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Cassia Aurenius

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Cassia Aurenius Tumblr_mkfhj5k1Hm1rjwa86o1_500

Name: Cassia Aurenius
Nationality: Reim
Race: Human
Tier: D-Tier [Novice]
Specialization: Intelligence [Life]
Age + Birth date: 13, March 21st
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Although not strictly a noble, the Aurenius had a fair amount of wealth which has factored into Cassia's personality in many ways. For instance due to her families influence, Cassia often sees herself having more control over herself and the world then other people might. She sees things as simply more possible, her efforts as mattering more then others drowned out by hopelessness might. She has a large pool of knowledge about trading and diplomacy then a normal person her age.

Cassia is used to others making accommodations for her due to her status, so she's unused to anyone making her feel like there is pretty much anything odd or weird about her eccentricities. She speaks her mind openly and bluntly at times and is socially awkward and underdeveloped due to not having that much contact with other children her age, an extroverted girl largely due to a powerful feeling of loneliness who never shy's away from letting her opinion about something be known. Energetic, life loving and easily excited she has big dreams and the ambition (neither of which was ever squashed out of her and instead encouraged) to try to seek them out.

Although a technically caring soul who would prefer others happy and seeks out relationships with other people, there is a certainly a strong vibe of self-entitlement in her. Believing every bit that she deserves everything she got in life and believing it unfair and cruel for anyone to imply that she give up anything.

Honesty: Honesty is practically a love. Cassia never hides herself, her desires, and the way she feels and expects others to do the same. That's not so hard, right? When she feels like someone is lying, or even simply hiding something from her she'll do what she can to get them to spill the beans.

Extravagance: Life is wonderful, so why not drape yourself in all of the wonderful things in it? Cassia has her eye on the prize, always believing there is further riches along another corner, always dreaming of a shinier necklace. She loves to drape herself in fancy things and be around them if she can. She's also a heavy eater of fine foods, although you might not notice it simply by looking at her!

Embellishment: Cassia hates dishonesty, but she hates things to be plain and boring too. She likes the truth yes, but she's spoiled and doesn't like boring, dirty, plain truths. She feels everything strongly and loves everything to be strong, loud, and big in return. She can be brought to enjoy a lie if the lie is thoroughly embellished enough, these two likes often come at ends with each others.

Spicy Food: There is such a thing as too loud however.. although Cassia wouldn't call spicy food loud. She calls it an attack on her taste buds, something that leaves her whimpering for whole minutes. How awful! Although she hates the actual feeling of spicy food, if someone tells her it's fancy enough she'll force herself to eat it anyway.. often leaving her at odds with herself. She's not pleasant to be around with a burning tongue.

Apathy: She hates it, hates it when people act so bored and removed from life. She's a lover of life, hating the feeling when someone is just standing around wasting theirs. Although she starts off generally friendly enough, encouraging, and willing to help them find what they need to make the most out of life... she can be brought to frustration when someone simply just won't love life. It makes her sad..

Violence: Violence is another sort of thing Cassia feels is very anti-life.. violence just ends lives. Violence just brings more violence and destruction, destroying everything she loves and replacing it with chaos.. ruin.. decay. She hates them all. She would do whatever she could to bring nothing but youth, love, and joy to life. Idealistic dreams are lovely, but when faced with the harshness of reality she can get pretty angry.

Glory and fame is probably her biggest aspiration, but Cassia Aurenius has a lot of minor goals. The feeling of importance, of accomplishing something big that makes people take notice. Of learning all she can about the magic she's capable of and being accomplished at that. Becoming even more rich and living a secure and pampered life. She desires to have people to share that glory with, true friendships.

To be honest though, she pretty much just wants to have fun. She enjoys life and wants to make her's exciting. She wants to make something out of her time in the world.

She has plenty of little fears. She's most certainly afraid of dying, of not being alone, and of many dangerous things in the world. The lonely feeling is certainly one of her stronger and more conscious worries, hating the feeling it gives her when she feels completely exasperated, isolated, with anyone having her back. Someone has always had her back. However, anything that can really harm her she has a pretty healthy fear of.. strong things, sharp things, poisonous things, all the things in the world that could stop her and her love of life are worth respecting for that ability. You could even say that in some ways her interest in Life magic is to represent a counter to these things.

Face-Claim: Ayano Keiko - Sword Art Online
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Red
Height: 144 cm
Weight: 36 kgs

Cassia has a very youthful and expressive appearance, her skin smooth and soft looking befitting her pampered lifestyle. She has large and expressive eyes which suit her expressive way of being. Her eyes seem to light up when she is excited, and her large smile and seem to stretch as far as the horizon. At the same time her frowns can be just as dramatic, and she can seem to blubber out rivers of tears.

Her hair is a bit more wild then one might expect, but at the same time still has a silky and soft expression. She just likes to play with her hair, and put it in all sorts of styles. Clothes are another thing she has a passion for.. you never have enough outfits and she really does love it when clothes pop. She likes to wear the brightest colors she can manage, and things that shimmer and shine. Jewelry and bangles are an special love of hers and she loves to wave her body about and let them shimmer in the light. If it's glitters and quite possibly if it's gold, she would love to wear it.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: --

Born to the Aurenius family, shrewd experts of diplomacy and commerce, with many trade ships and caravans's under their belt, it seemed as if fate shined down upon young Cassia . Her birth wasn't staged for some larger purpose, there was nothing fancy about the circumstance in which she was conceived. Her father and mother were rich and had plenty of time on their hands. What can you say? They loved their daughter though, even if she was sort of just a unintended consequence of two passionate young adults.

Life was pretty sweet growing up as their child and no one could argue Cassia didn't firmly enjoy everything she had, and reached for it with both hands. As a very young child she was known by her family and those connected to her family as an extremely spirited girl who seemed to love everything. Cassia always was the type who got excited over small things. She felt life strongly and in a very real way.. life was actually strong with her. It was learned at a young age that not only was she born with a silver spoon in her mouth but she also born with a gift that would be prized in her country. A talent, affinity for Life magic.

Now her father was a smart man, and a careful man. A self-made man who was careful about his assets. There was no denying his love for his daughter was strong before this, but there was no denying that after this moment his daughter became an asset as well. It wasn't to say that he desire to protect her anymore now that this fact was existent, but more he was worried there was more reason to protect her. He was a cautious man, you didn't deal with other people so much in our business without knowing how to keep your profits and your deals secure. He was always known for keeping a tight grip on everything of value in his life.

So it just happened that the young girl who loved life so much she reached for with both hands certainly had to do a lot of reaching, because not a lot of life was around for her to enjoy. Sure, she was constantly surrounded by the finer thing in life and appreciated them. Cassia loved them in fact and it was hard to argue the little chunk of life she had for herself was well worth loving. Life for her was picturesque but.. well.. picturesque. She lived as if in a moving painting, beautiful it was.. there was something missing. Because of the life she lived, she naturally assumed there so many more beautiful things out there. She dreamed of being just as successful.. in fact more so and more famous then her father and getting to enjoy it all. To have her own friends, to have her own ships, to have her own everything! To be her own boss! Such dreams of fantasy in her head, and she couldn't help but share them with her parents.

Her parents had no issue with her ambition but her still cautious even as she grew in age. Even as she took field trips and got to see her father in action and learn more and more about what it is he did, how her family made her money.. she still felt on a leash. Even though she had some well-paid teachers who made sure that her talents were growing and that she was learning how to utilize her gifts she still felt like something was missing. She was getting close to that rebellious teen phase. She wanted to fly free, and her parents wanted to let her.. but they were worried about their sweet child. They wanted to give her a place where she could learn more about her magical talents and grow them, and a place she would be safe. They wanted to let her see the world on their terms, rather then wake up one morning with her gone without any idea where she might have gone.

Still, where fit? Where would she like? Her father tried to introduce her to the kinds of places and people she might enjoy hanging around. His business contacts were as good a place to start as any, and she ended up discussing at length with the stuffy sort of people that made her feel like she would just end up living the same sort of life she was already living. She was just at the point of near feeling like she wished something dramatic would happen when.. well she got what she wanted. Her father might be careful, but Cassia always tried her hardest to as far as the leash would pull. It just so happened that she found herself walking right into the hands of people who would love to make a pretty penny of a spoiled rich girl.

Role-Play Sample:

Taken from another site:

Arietta brushed the hair away from her face, and gave a sort of nervous expression. Embarrassment, maybe a little bit of nervousness and fear? Suddenly realizing that she had been being analyzed was enough to make a girl suddenly feel a bit shy.

She tried to recover quickly, giving him a bit of a glance. She realized she had to order first though.

'What the hell? He ordered a small salad with no cheese..' she gloomed a little as she looked at the menu. 'I guess I can't treat myself.. not like this. I won't be outdone!'

"I want the same.." but could I get one of these Strawberry Mango Lemonade drinks too?" she said, pointing at a picture of a special juice. 'I'm going to get one of these at least.' she thought, not being able to convince herself away from the sweet looking colorful beverage.

Eventually she would turn her head to him, giving him a bit of a shy glance. "Look.. I.." She stopped. Gawd this was so hard. Eventually her nervousness would be replaced with a sense of slight frustration. Was it directed at him? Herself? "D-Doesn't that mean you are pitying me then? I'm like someone who reminds you of yourself when you think you were a stupid kid?" She sighed, feeling a sense of guilt in her stomach. Here she was making things all loud and frustrated again. Dramatic.

Not only that but she was starting to feel more bubbles of nervousness. He was probably reading her right now too. Analyzing her, trying to pinpoint her glances and words. This was frustrating.. she didn't know what to do anymore.

Why couldn't this just be going well? Why couldn't be seeming all fashionable and cute? Why couldn't she be flipping her hair and giving him a cute smirk, and maybe being a bit flirtatious? Going all.. 'oh, like what you see?'.. she really wanted to be doing that. But no.. no one let her. Not even herself. Instead he was probably just going to get frustrated with her and walk away. She only ever made people mad. She hated it. Deep down she felt her emotions, still fragile.. nearly making her cry again. No. No.

"M..maybe I'm just overreacting though..." she noticed the drinks would have arrived at this point, even though the waitress would have had to ask what he wanted to drink too. Such fast service! Arietta herself a moment to take a sip of it. It made her feel a little better already.

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

  • Primary - Intelligence [Life]
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -


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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Cassia Aurenius JyztHkfl
Balm Branch:

[b]Name:[/b] Balm Branch

[b]Material:[/b] Made from Oak that the creator had a sentimental attachment to. Held together with love and tin.

[b]Appearance:[/b] The Balm Branch is an assuming staff, the rod portion smooth but plain, with the 'cane' having a bit of a rustic charm to it, taking a bit of a design to it but still looking very rough in nature. One could assume it was meant to capture a feeling of the spirit of the wood that gave it, very in-tune with mother nature almost. A bit more tin metal is used where one might affix a gem as well furthering the sort of unadorned style of the staff. It stands a proud 120cm tall while being 3.5 cm in diameter.



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