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Market Purchases and Gassy Creatures [job/solo]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Job Overview: The magic students have been having a bit too much fun creating life constructs and are causing a commotion in the South side of the city. Take down the creatures and the teachers will reward you.

Enemy Name: Gassy Octo x4
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: These 1 meter tall creatures move at 5m/s and do no damage.
Abilities: Gassy Expulsion – These small creatures emit a gas cloud 5 meters across that leave anyone in the area nauseous, slowing their movement and reaction time to half.

Ariella was enjoying her limited time in the magic-driven city, taking advantage of the beautiful spring day to once again wander through one of the many shop areas in the city. The creativity of the magicians in the city never ceased to amaze her, constantly coming up with new and interesting ways to combine the different magic types to fashion their spells. She stopped to duck inside of one of the shops, this one featuring magical conduits. She had been considering purchasing a new staff or wand. As much as she loved her wand, she had received it as a child and she was starting to worry that it might break. It was not unheard of and she was not always gentle with her magical equipment.

Browsing through the massive variety of conduits, the shop keeper came over, a young woman with a bright smile and short blond hair. When the woman recognized Ariella, she immediately began stuttering and blushing.

“Miss Negri! It is… I must say, it is an honor to have you shop here. Is there anything I could possibly help you with today?”

Ariella chuckled softly, shaking the woman’s hand with a friendly smile before waving towards a section of staffs. They looked to be of sturdier material than most of the selection.

“I was actually looking to possibly replace my current wand with something a bit… stronger. Can you tell me about these staffs?”

The woman quickly shifted into service mode, thoroughly and quickly explaining what each of the staffs were made of and what magic types were imbued within the conduits. Ariella paid close attention, she had begun to study the art of making magical tools, but was not familiar yet with the more advanced method of crafting magical conduits already imbued with a spell or magic type. She touched her hand to one of the staffs, her brow arching as the woman explained it was a combination of Life and Water magic, creating an acidic slime magic type. The design and structure of the staff was very simple, a black ivory shaft with a metal claw grasping a brilliant emerald at the top. The woman removed it from the brace holding it, handing to Ariella and the yellow magician hefted it in her hand. It was heavier than her wand, but felt right. When she rested it on the ground, it seemed to be a nearly perfect height for her stature and was not so larger that it would be difficult to transport. She smiled brightly, the grin cutting across her face as she turned to look at the shop keeper.

“I think I like it. How much would you like for it?”

The woman stuttered out a price almost fearfully, as though Ari would reject the staff based on the price. Ari gladly handed over the requested amount, with a generous tip, causing the woman to sputter in shock and attempt to give the extra back to her. Ariella shook her head, closing the woman’s hand over the currency with a gentle smile.

“You were extremely helpful, miss. I have no problem paying for good service and better quality. Please, keep the extra.”

The woman blushed but nodded in defeat, moving behind the counter to put the money away, asking Ariella if she would like her to package the staff for delivery. Ariella shook her head, wanting to carry the staff out to adjust to the weight as quickly as possible. Pausing before she left, she turned back to the woman, pulling out her wand.

“Actually, could you wrap this for me and have it delivered to the Negri Estate? It would be greatly appreciated.”

The woman nodded, happy to help out one of the most highly esteemed families in the city and taking the wand with reverence. She packed it securely in a box before setting it to the side to be delivered later. Ari thanked her profusely before heading out the door, arching a brow as a commotion broke out in the middle of several stalls. In the middle of the stalls, she saw four rather adorable creatures.

It seemed some students had gotten overzealous with their studies and created some gel-based creatures that were happily farting their way through the stall, making people gag and back away holding their stomachs. Ari grimaced, not wanting to hurt the creatures but knowing they couldn’t be allowed to run amok with their gas issues. She shouted out to warn people to back away as she touched the pendant at her neck.

“Move away, everyone!”

She waited for people to get a good distance away, staying a decent distance herself before using Gravity Bomb in the middle of the group of creatures, the increased field of gravity flattening the poor creatures. With a final puff of gas, the constructs were destroyed, leaving behind a puddle of goo. Ari glanced to the hand she held the staff in, cursing herself for not trying her new magical conduit. It had been the perfect opportunity and she had wasted it with the item she had been gifted in the dungeon. Sighing and shrugging, she was about to wander off when a woman approached her.

“Thank you so much for your assistance, Miss Negri! My students got a little out of hand in their experiments and I was busy handling one of the other creatures. You have saved several people a very sick afternoon.”

Ariella chuckled and gave the woman an understanding smile. She remembered being a student and wanting to try out all the new things learned in the Academy, even when not under supervision, so she did not hold the teacher responsible for the actions of her students.

“It was no trouble at all, ma’am. I was happy to help, truly.”

The woman thanked her again, insistently shoving coins at her in thanks. Ariella tried to turn away the reward, but the woman pleaded with her, overjoyed that no true damage had been done before the creatures had been taken out. Pocketing the coins, Ari watched as the woman hurried towards a nervous looking boy and grabbed him by the ear to drag him back towards the Academy. Laughing softly, Ari shook her head before heading back to the estate. She would have to remember to bring Vin during her next trip into the city, wanting to show the boy as much of Magnostadt as she could before returning to Reim.

[Magoi 270/300]

Ability Used:
Name: Gravity Bomb
Tier: B
Cost: 30/15
Element: Strength
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Ariella directs the rukh to form a 10-15 meter wide area of force at 20 m/s within 30 meters of herself that increases the gravity in the range of the spell to inflict crushing force on opponents to inflict B-tier damage.

Item Obtained:

Market Purchases and Gassy Creatures [job/solo] RGzWIpT
Name: Emerald Jelly Staff
Tier: A
Type: Advanced Staff
Magic Type: Slime (Life+Water)
Appearance: A black ivory staff with a gold band near the end, with a metal claw that is grasping upon a brilliant green emerald. Its total length is 140cm, with a 3cm diameter shaft.

  • Can be used as a magical medium.
  • By paying 20 magoi, the user summons a Slime that is no larger than 5-10 meters on any single side, which they are able to shape as they desire. This creation is summoned and can move at 25 m/s. This construct can move freely within 40 meters of the user and inflicts A-tier acidic damage to those that get caught within its body while also slowing them for 5 m/s for the duration of that post. Because the construct is magical in nature it is not bound to the ground. 7 post cool-down.
  • The user can register 2 Slime Abilities linked to the staff, A-Tier and below.


Market Purchases and Gassy Creatures [job/solo] Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju

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