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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Totoro Northern_lights__2012__by_rachityrach-d5f6hoa
Country Affiliation:Imuchak
Age + Birthdate:17 November 24
Personality:He's a bad boy, Totoro makes his own rules and does whatever he wants, whenever he wants however he wants. However he does show respect to few its done in rarity. Totoro's that kid whose always doing bad stuff, so theres always a constant eye on him, and somehow people tend to love him. Theres almost always someone looking out for him and hoping he succeeds, yet and still due to his origins there are just as many hoping for his downfall.

Anyone who meets totoro could definitely tell he's considered one of the "cool" kids, he is popular by definition, in both positive and negative ways. Everything from the subtle slang and undertone, to his naturally chill and charismatic vibe is simply "cool". That's how most of the youth in his tribe see it at least. He's also pretty friendly in a matter that he can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and his confidence knows no limits as well.

He lives to have fun and enjoy life and his goals are almost all in the moment. Totoro is also an aggressive young man, known to get into fights at any sign of disrespect, curse his elders and down right disrespect authority figures. He is free spirited and hates jails and the school system. Actually as far as any formal education goes he has pretty much skipped out on all of it. Which leads me to the case of Totoros stupidity.

Totoro is known for doing stupid, idiotic dangerous things without hesitation. He hardly ever thinks and when he does his train of thought rides on his own mental rush rather than safety. He does however greatly value the safety of those he calls "friends" Totoro doesn't have much a family. Him and his family being separated as children caused much anguish to him, and brought him to a phase of angst. Underneath the anger and angst that he has he's a softy. His closest friends are like family to him, ad he can barely manage to hate someone. He ironically considers himself anti-violent but gets in fights nearly everyday, to which his friends have bailed him out.

Totoro does however have a crush on his long term best friend Kokoro, he'd cares deeply for her safety and trains his body in efforts to be able to take care of her and the rest of his crew. His soft spot for his best friend puts her at a priority above anyone else and he's been known to start fights simply at the mention of her name. Let him find out somebody hurt her..... Illah.
Food. This guy swings around a giant scythe all day, you need plenty of energy in order to wield that and hell it tastes good. He loves to eat and try all types of foods.

Kokoro-As explained earlier he has the cutest secret crush on his best friend/team mate. He tries to keep it a secret however everyone can tell and well, he slips...A lot

Animals-He's a fond friend of animals and nature. He gets along with bears and loves to play with them.

Weapons- One of the only things that Totoro can be considered skilled in is blacksmithing, he apprenticed for years underneath the tribes blacksmith. Now he has the skill to design his own weapons with maximum efficiency.

Dislikes:Boring People. Totoro cant deal with boring people introverts basically. Those who are shy and wont break out of their shells etc. Boring people simply..Bore him their a drag to hang around.

Judgmental people. Totoro hates people that judge harshly. The way he sees it, everyone going through their own mess, and people are just people. We all make bad mistakes, Totoro hates people who think they're "big shit" for not making the same mistakes others have.

Selfish people. Totoro dislikes anyone that's selfish and is always thinking for themselves. People who cant spare a hand to others deserve to be alone in his opinion.

Aspirations:Money. The concept amazed him when he learned of it. One of his long term goals is to "Make Money  & Die", that's what its all about. He wants a big house and nice things and the luxury to not have to work hard every day of his life. Not to mention being able to leave his sons and daughters something when he was gone was an amazing dream for him.

Love. One day he wants to ask his long term crush out. He just doesn't know when or how. Whatever. He figures things will happen when they are meant to, and he's comfortable staying by her side and hopefully one day he'll have something more.

Greatness. In every sense he wants to do great things in whatever he does. He also wants to make it to a point in his life where he can say "Every things Good". Which in his opinion means he has no worries, his money family and love life were all in check. Everything would just be good.
Phobias/fears:Being alone. He's not afraid of being lonely, nor of being in a place where he has no friends, he's more so afraid of losing the ones he has. Of not being able to rely on any of the people he cares about because, well there just not there.

Darkness. Silence. He hates Dark silent places, hell most people hate dark silent places and he was no exception. Yet he was mortified of them, if ever put in a position like that he could have a complete and utter panic attack. Yea it'd be pretty ugly.

Face-Claim:Kamui -iAnti by RachityRach
Hair Color:Midnight Blue (Nearly Black)
Eye Color:Silver
Height:183 centimeters
Weight:87 kg
Appearance:Totoro isn't particularly tall for a member of his race. Hell most people wouldn't be able to tell he was an Imuchakk just by looking. The  boy had dark brown skin and silver eyes. Really the origins of the boys features date to his original Tribe who happened to be a rare race of Imuchakk with Dark Brown Skin. From there the racial differences stop for the boy still sported blue hair albeit it being fairly dark in appearance and his strength was still as monstrous as any other member of his race. He was a fairly handsome kid, his eye lashes were long and his eyes held some sort of mischievous look which complimented his personality.

He was a lean boy and beneath his everyday wear was a stunning body. He dressed in mostly blue and black he loved scarves head bands and cloaked hoods. Tribal necklaces and jewelry humbly adorned his neck and wrists, and tribal tattoos just above his cheeks. Interestingly enough the tattoos were known to change color with the temperature, making them mood related in a way. The ink would change green in higher temperatures and blue in colder ones.
Rukh Alignment:White
Special Traits:Brown Skin, He was born with Brown skin a trait that is rare in Imuchakk and belongs solely to his tribe.
History:Tragedy, I guess most people would call it that, Totoro's life was a mess but it got better with time. He spent the first couple of years with his father and his younger brother, one that was hugely based on hunting. Hunting was life for his old Tribe and as a kid he would dream of being the mightiest hunter. He trained through out the day everyday and listened to stories that the adults would tell of their adventures through the night. Life was pretty easy for the kid, he had no worries at all. Everything was good.

Then it happened, their village was attacked, and honestly Totoro didn't see much of that day. His father had whisked him and his younger brother away and their they hid. Totoro really didn't understand it and his brother being three years younger than him didn't understand it at all, he wanted to fight to protect his village but his father was cowardous. He wanted nothing more than to keep his family safe, he wasn't prepared to lose them. Fortunately his Tribe won the battle and repelled the intruders, unfortunately Totoro's families absence wasn't unnoticed.

Upon their return to the village Totoro's father, brother and himself were banished and separated. Totoro was sent to live in Kokoro's Tribe when he 7 years old and everything changed. He was lucky to be adopted by Mekuriri's parents, Meku became similar to a brother to him. Yet he was freak in the eyes of his peers only the adults really understanding why he had brown skin. He was bullied for being the shamed son of a coward, and on of the few banished Imuchakk.

But things do get better, the first year was the hardest. Everyone knew who he was far before he knew who anyone else was. He was always talked about and in disdain at that. Totoro learned after staying in The Tribe for a year to just not give a F**k. He quit caring about other peoples opinion of him and he stopped trying to make friends with the same kids that were downing him. He started doing things his way and he was satisfied with having Meku as a friend. Somehow this only seem to attract people, he then met Kokoro who became one of his most valued friends and started apprenticing beneath the Tribes blacksmith.

Over the years as his personality and skills developed people began liking him. They loved the charisma and passion he brought into a room. The way his smile and words and carefree nature seemed to make everything light up. He changed the people of his Tribe a bit, well at least their opinion of him changed. Totoro still misses his brother and Father deeply but he figures he has a lot of life to meet up with them in the future.
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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy



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