows that there are times when you have no other choice. All in all he is a trustworthy man who is protective.

Dynatos loves spending time with comrades. Hanging out with them, whether it's sparring, training, or just hanging out spending the day together is something that gives him a great amount of joy. He is often seen around his sister and comrades sparring or playing some sort of game with them. He views these kinds of relationships to be valuable to a persons life.

Sitting around watching nature. Something that Dynatos views as relaxing and utterly enjoyable, the wind blowing, the sun rising, setting, and many more things contribute to natures beauty in Dynatos's mind. He loves watching how the animals react to nature, as well and how they react to giving birth to their children or scattering the seeds of plants. He believes that nature is something that shouldn't be taken for granted by anyone, so he often makes his sister and friends stop every once in awhile to appreciate nature.

Challenges. Despite his refined and calm nature Dynatos loves a challenge, he absolutely loves a challenge. He prefers physical challenges over mental however. Pushing himself to the limit seems to be a great test to him and he tends to push himself to the limit no matter what it is. He thinks a great challenge shows the limits of ones willpower.

Dynatos can not stand bullies. Seeing people with more power than someone using it to hurt and bully people rather than help them is something that he cannot and will not stand for. If he see's this happening he will immediately cut it short

War. Dynatos doesn't like the idea of war, but he knows it is unavoidable at times. He strives to keep the peace between people, but if he can't in the situation he will fight.

There aren't many things Dynatos dislikes because life is to short to hang on the negative so he doesn't and focuses on the positive of the world , of course he has the normal dislikes of rude people and similar things.

Dynatos's biggest fear is not being able to protect someone. He knows that he can not protect everyone, but he puts it in his mind that he can protect any and everyone no matter who they are or what they do. It is one of his biggest goals in life; if he couldn't protect someone it would devastate him. He doesn't fear death or even killing someone, but losing someone he cares for, a comrade, or a innocent bystander.

Dynatos's secondary fear is the fact that the Fanalis will never be able to lead peaceful live. He is all to aware of the fact that others do not posses the abilities that the Fanalis have and so are viewed as mere beasts that can be captured and used to make the lives of others easy. Although he fears for others more than himself this is still a outstanding fear in his mind.

Dynatos's desire to help people is one of his biggest motivations. He strives to help those in need; no matter how big or small it is he will help with the best of his ability. He tries to get everyone to lend someone a helping hand if they can. This also attributes to the feeling he has to protect those who can not protect themselves.

Another is to free the Fanalis from their "Fate" of being slaves and viewed as beats.

Finding his parents is another Aspiration, but he will take that a step at a time so that it does not consume his time.

Dynatós the Fanalis  ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Lagi El Nagil - Wand of Fortune
Weight: 105 kg
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6'5"
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: ~
Dynatós the Fanalis  Lagi_el_nagil_render_by_kuroko201-d714qor
Dynatos wears a chiton that is knee length. He also wears a exomis across his left shoulder. He also sometimes wears a himation (cloak) it is essentially a rectangular piece of heavy fabric, either woolen or linen. It is draped diagonally over one shoulder or symmetrically over both shoulders, like a stole. Dynatos has short red hair that is un kept; a few pieces of hair hang over his face. He wears four earrings in each ear; they are located on the upper ear and on is located on the ear lobe. Dynatos has a strong muscular figure that is like chiseled stone. He has a strong face and piercing eyes that seem as if he is staring into ones soul.

Dynatós the Fanalis  YunanTab_zpsba28a063

"Dynatos welcome to the world..." The words softly slipped from Katrina's mouth and into the ears of the newly born Dynatos. "Ah! look at the boy he looks just like his Father. Haha I bet he is going to be a fine Fanalis Man one day." Zanatos's boisterous tone caused him to get a sharp glare from Katrina. He laughed heartily and placed his hand on her head. "Welcome young one. Make sure you grow up to be a man that the Fanalis can be proud of." Zanatos placed his free hand on the head of Dynatos and rubbed gently. "Just make sure you aren't as crazy as your Father....." The two newly made parents looked at each other and shared warm smiles with each other.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"No Dynatos! Don't go over there!" Katrina chased behind Dynatos as he crawled towards a large tiger that was not to far from where he and his parents had been resting. "Bahahaha, he takes after his Father well i see. Brave. Ready to take on a tiger of that size already! Attaboy Dyna! Attaboy!" Zanatos threw his arms into the air cheering on the adventurous baby. "Zanatos don't encourage this kind of behavior!!!!!" Katrina snapped back at Zanatos while picking up Dynatos. Dynatos smiled and reached for the tiger as he was lifted off of the ground. He began to try and talk, but only sounds escaped his mouth. Katrina sighed and turned to Zanatos with a upset look on her face. "He is becoming more and more like his Father everyday." Zanatos merely smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Dad? can I come with you hunting today?" Dyantos was now at the age of 6 and could talk pretty well. His mother had been a great teacher to him. "See I would say yes, but then you Mother might kill me." He paused before bending down and placing his hand on his shoulder. "One day though son we are gonna hunt together and take down a giant." Dynatos had been pouting, but the words of his Father brought a smile upon his face. "Promise?!" Dynatos asked excitedly while placing his small hand on his fathers head. "Yes, I promise." Zanatos walked off and minutes later Katrina came walking up behind Dynatos. "Aww he is already gone. We just missed him..." Dynatos turned to his mother and raised a eyebrow. "We?" he asked he mother taking it we meant you and someone else. Katrina smiled and looked at Dynatos. "Yes we. Me and Amira. You have a little sister inside of me." Dynatos's eyes became wide as he looked at his mother.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nine months later Amira, Dynatos's younger sister was born. "Now Dynatos remember to watch out for your sister and protect her." instructed Katrina to the now 7 year old Dynatos. "Kill any man who touches her son!!" Zanatos instructed loudly while gripping his fist. "Come on son say it with me!" Dynatos nodded and moving and speaking in sync the two of them gripped their fists. "Kill!!!" Katrina sighed and smiled at the two of them. Dynatos smiled and laughed before walking over to his mother and placing his hand on the head of Amira. "I'll always be here for you. You'll never have to worry about anything." Katrina and Zanatos smiled at the words of their son.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Quick Dynatos take your sister and go hide!." Katrina frantically spoke to Dynatos as she pushed him and Amira gently. "But Mom i can help you and Dad fight!" Katrina shook her head. "No your job is to protect Amira and our job is to protect the both of you." Tear began to form in the eyes of Katrina. She would then kiss a now 10 year old Dynatos on the cheek and a sleeping 3 year old Amira on the forehead. Dynatos carried Katrina off and hid. You seem slavers had come in full force in order to get more Fanalis for their slaving trade. Zanatos and Katrina sacrificed themselves in order to save their children. Dynatos watched helpless as his parents were chained and threw into cages as if they were wild animals. After that day Dynatos changed and decided to become a great Fanalis man and change how people thought of the Fanalis. For 14 years Dynatos and Amira where alone, but Dynatos did everything he could to protect and care for his sister. He would often have days or weeks were he wouldn't eat so that she could. They had become the wind traveling place from place never staying for to long in fear of more Slavers. Only now does Dynatos feel he can make a change. He has decided that he will find the power he needed to change the notion of the Race "Fanalis", continue to protect his sister, and find his parents.

Role-Play Sample:
The dragons clashed causing a bright life to engulf the entire basin. While the others shielded their eye Raphael was unaffected by the light. Before the light could fade Raphael had pulled out two shuriken and launched them towards Kazu. The light soon faded as the rain began to come down harder and as it did Kazu would look up to find the two shuriken in front of him. Kazu jumped back, but was still caught in the shoulders by the shuriken. The boy called out again. This time the two men who were standing back watching the fight just looked at him before looking away and continuing to watch the fight. Kazu cringed in pain from the shuriken lodged into his shoulders. He looked at Raphael and frowned. "You think your something huh?" He ripped the shuriken from his shoulders. "Your really Starting to piss me off kid." He paused a electricity began to build around him. "They told me not to kill you so I won't but I am going to beat you within a inch of your life."

Raphael remained un phased by the words of Kazu. In this time Raphael had noticed his cousin Kyo off to the right of him. I does not turn is head to acknowledge him though. As soon as Raphael blinked however Kazu was gone. Raphael began to scan the area looking for him. Raphael then looked directly up and there with his fist cocked back was Kazu. Raphael didn't have time to dodge or reach for a shuriken so he quickly raised his arms in a X shape. The force caused a wall of water to form around them. While within the wall no one could see them. As the rain beat down on the it looked as if they were inside a dome of water. Using his free hand Kazu swung with great force at Raphale's face. Raphael could hardly keep up it felt like Kazu was moving faster. The punch knocked Raphael through the wall of water as he were some kind of wrecking ball. As soon as Raphael broke through the water he gracefully flipped through the air and landed on the balls of his feet.

When he looked up to locate Kazu he saw Kazu standing were Raphael was sent flying with his hand towards the ground. "Try and Copy this you Uchiha Prick!" Lighting began to form around Kazu's out stretched hand. The sound that came from it sound like 1000 chirpping birds. Raphael did just that and copied the jutsu. He held his right hand towards the ground as the lightning began to form around his hand and in unison as if they were the same person the both called out the name of the jutsu. "Chidori!" Without another words they rushed towards each other. They moved so fast it appeared as if their bodies were being distorted. The water behind them kicked up wildly and as the reached each other Kazu would find Raphael to a a slight smile on his face. Kazu in turn became confused. It had all become clear to Raphael and at the last second he turned his body to dodge the attack from Kazu, as well as stab him through the shoulder. Raphael would then kick off of Kazu. Raphael flipped backwards and landed gracefully. Kazu would drop to he knees while gripping his shoulder. His two comrades suddenly appeared next to him and looked at Raphael. "Good Job..." soon after the words could be heard the 3 men vanished. Raphael then ran over to Sarah checking if she was ok. Must to his suprise she uwas just knocked out. He sighed in relief as he turned and looked towards Kyo.

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