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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Zax Yamamoto_laugh
Name: Zax
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Human.
Tier: D
Specialization: Intelligence - Light
Age + Birthdate: Age: 17. Birthdate: July 22nd.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Straight.
Personality: Zax is a boy who is most well known for being accepting about everything. His inability to get mad is his most prominent trait, and often shines through. He is the most neutral person ever, so to speak. He will never think of anyone as an enemy or a friend, unless they think of him like that. He's very passive that way. This allows his to look at a situation from a value in which he does not favor over anything, meaning he can be good for settling a lot of issues that other people may have.

He is often easily entertained by most things, and really is just looking for things to do in his everyday life. He cannot stand the thought of having nothing to do, being very childish in the fact that he cannot stand being bored.

When talking to others, Zax will often cross lines without even knowing it, speaking his mind no matter what the thought. This aligns well with his very neutral personality. However, sometimes he'll get into hot water for it.

While he is usually free of negative emotion, there are some things in which can make him extremely sad. He often suffers a sever loneliness problem. He will get intensely lonely extremely quickly. This can have a serious toll on his mental health.

Company: Despite his neutral nature, Zax enjoys company of any all kind. This is due to the fact that he gets very lonely easily.

Something to do: Zax must always have something to do, or else he will whine, and complain. This is due to his childish nature when bored.

Music: Zax loves all sorts of music. This is due to the fact that they provide the perfect background noise, which helps him a little in entertaining himself.


Nothing to do: Considering he has a childish nature when bored, it is only natural that he would dislike doing nothing.

Loneliness: Zax is one to be often depressed by loneliness. This is due to the fact that he spent so many years of his past alone.


Zax's greatest aspiration is to be surrounded by people whom appreciate him. It is by far his biggest goal, and can clear up all loneliness he may have. A side goal of his is to be able to learn more about his past; what happened before he woke up in the snow field as a child. He wants to know whom he is, his family, his last name. Finally, another side goal is to document his journey, so that if there are any others whom feel alone, or bored, they may read his biography.

Zax's biggest fear is to have everyone no longer want him. A point in which there is a time that no matter what, no matter how many things he does, or how he does them, he will be alone. A side fear of his is also the dark, though it is not too large. Only when it is pitch black will he be truly scared. This is due to his history of being lost in a dark forest when he was younger.

Face-Claim: Yamamoto Takeshi - Reborn
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 178 Centimeters.
Weight: 81 Kilograms.
Appearance:Zax is a boy whom is standing a fair height. One would not call his body muscular, but it is not bad in terms of fitness. Zax has a pair of brown eyes, and spiked, brown hair. He has a thin face, and some slight cheekbones. As for facial hair, there is none, thanks to shaving. He often wears lighter clothing, such as a pair of loose, cloth pants and a light, green jacket. His neck is a bit short, and his nose is a bit curved. He both looks and sounds like a 17 year old, almost to the point of full maturity.
Rukh Alignment: White.
Special Traits: N/A

Waking up in the middle of a field is the beginning of the tale. It wasn't exactly easily, being a 5 year old, only in cloth clothing, in the middle of a field on the 21st of January. It was even harder when you would have amnesia to top it all off. However, that did not stop this young boy from going anywhere. While most kids his age would cry for help, this boy would begin walking, trying to find something to do. He didn't know his old name, so he simply came up with one. "Zax". He liked it. However, he was alone. For the time in which he searched, 2 weeks, he cried every night, knowing he was alone. It was traumatizing for someone like him, who depended to be around others all the time.

In this time, he also got stuck in a dark forest at night. The entire forest seemed to go dark, pitch black. He couldn't see anything, not even the glow of the moon. That night, he cried, alone, curled up in a ball, afraid a wild animal would come and eat him. This was what spawned his fear of the dark.

To get food and water, he learned how to hunt, and fish. He taught himself, of course. However, sometimes the depression from being alone would stop him from doing this.

Upon searching 1 month, he would find a pleasant little village. There, he took shelter in an abandoned healthcare facility. He would go out everyday, and meet people. He liked seeing people, just having company around. He liked that the people liked him, so he liked them too. It made him feel happy. This was where he would stay for the rest of his life; just a small village. He kept on getting food from running errands.

At one point, the elder began to think it would be best for Zax's experience if he were to go out and find more people, as he often bugged the townsfolk, there not being that many. Upon sending him off, the elder told him that he could come back if he brought friends who were able to tolerate him, no matter what the circumstance or how long they were around them.

Zax was 14 that day. Upon leaving, he set off to visit many villages, becoming a wanderer. He had yet to find a close friend of that level, but has many people who like him. Maybe he'd find his best friend soon..

Role-Play Sample:
From Another Site I'm on:
It was a rainy, rainy night. Zane had been having some trouble sleeping, so that was what aspired him to take a walk. It was mainly just a hyperness, really. For such a calm person, he was often keeping in his energy, and sometimes, it got too much, and he needed to let it all out. This was one of those nights tonight. He simply put on a dark green coat and jeans, as well as his yellow umbrella.

Well, it wasn't really an umbrella. It was a homemade umbrella, AKA his weapon, King of Smoke, with a piece of a tarp on it. He was a bit low on funds at the moment, and just needed something that worked. So, He supposed he had a pipebrella!

He walked down the streets of oak, empty in the night, only the rain filling the town.

His "umbrella" sheltered him, as he saw a man coming by him. He looked a little bit suspicious, at least to him. As he got closer, he noticed this man was the Wizard Lord, Northot. He had seen his bounty a few times here and there. Ooooh boy. This wasn't going to be very good. While Zane could be considered powerful, he wasn't nearly as strong as the ten wizard lords. He held onto King of Smoke tighter. As the man passed by him, he didn't seem to attack Zane.

Good. Then, suddenly, the man told him to give him the umbrella. Uh-oh. Zane quickly turned around, only to find the man about to slash with his sword. Zane quickly held up his weapon in a horizontal pose, hoping to block whatever the man may throw at him. As he had turned around, the man had begun to slice his sword. The sword seemed to originally be pointed at his back, luckily, King of Smoke blocked it. Zane growled a bit, getting a bit angry. Couldn't he just go on a walk?! King Of Smoke still had the umbrella piece on it.

"Can't I just have some peace for one rainy night?!" He asked. It was rare when Zane yelled, but this time, he did.

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

  • Primary - Intelligence: Light
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
D-tier Abilities

D-Tier Abilities:
Name: Simple Light Beam
Tier: D
Cost: 10
Element: Light
Class: Offensive
Range: 10 Meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: The user creates a beam of light going straight in a direction they desire. It travels at a speed of 10 meters per second, and is 1 cm in thickness and 5 meters in length. It causes D-Tier damage through burns if impacted. It can travel up to 10 meters away from the caster.

Name: Simple Light Beam: Decoy
Tier: D
Cost: 10
Element: Light
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10 Meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts.
Description: The user creates a beam of light going straight in a direction they desire. It travels at a speed of 10 meters per second, and is a 1 meter diameter cylinder, 5 meters in length. It does no damage, and is more meant as a decoy. It can travel up to 10 meters away from the caster.

C-tier Abilities

C-Tier Abilities:
Name: Simple Light Flash
Tier: C
Cost: 20
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Description: The user covers their body in a layer of bright light, which fires outward and blurs the vision of those who look upon the flash within a 10 meter diameter of the user for 2 posts.

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Zax UC2926-tilt-large
Name: Lightswitch.
Material: Oak.
Appearance: The staff is around 70 centimeters long. It is made of an old oak, as seen in the picture. It's wood seems to spiral at the top of the staff.



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