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Bahir and his Shadow

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Bahir and his Shadow Egp9tt
Name: Bahir, work name: Shadow
Nationality: Balbadd
Race: Fanalis
Tier: D-Tier
Specialization: Stealth
Age + Birthdate: 17, January 3rd
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Bahir isn't that complex of an individual... on the surface. The young Fanalis is a rather social person. Upon meeting new people, Bahir would do his best to keep a conversation going, unless he has a good reason to not like a person. He has been taught proper manners and tries his best to use them when dealing with most people. His social air is rather forced, in all honesty. While he does talk to people, he would much rather listen. If he would have to start a conversation, it would be a truly awkward situation.

When Bahir is dealing with attractive members of the opposite sex, his awkwardness multiplies. He fumbles over his words and often times doesn't make coherent sense. He tends to become more blunt with them, even if what he is saying is hardly recognizable.

However, when Bahir is on a "job," he is a completely different person. He is cold and distant to people that he comes in contact with. His ideas of mercy and manners disappear and he is completely goal oriented. If there are obstacles in his way, he will do what he has to do to complete his mission. This makes him seem like an asshole to most people. Interestingly enough, most people do not know Bahir as "Bahir" when he gets like this. He goes by his alias "Shadow" to try and keep his business and social lives different.

No matter if Bahir is on business, enjoying casual small talk, or conversing with attractive women, he shares the Fenalis trait of having a short temper. Granted, he has tried to work up his tolerance with people. Unfortunately, the results of his efforts have, so far, been barely recognizable.

Reading: Bahir is a quiet man, essentially. So most of the things he learns are either from listening to others or reading. He has a large number of books in his small home and spends the majority of his free time with them.
Training: Despite his quiet nature, Bahir is a fighter, and a fighter has to train to be successful. He also happens to just love pushing himself to the physical limit. These combined are the excuse he gives for training. He treats it as seriously as any of his jobs.
Exploring: Everyone has that adventurous tingle at some point in his or her life. Bahir happens to feel this tingle a lot. Ever since he traveled to Reim with his father and returned to Balbadd, Bahir tends to have strong desires to just pack up and leave, at random times, to different countries. The main one being the Kou Empire.
Lazy people: A strong work ethic had been ingrained in Bahir's mind. It is almost inconceivable that some people wouldn't have that, at least to him. When he meets people who are outright lazy, he can't help but to become aggravated.
Rudeness: Who likes it when people are rude to you? Not many people can enjoy that. Bahir isn't one of those people. He has almost a zero tolerance with rude people, but he is a Fanalis... what doesn't he have a zero tolerance for?
Aspirations: What does Bahir desire? What drives him to live? Life itself. The only thing that Bahir could ever want to accomplish is to live a happy life. The way he sees it: he has a good "job" that he is good at, he's not hurting for money, and he can keep a roof over his head. Why would he ask for more? However, Bahir is also inexperienced in this world. All he knows, is what he has done. Who is to say that his dreams may not become larger? Anything can happen...

Phobias/fears: Bahir's main fear is being in tightly enclosed space. Bedrooms and bathrooms are fine, but anything similar to a cage breaks him down. This also extends to extremely narrow hallways. The small handful of people who know this about Bahir, like to attribute the phobia to be due to him not wanting to be enslaved. Bahir doesn't agree with them. He's not sure himself why he has this fear. All he knows is that he doesn't like them.

Face-Claim: Jaffar from Fire Emblem
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 189cm (6'2")
Weight: 86kg (189lb)
Appearance: Bahir's appearance is nothing too special. Aside from his red hair and eyes, people would be hard pressed to point him out in a crowd. His hair is rather short and usually spiked straight up. He is a muscled man, but it doesn't overtake his frame. His arms and legs do not bulge to the extreme. Instead, his body is quite lean and finely toned, making his strength a little unnoticed.

Concerning Bahir's attire, he is usually seen wearing a dark purple, sleeveless midriff top and matching baggy pants. Halfway down his calves, his pants are bound to his legs with cloth wrapping (though not to the point of strangulation). On his feet, Bahir wears a standard pair of brown closed toe sandals. On his head, there is a black cloth tied like a headband, only revealing the top strands of his hair. The rest of the cloth flows down the back of his neck and wraps around the cover the front, leaving only his face exposed. Bahir also wears a black cape and keeps a scabbard on his right hip for his dagger.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits:
History:To say that Bahir was born in Balbadd would be a lie. The Fanalis boy had no idea where he was born, in all honesty. The most sensible explanation would be that he was born on some road. While he is a full blooded Fanalis, he was not born in the dark country. He was given birth somewhere between Magnostadt and Balbadd, in a wagon. Before long, the family had set up in Balbadd. They found a place to live, and his father found stable work. Everything was fine!

When Bahir was around the age of ten, his father started to teach him how to fight like a Fanalis. Of course, Bahir noticed his innate differences from other people immediately, but his father went a step beyond and taught him how to control himself. "Being strong is pointless if you smash everything in sight." was a saying that his father would always tell him. It never made sense to Bahir. As far as he was concerned, you got strong TO smash things. Either way, Bahir was a good child and obeyed his father. It was around this same time, that Bahir's mother started to teach him the basics of reading and writing.

Bahir's teenage years were the most interesting. His mother died of natural causes when he was thirteen and his father became a much bigger part of his life. His training became more intense and he almost couldn't handle it. Within two weeks of him becoming fourteen, he and his father relocated. They moved to the Reim empire and attempted to make a living there. Along with his father, Bahir fought to make money. It went well for the longest time, and eventually, they were called upon for some more devious jobs. Assassinations.

The assassin duo had a successful run throughout Reim and Heliohapt. On one of the missions, however, Bahir was wounded and his father did what he had to do to let him escape. He pushed his son off of the coast and was left to the mercy of their pursuers. Bahir was pulled aboard a trade ship and when he came to, he was back in Balbadd. He found his way to the home of a close friend of the family's and started taking up jobs around the city. They weren't as extreme as the assassinations from Reim, but they were just as sneaky: spying, stealing, scouting... with the occasional assassination. It wasn't long before the Fanalis started to go by the name "Shadow" to keep himself separated from his jobs.

Despite what happened to his father in Reim, Bahir tries to continue on like nothing is wrong. Living with his "uncle," has let him do a bit of reading and still keep up in the fun stuff.

Role-Play Sample:
Another day, another Huang.

When it is dark outside, questionable figure roam and fill the streets of the Balbadd capital. It had been a while since the city had seen any actual problems, but who's to say that it doesn't happen? Tonight, a particular questionable figure moved swiftly and quietly from building to building. The figure jumped from rooftop to rooftop until he landed on one of the larger, more ornamented buildings.

The figure's face was covered by a black cloth and he started to peer into one of the windows of the building. His red eyes slowly scanning the interior of the building. With one sturdy leap, the young man jumped into the window, landing softly and immediately looked for any alarmed individuals. He stayed low to the ground and made his way towards one of the large doors. As he passed a column, the large door started to open, and he jumped back behind the pillar.

There were four guards that walked out of the door and into the lobby area. Two guards went into a different door and the other two stood outside of the door. The figure narrowed his eyes as he peeked around the column and sighed to himself. Drawing his knife, the figure leaped towards them. He drove the butt of his knife into one of the guards forehead and pivoted on his right foot and spun around, sending his left heel into the other guard's chest. The guard hit against the door and the figure without another thought opened it and stepped through, closing it behind him.

As the door closed behind him, the figure pulled down the cloth covering his nose and mouth. The face of the figure resembled a recognized face among the citizens: Bahir. He was known around town as the young man who would speak to, and help, anyone. His eyes darted back and forth around the room as he heard the other guards yell about the two unconscious guards in the lobby. Fuck. the Fanalis thought. He ran over to the corner of the room and grabbed something off of a night stand. He turned towards the door and leaped, just as the doors opened. The guards rushed in, but unfortunately for them, before they could realize what was heading their way, they were knocked back by Bahir's rush. Seizing his opportunity, Bahir leaped once more out of the window that he entered through. Never to be seen by those guards again.

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
The only problems I see are an inconsistency in his "Likes" and his "history." His likes state he has never left Balbadd, but his history has him going from Balbadd to Reim and Heliohapt.

Also, in the RP sample, your coding is a bit off, it should just be quote, not blockquote.


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Corrections made.


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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri


Bahir and his Shadow Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju

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