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Arashi QfOslmq

Name: Arashi Tou
Tier: D
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age + Birthdate: 17 | April 1st
Nationality: Kou
Race: Human
Specialization: Stealth

To the point and rarely sidetracked, once Arashi has a goal or idea in mind, it cements itself in her head. She is stubborn, rarely willing to change her ideals unless extreme circumstances force her too. Her ideals and goals are openly displayed, making her easy to read as an individual.  Arashi wears her heart on her sleeve, not believing in hiding her true intentions from anyone. This makes her an oddly hone st individual, as she dislikes lying or betrayal. Arashi is very loyal, believing that betrayal is a sin worthy of death alone. She was raised in an environment filled with honor and nobility. Arashi hopes to become someone worthy of great honors and righteous merits.

Given the training she has received since a child, Arashi is very knowledgeable about the human body. However, this information typically pertains to where one should strike for an effective hit. Arashi is very calculating, trying to plan out everything if possible. Given her small stature, Arashi prides herself in being able to take out things by hitting the most vulnerable point once she finds it. Growing up, she would often do this in an attempt to impress her family.

Despite her righteous and honorable personality, Arashi is currently falling into depravity. Because of how open and honest she is, it is very easy to hurt her severely emotionally. She tries to act tough and vicious, like she was raised to. However, in reality, Arashi is separately trying to cling to anything that can prove there is still something like honor to believe in. Her outlook on life is slowly turning black as she realizes that loyalty and honor can be easily bought and sold by adults at the cost of the lives of others. The world is slowly becoming a dark place for her, and her kind heart is becoming cold and cruel as her outlook becomes more and more pessimistic of humanity.

Honor, Arashi was raised to believe in honor and dignity. Her family has been a part of the bloody history of Kou since its founding. As such, she feels immense honor and attachment to Kou despite her current position.
Food, growing up, Arashi was put through intense training. As a child, if she didn’t perform up to her parent’s expectations, food wasn’t given to her. Because of this, Arashi values food deeply.

Betrayal, in her childhood, Arashi was taught that this was the greatest sin. To betray one’s country was to spit upon the face of your ancestors and identity.
Greed, formed by her own experiences, Arashi has come to despise greed and all the sickly things that come with it. The greed for land, for money and for power have corrupted her life beyond repair, and she finds herself loathing it more and more.

Her biggest fear is without a doubt betrayal. This fear has already been realized as her family and country have betrayed her, forcing her to live on the outskirts of the kingdom acting as a petty thief to survive. Because of this, Arashi has become more and more distrustful of others, fearing that they will betray her too. This fear has led to her paranoia growing. Her personality has become more and more twisted as she continues to fall further into this fear.

Her aspirations in life were once pure. All she wanted to do was protect her kingdom and help those who run it. Arashi was meant to act as a shield for nobility, and she was happy with that. As long as she could help her country, everything was okay. However, in light of recent events, her aspirations have shifted. Arashi no longer wants to serve the kingdom of Kou in the best way possible. Now, if possible, she’s beginning to twist herself into someone who wants to cause as much damage as possible despite still feeling loyalty to the kingdom. In their betrayal, her thoughts have become dangerously twisted and contradictory as she tries to make sense of what has happened.

Face-Claim: Akatsuki [Log Horizon]
Weight: 95lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 4’10”
Rukh Alignment: Dark
Special Traits: Her unusually short stature.
Standing at the small stature of four feet and eleven inches, Arashi is extremely short for her age. This could be due to various things, from her strict childhood, where food was deprived if she performed below expectations to her strict muscle training from a young age. Either way, Arashi is fairly short. Her hair, however, is not. Her long black hair reaches well past her waist. The long strands of hair are typically kept tied in a ponytail or up in a bun. Her bangs are trimmed in a choppy and messy manner so they do not impede with her sight. Both of her eyes are a soft and dark purple.

Arashi’s typically gear is made up of a black top that serves as a wrap around her chest. She then wears padded pants that hang from her hips in a baggy manner. A scarf can sometimes be found around her neck as well. It is short and dark purple in color. Her arms are usually protected by purple sleeves that are held up by straps.

The family known as Tou has a long and enriched history within the kingdom of Zou. Having been part of the kingdom since its founding, the family has made themselves known and available as body guards for military commanders, nobility and wealthy merchants. The people that made the kingdom go round were their clients, and the citizens were their motivation. The Tou family longed to keep the vital cogs of the city alive by maintaining those who controlled them. The history of the Tou family is one filled with loyalty, duty and honor.

Arashi was born into this family as the youngest of six siblings. From the very start her life was a constant struggled to keep up with her elder siblings. Each family member was to be given a person to serve once they got older, someone around their own age, but it seemed that no one had been born around the years Arashi had been born. The only one who had been was assigned to the child born two years before herself. As such, Arashi was raised as a backup. The family’s line of work was dangerous, and as such, family members with no one to serve were considered spares. These people were treated no better than spare tires for wagons. The family ranked their members by how powerful the one they served was. As someone without a planned master, Arashi was in a position where she was simply to act in the background as a spare.

Growing up, Arashi went through the same training as her siblings. Even with her status as a spare, only a backup, the Tou family wouldn’t allow her to slack off. In fact, because of her status, she was expected to train harder. Should an older member of the clan perish, Arashi was to take over their responsibilities. As such, she had to be able to keep up with them. If she made a blunder and embarrassed the family, they would never live it down. The Tou family practiced perfectionism in everything they did. Failure to preform one’s duty was rarely met with anything less of exile or death.

As such, Arashi was given none of the respect of her siblings but given five times the work load. She was expected to make her own way without a proper master. Arashi was trained to be able to be able to handle any situation for various masters. The training her siblings got were all centered on one master and how to best serve them. Arashi’s childhood was filled with harsh training, rarely being given any time to do childlike things. Despite this, the Tou family’s vision of justice and peace rang true in her heart. She grew up with tales of the Tou family giving up their own lives and humanity for the sake of the noble Zou kingdom. Being a member of her family was a great matter of pride for her.

When Arashi turned thirteen, shocking news echoed through her household. Her eldest brother had been killed while protecting his master. His master was the son of a noble whose ranking laid just below that of the emperor. Arashi’s father served as his body guard. The heir to the Tou family was to serve the heir to the master’s family, as it had been for generations. Due to the specialized training of the Tou Family, only Arashi was deemed fit to serve as her eldest brother’s replacement. Her new master was eight years older than her, and he didn’t seem too pleased that his new bodyguard was a young girl, especially when his last one was struck down.

Because of her age and small stature, Arashi’s new master rarely took her seriously. However, she still served him with a diligent smile. Her master was a man who would one day run the iron trade in all of Kou. His family made the essential weaponry for the wars that their noble kingdom waged on the weaker nations. He was an essential cog in the kingdom of Kou. If he were to die, his family would be left without an heir, and the quality of weaponry could go down. As such, his protection was of upmost importance.

Over the course of four years, the young man finally began to accept Arashi as his bodyguard. He even began to speak of her openly. He spoke of a kingdom where the war weapons that his family made would no longer be necessary. He wanted a world of peace and of bliss. The young man was brilliant, able to describe how to achieve such a world in words that Arashi could barely understand. Arashi felt truly blessed to be protecting such a gifted man. There was no doubt in her mind that he would become a great leader in the future. Arashi would accompany him everywhere, acting as his bodyguard. She followed him to the orphanages, where he would give toys to children. Then, he’d go down the street, where the beggars would be treated to fresh bread.

However, for all his good deeds, the young master didn’t have much time left on earth. Before his twenty fifth birthday, he was killed. His death was quick and happened with such rapid efficiency that Arashi didn’t know what had even happened. The only thing that hinted to his death was the rapidly growing pool of blood that leaked in from underneath the door of his bathroom. The young master had been slain in his own room as he washed his face. Arashi did her best to save him, but it was far too late. She called for the other guards to bring medics regardless. Her father and the master’s father came upon hearing news of the death. Arashi couldn’t even look her father in the eye.

The next day, Arashi was taken from her family’s home for the murder of the young master. The arrest had come rapidly, and it was done by her own brothers. Arashi was being deemed the killer of the young master. The logic was that she was the only one capable of killing him inside of his manor when the other guards heard nothing. Arashi tried to plead her case, but the court wouldn’t listen. Her family seemed to refuse to speak to her, acting as if she didn’t exist. Arashi refused to believe such a thing could happen to her. Her noble country and family couldn’t be this cruel. This all had to be a mistake.

She sat patiently in her cell for two weeks. Arashi was sure that everything would be cleared up in no time. However, after all that time, she knew that wasn’t the case. If her name was to be cleared, Arashi would have to do it herself. So, she broke out of her cell late one night. It wasn’t difficult. The cell was made to hold normal citizens despite her training. It was odd. Still, Arashi didn’t think much of it. She quickly made her way to her young master’s manor. There had to be something there that the other’s overlooked.

As she stood in young master’s restroom, Arashi felt a chill. Something was wrong. It wasn’t the fact that she had snuck into the manor of a dead man in the middle of the night, nor was it the dried blood that still stained the floor more than two weeks later. She hadn’t noticed it the day of his death, but the marks of the blade that had etched into her master had overlapped onto the counter. They were the marks of a technique used only be the head of the Tou family. The technique was a trick slash, requiring the user to stab deeply then pull out and slash in a very specific method. The slash marks that it left behind were made to be specific to act as a signature of sorts for the family.

There was no denying it. Her father had killed the young master, but why? Turning, Arashi was set to leave the manor and hunt him down for questions, but it seemed that he came to her. She could hear the two walking down the halls outside of the young master’s room, speaking in hushed voices. The master’s father spoke of her planned execution, asking her father if he regretted the sacrifice of his daughter. His reply was no. He spoke about how letting such a boy take over the family would have led to a kingdom with no work his family. He was willing to loose several of his children to ensure a future for the family. The other man laughed, saying that much was clear when one considered how he took down his own son in the first botched assassination attempt.

Arashi didn’t want to believe it, but she had heard it firsthand. As soon as the coast was clear, Arashi left the manor, running through the capital in a panic. What was going on? Her own family had killed not only her brother but a high ranking noble for the sake of business. Was everything she had been told wrong? Were ideas like nobility, justice and patriotism just lies shoved down her throat in order to make her easily trained to be as vicious as her father. No, that couldn’t be it. Arashi refused to believe it. So, she turned around and went to go confront her father in their home.

What resulted was an argument in which Arashi was badly beaten and told to never return. Her family had abandoned her, saying she was of no use to them anymore. Someone unwilling to give up their lives for the pursuit of justice wasn’t welcome in their home. But, was it justice? Killing someone’s heir because he didn’t want such a peaceful man running his company wasn’t righteous. Or was it? She didn’t know what to think, but still, Arashi didn’t leave Kou. She didn’t want to believe that her childhood had been filled with lies. The loyalty that had been drilled into her head by her family refuses to allow her to leave the city or country. Still, the lingering hope didn’t stop her rukh from slowly beginning to turn and inky black.

Role-Play Sample:
A tension hung in the air. The silent shuffling of bodies was all that could be heard through the building that housed the Survey Corps, or at least, the part that held most of the new recruits. The breakfast hall was filled with pale young men and woman, all nervously eating. The news had just reached them. They were to be going on their first expedition by the end of the week. The fresh recruits were going to be face to face with titans- again. Most of them had been present at Trost, and while that did prepare them somewhat, many were afraid to face them again. Sure, they had joined the Survey Corps, but that didn’t mean they weren’t afraid of titans. They had just seen why humanity needed to fight back.
As the day went on, more and more recruits left the breakfast hall, going off to prepare and train. Eventually, only a couple of straggles were left behind. Elliot was one such girl. She sat at the wooden table, staring down at the breakfast she had barely touched. The girl sat still, as if in a daze. In that moment, her head slammed down on the wooden table, causing a large booming sound to go through the hall. Elliot kept her head down, taking in a deep breath as she reached for the rosary around her neck and muttered soft prayers, her head still pressing against the table. She stayed like that for an unusually long time before leaning up and releasing her deep breath.
Her hands were shaking as she began to eat the cold oatmeal that had been sitting there for nearly an hour. Elliot couldn’t believe how utterly nervous she had become at the thought of seeing titans again. She had been at the battle of Trost, albeit in a messenger capacity rather than fighter, but she had been face to face with titans. Still, the thought of leaving the wall made her nervous. Her eyes were sunken in and surrounded by bags. She had stayed up all night thinking about the area outside of the wall. That area had once been her home. This was mental. Just five years ago going there wasn’t dangerous. The worst thing you had to worry about were the occasional bandits! Now, going down those familiar paths could lead to death in the mouth of a titan.
The thought of seeing a Titan reminded her of the body collecting duty she had been assigned earlier. Remembering the giant pellets of human remains mashed together much like her oatmeal made her stomach do flips. She stood and rapidly ran to the nearest trash can, where she began to upchuck into it.

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