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Mekuriri [WIP]

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Mekuriri [WIP] OvsZdzY

"If I got a Huang for every time I stop those two from doing something stupid... I'd still be broke from having to pay for the damages."

B A S I C     I N F O R M A T I O N

Name: Mekuriri 
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birth-date: 2nd October

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality: Imuchakk
Race: Imuchakk

A P P E A R A N C E 

Height: 8' 3'' | 2.51 m
Weight: 138.8 Kg | 306 lbs
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Steel Blue

General Appearance: Meku is a lot closer to the stereotypical Imuchakkan male than his companions - standing over eight foot tall, he's a giant among men and the aura that he gives out certainly seems to fit with that appearance. His footfalls are extremely heavy, and have been known to cause him to sink his feet entirely inside mud on the mornings after rain. 

Meku's body language only seems to add to this powerful image. Though he's a lot weaker physically than Totoro, you wouldn't know it from looking at him. Though never outwardly threatening, there's something extremely imposing about his body language, the same way that a private might find a sergeant imposing. He's a natural leader, and his body language fits the part perfectly. 

In terms of clothes, this is the one area where Meku doesn't resemble the typical Imuchakkan. Instead, he wears a simple armless vest and a pair of plain black linen trousers, keeping himself decent in civilized company. The Imuchakkans lack of much clothing is often considered as "uncivilized" or "barbaric", so he actively attempts to distance himself from that stereotype. 

Furthermore, unlike his partners who refuse to wear any sort of armor, Meku wears a series of steel vambraces that he received as a gift from a Reiman trying to ingratiate himself with Imuchakkans. Due to his constant attempts to avoid close combat, this armour is more ceremonial than anything else. 


Personality: Meku, as a person, truly understands the concept of "there is a time and a place for jokes". Despite being the responsible one in the group, he makes just as many jokes and plays around almost as much as his companions. He tends to have somewhat of a dark, morbid sense of humour, often getting accused of callousness by those who are on the receiving end of it. 

However, he also has a strong sense of compassion and understanding of social norms. Whilst other people seem to only view things from their own perspectives, Meku constantly tries to see everything from everyone's point of view. This, his father told him, is how a true leader acts. Only thinking about one's own self leads to mistakes and, quite often, war.

Furthermore, Meku's understanding of the world is a lot more grounded in cold, honest reality than his pairs. Whilst they're barbaric and aggressive, he's the one who would rather sort things out through discourse and active measures rather than just beating everyone into a pulp. Sadly, the world today makes it very difficult to live by this, as people just attack without a second thought. 

Finally, there comes Meku's treatment of others. Whilst his first reaction is to protect his partners, Meku is also completely capable of knowing when they (or he) are at fault. This has led to him making almost cynical jokes about them owing him millions of huang for the amount of their mistakes he's had to pay for. 

That being said, Meku seems to have a very open perspective on life. Everyone, in his opinion, is just the same. Imuchakk, Human or Fanalis, they're all the same inside and everyone deserves the same rights. Its only when someone takes those rights away from other people or actively tries to make other people miserable (as Totoro's father did) that people lose said rights and must be punished. 


  • Books: Unfortunately, books weren't exactly very common in Imuchakk. When he was a kid, he had to learn everything from someone who already knew how to do it, so until around the age of nine he wasn't even literate. However, now that they're very commonplace, Meku seems to be much too interested in them.  
  • His friends: Despite how much trouble his friends cause for him (and how much money they cost him because of their "antics"), he truly does love them. After all, when you're together as long as they've been, it's hard not to have a strong level of attachment to them. 
  • Learning: Unfortunately, Meku is definitely what people might call a nerd. He actually goes out of his way a lot of the time to learn new things, whether these things are important or not or will probably affect his life in any major way. 
  • Magic: Meku is one of a rare breed of people - An Imuchakkan mage. In fact, in his tribe, there were only one other wizard and that gave him a strong attachment to the concept of magic as it was something that made him special. 


  • Confusion: Meku is the kind of person who likes to be on top of situations at all times, almost to the point of obsession. As such, when he begins to get confused at how something's going on, it either means that something has gone horrifically wrong or that Totoro's about to screw something up again. 
  • Idiocy: Idiocy is, unfortunately, something that has made up a large part of Meku's life, insofar as his friends bring it into his life constantly. As such, "idiocy" has become a byword for chaotic behaviour, usually to the extent where Meku winds up having to pay for damages because his little brother failed to behave properly. 
  • Paying for Damages: As the responsible one of the three, Meku constantly winds up being the one having to take responsibility for a situation, paying people not to call the guards or having to buy all the food that his friends ate without buying anything. At this point, he's become sick and tired of being their walking piggy-bank. 
  • Totoro's Father: As the patriarch's heir, he had the importance of loyalty and courtesy enforced upon him every single day of his life. Totoro's father, however, is the living embodiment of everything that Meku was raised to hate - disloyalty, cruelty, and stupidity. Plus, he's witnessed first hand exactly how cruel the man was to his son, further enhancing his dislike of the man. 


  • Becoming Patriarch: Perhaps this should not so much be described as a goal but rather as his expected future - as the son of the Patriarch of his tribe, he is somewhat expected to take up that mantle once his father dies. Though, due to their dislike of the arcane arts, he does sometimes worry how they'll react to him in an even larger position than he is now. 
  • Earning Money: Imuchakk is a land that heavily works off of trade - they're a federation after all. As such, Meku wants to prove his worth by returning to his homeland with enough riches to afford an entire navy worth of trading ships.... also, it really helps him to be able to pay for his friends' damages. 
  • Omniscience: This is, by far, Meku's largest obsession - as someone who had the importance of knowledge enforced upon him over and over, he has taken the idiom "knowledge is power" to it's literal meaning - the more he knows, the more powerful he can make hist tribe. Thus, he must learn more and more until he truly becomes omniscient and is able to give his people the power they need to survive.
  • Protecting his friends: Despite how expensive they are to keep around and just how dangerous their "games" are, Meku truly does desire to protect them. Even though they're not related by blood, he sees them as his brother and sister and would do nearly anything to protect them were it to come to that. 


  • Conflict: This might sound pathetic for an Imuchakkan to say, but he is truly worried about conflict. His choice of magic over muscle and his weak physical strength has caused many people to condemn him outright, and though he always has an answer in either word or stave, it's something he constantly has to watch over his back for. 
  • His friends: Perhaps more of a worry than an actual fear. Being the responsible one of the group, there is a part of him that is constantly worried whenever they're out of his sight. He's grown up knowing how much mischief they can get into without proper supervision, so he's almost been conditioned to not be comfortable with them being alone together. 
  • War: The Imuchakk is a group of tribes all working together as one. As such, he knows first-hand how importance peace and co-operation is. With trouble brewing up between Reim and Helio, one of his most pressing and desperate fears is that a war wil break out that will cause mass-deaths. 

C O M B A T     I N F O R M A T I O N

Tier: D
Specialization: Intelligence (Water)
Rukh Alignment: White


History: Mekuriri's young life was wonderful - born the first son of the Tribe's patriarch, he was treated as a gift from god. His birth proved that there would be a strong and dependable future, and he was celebrated around the tribe. This was a sign that the patriarch was still going strong. 

That being said, as much as people loved their little lord, he was still an imuchakkan. He was expected to be strong, to lead them into a proud and proper future, and Meku truly intended to live up to those expectations of him. 

He was given all the training that the usual Primarch's son was given, and he found himself quickly fitting into the mental shoes of a Patriarch-in-training, but more difficult than that was the physical one. It wasn't like he wasn't trying, he often collapsed out of sheer exhaustion after training, it was something that wasn't his fault. You see, it became more and more obvious as he got older that he was.... weak. 

No, he wasn't a coward, he wasn't pathetic, he was simply a weakling. Other Imuchakk could punch straight through a wall, he'd probably break his hand doing anything close to that. He seemed closer to a human than anything else, and people began to question whether it was the case that his mother had cheated on the patriarch with a human. 

Eventually, those who spread those rumours were silenced, but even with his father reigning his tribe back into order, Meku had quickly become a laughing stock. There were rumours around the tribe that other people were going to try and take over, as their son was a "proper Imuchakk". 

As you can imagine, this put a lot of pressure on his relationship with his father. As his mother had failed to give him a second child, Mekuriri was the only true heir to the clan and that as a concept horrified people. Yet, in spite of their abuse, Meku decided to double his efforts. If he couldn't intimidate them with his strength, he'd make them buckle under the power of his brain. 

So, during the next few years, he spent training himself to think and act like the perfect Patriarch. To be honest, were he not weak, he would have become known as the perfect heir to the village. He was willing, he was devoted, and there was a very obvious strong will there. 

In fact, for many people, they seemed to have warmed up towards the concept of the weak leader. That was, of course, until Meku made a seemingly innocuous comment to his father. 
"Dad... Why are you surrounded with white birds? There's hundreds of them..."

That was the first and only time that he was ever hit by his father. 


Unfortunately, it seemed like Meku's comment had been overheard by a cruel member of the village, as he was quickly accused of being a mage. Someone, just ten years before him, had made a very similar comment and had been abused by the rest of the village as a result. When he came back with magic powers, people only laughed harder. "Magic," they said, in their ignorant dismissal ", was useless."

That man had become an elder of the village over the last ten years, his magic having been strong enough to vanquish every single man who stood in opposition to him. Though many didn't like him, many men feared him. As such, Meku went to this man to try and see if he could learn how to be a mage, but he noticed something weird about him... a large torrent of black birds acted the exact same way that his father's white ones did. 

Willingly taking Meku under his wing, unbeknownst to his father, the elder (a water mage known as "Beberama") began to instruct Meku in the arts of magic. They had to be careful not to let the rest of the village know, magic was still somewhat frowned upon as the art of the weak, but in their secret lessons Meku quickly began to shine. It seemed that he was a magical prodigy (somewhat ironic, for someone of his species) and he shined like a diamond in the rough with a little bit of training. 

It was during this time that a new member of Meku's family was gifted to them. A man from a far distant tribe, someone called "totoro" was adopted by his father after his own father was "taken from him". 

At first, Meku despised the seven year old, he'd grown up knowing that if he were to be cursed with a younger brother, he'd be looked over in an instant by sheer necessity. But, the village seemed to despise the boy; an outsider, and a dark-skinned one at that, and he was being smiled upon by the patriarch. They were isolationist, why did they have to support this brat? 

This rejection from the adults brought the two of them together as kindred spirits. They both wound up growing extremely thick skin, and as Totoro became friends with kokoro, so did Meku. He was always the older brother, and though many considered him to be weak, he always wound up being the smart one out of the three, knowing how to react to everything. 

By the age of 14, Meku had finished his training under his master, somehow managing to escape without his rukh being tainted black. Whilst his master had tried over the years to show him how monstrous his fate was that he was gifted with a mind and a personality like his and yet was damned to be a magician rather than a brawler like his companions. Yet, every time he said that, Meku simply shrugged it off with "We are an ignorant people. I will make us learn true strength, and then we will be the strongest tribe of all."

On his fifteenth birthday, Meku encountered another true test as the patriarch's son. The older children were due to prove that they were strong enough to kill a rampaging unicorn. On the same day, Meku and his companions decided to do it. They were going to prove they were true adults in the tribe, and quash any bad thoughts about them. They would slaughter the unicorns.

Taking his master's stave with him, Meku proceeded into the depths of the ocean, looking for his prey. Around him, he saw people fighting their prey with their barehands or with harpoons, but his weapon was much simpler. It was the very ocean itself. 

As he finally found his prey,  he got its attention with bare fisted punches. It was weak, but he wanted it to give chase. He couldn't speak his incantations in the water, and that meant he would be weak. Thankfully, the attack did its job perfectly, as the unicorn then proceeded to chase him to the surface. 

"مسار الجليدية" The water's surface under Meku's feet turned to ice, allowing him a place of true footing to fight the unicorn. "الخناجر المجمدة" As the unicorn's head pierced the surface, the water all around it turned to frozen "Knives", impaling themselves through the monster over and over again, killing it in moments. 

That day, Meku and his companions each returned home with their own unicorn for the tribe; three of the only seven men to have succeeded their trial that year. Now, no matter what someone wanted to say, there was something undeniable. With magic, Meku had proven he was just as capable as any other man of the village. He was no longer pathetic, but he was no true man either. He was a being in between. 


The very next year, as Asisiak was grabbing power, ripples began to stream through the tribe.  A man from the village, sick of Meku's father's willingness to accept outsiders and magic, decided to follow the strength of Asisiak's example and led a revolt. 

A full eighth of the village betrayed their leader and joined this show of power, apparently so blinded by their convicti that magic was unnatural that they would risk going against a proven warrior. 

Yet, despite the fact that his father was one of the strongest men in the village, he never stepped foot upon the field of battle. Instead, that was the day Meku proved why no man should tangle with a mage - Imuchakkans are slow people, and mages can fly. 

That day, Mekuriri proved exactly what true strength is. Flying out to the field of battle, Meku stared down the entire force without flinching, his unicorn horn staff clenched in his hands as he showed the rest of the tribe what happened when you let bigotry and ancient lies fog your mind. 

"الخناجر المجمدة"

Something that Meku learned long ago has become a very significant quote in his life; People will only love those who they either fear or respect. But, for those who want true power, they have to have both. Meku's willingness to do anything for the village, and his personality had earned him respect from many among his village. On that day, he gained their fear. 


In the years since, Meku has very rarely had to put his people back into line, showing his brain to those who can be broken back with reason, and his magic to those who can't. 

However, as the Reim coronation has come to take place, Asisiak's presence upon the mainland has shocked many of her people. Meku's father, not to be outdone, sent Meku to join his companions in Reim for the festivities, hoping to gain some sort of knowledge that will allow him to further convince his people exactly why they should listen to him. 

A life of having to prove yourself over and over again is a sad one, but it does sharpen a man into a weapon. 

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