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[Job] Discovering New Fauna & Flora

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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa
job description:
Job Name: The Displaced Pt. I/III [Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview:
King Lagi El Nagi has noted that new species of beasts have begun to make their appearance. These creatures are all unknown beasts, and though King Lagi El Nagi has believed that he had taken care of the source of those problems, the beasts have not returned back to their homes. Is there, perhaps, a reason behind this? Search the land in the western front and document three new species, including their appearance and general apparent qualities. Be careful, as some of the new beasts may be dangerous.

Jahan was lying on his stomach now, he was super quiet his stealth training truly coming in handy at the moment. He was in at the western front for what would be the second time in his life, however unlike the first time where he was talking a group of bandits plotting on how he would defeat them, he had simpler goals. The man was researching all types of rare new species that were appearing throughout Reim, it was rather weird honestly. However seeing something new and never discovered before piqued Jahan's interests, he had to find out all about the new creatures whom wee moving into Reim. Who knows maybe he would find a new pet.

So Jahangir eased upon a new species, it was some odd sort of salamander about the size of a dog. Its skin was completely black and its eyes a beady red color. The animals skin was a slimy and amphibious, however it sported several spike like protrusions on its back. Eah of their backs had their own elaborate design to it, not one that was the same as another. Some had spot upon their backs giving them a polka dot like feel, however others had squares triangles and circles of varying shades of orange. Jahangir began writing this down, checking things off that he didnt know of like the animals sex which he wasnt going to check , ages and basically all reproductive methods.

He moved over to another area, sneaking around the area he spotted a large bird having to at least be 6m tall. The bird was outstanding, large black and red and it seemed to have two girls riding atop its back? Jahangir wrote everything about the animal as quickly as he could, describing its red spots, beautiful feathers and the birds massive 12m wing span. The bird quickly flew above and away and was gone as quickly as it had came. Jahangir felt a calling to the animal and hoped that he would meet the great beast one day. However he was spent for time so he began exploring again to find another species of animal that was never before seen. It had to have been a great day for Beast Tamers in Reim. This was nothing but good business for them, more beasts to tame equals more oney. Not to mention Lagi has had to hire a grand sum of them to aid with the animal problem in the first place.

Yet I digress, Jahangir soon stumbled upon a large horse like creature, it was brown but appeared to be a mixture of reptilian and mammalian animals. The Beast had 4 arms and 2 hind legs, each arm sported large beautiful wings and set of powerful claws. The beast was lean and muscular, its back legs having a particularly powerful and menacing set of claws. The beast was one fit for royalty, and just by looking at it it was obviously one that would be poached severely. Jahangir sighed as he watched the magnificent animal speed off.

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[Job] Discovering New Fauna & Flora 8ueXlz2

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