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Shihab Riese [WIP]

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Shihab Riese [WIP] 710934_1304792512875_full
   Name: Shihab Riese
   Nationality: Magnostadt
   Race: Human
   Tier: D-tier
   Age + Birthdate: Sixteen - December 23
   Gender: Male
   Sexuality: He is Bi-romantic and doesn't tend to lean towards any specific race. He is Demi-sexual due to the fact that he likes to be left alone half the time.
   Personality: Shihab is a very interesting young man, who can go from being a stand offish prick, to being one of the nicest people you'll meet. He tends to block himself off from strangers at first, but will gradually open up. Despite this he has good people skills, having traveled to his current place of residence from Balbadd. He had practice perfecting his talking with strangers on that trip. His morals are very straight forward and he'll always help a friend, often disregarding his own safety. Besides that, he has a very short fuse, and has often snapped at people for calling him short or a child.
He adores being anywhere near an ocean, probably due to his life in Balbadd, and will often get excited when someone wants to talk to him about it. He and his younger sister Karima, whom still lives in Balbadd with their god-father, had a very strong connection, and he would have killed for his sister's protection much like he would for a lover or a good friend. He is somewhat brash and impulsive when it comes to making decisions in battle and will often just rush in, ignoring the heed of other characters. He's never been much of a listener either for that matter.
   Likes: He likes any kind of seafood. It's an acquired taste, seeing as how his sister prefers other meat. He also likes shiny things, like a gold necklace or a gem on an earring. He likes glittery things because they attract his short attention span and he has to force himself not to touch other people's things.
   Dislikes: He dislikes being called shorty, or child. This is for one reason. He is sixteen and he is very often mistaken for being up to three or more years younger, due to the fact he's so short. He'll throw temper tantrums.
   Aspirations: Shihab wants to be able to find out exactly who his parents were, since he was raised by his god-father in Balbadd. He wants to be able to become a great magician, like he heard his father was. He believes he can become a 'star' magician, like his name means. He also wants to be able to bring his sister to learn magic in Magnostadt as well, since he knows she can, so they can be great magicians together.
   Phobias/fears: Shihab's main fear is one of strangers. If he is caught off guard he will often become more cold than normal. He has Athazagoraphobia, a phobia of being forgotten, so he's always trying to do something so that people will remember him. He fears that he will not be able to give his younger sister a better life than her current one. He fears darkness, but he can quickly get over it, unless he is alone.
   Face-Claim: The Child form of Loki (Mythical Detective Loki: Ragnarok)
   Hair Color: Shihab's hair is orange-brown color.
   Eye Color: His eyes are an almost forest green color that get darker when he gets angry.
   Height: 1 1⁄2 meters(4'11")
   Weight: 110 lbs
   Rukh Alignment: Shihab's Rukh are white.
   Special Traits:
   Role-Play Sample:

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