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Ashe Esmere

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Ashe Esmere

Ashe Esmere
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Name: Ashe Esmere
Tier: D-Tier [Novice]
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birth date: 17 | 2 July
Nationality: Reim
Race: Human
Specialization: Dexterity

Personality: Ashe has a jolly attitude and smiles often. She enjoys being with her friends and loves making others happy. She may be outgoing to her friends but she tends to be shy, in cases like being the center of attention. She stutters when she knows she is the center of attention, or when she isn't too busy to mind it. In times when she is feeling shy, she hides her face partly in her scarf and blushes.
She loves nature. Sometimes, she finds herself staring at a scenery unconsciously, just admiring it. She likes the company of animals and has a weird sense of cute for them. When others find them ugly or weird, she still think they're cute... as long as they do not try to kill her. Above all, she loves to stargaze.
She is highly patriotic. She loves her country very much and does not hesitate to stop people who dares bring harm to it, except when they are her friends. She has a strong sense of justice but she does not like to kill people unless necessary. But if she is consumed by her own anger, she may do so. She likes to help people and it is almost like an involuntary impulse in her. For example, if someone's groceries fell, she would automatically help if she is not doing something else. She also enjoys seeing children's smiles so she spends some of her time playing with them or giving them food if they're hungry. If she sees mischief in them that she one day fears will grow into something worse, she tries her best to straighten them back to the right path.
Being physically weak, she values speed and accuracy when fighting, knowing that she cannot rely on her strength. She prefers to fight smartly to make her attacks effective and so as not to get tired easily and to make up for her lack on strength.

~Nature and Animals - She loves nature simply because she's a nature lover and admires it very much.
~Children - She likes children because she believes they, being innocent, do not deserve yet to experience the hardships the world knows today.
~Helping Others - She believes helping others may make their lives a little easier and it was a way for her to repay the kindness she received years ago.
~Scarf - She finds them comforting to have and the way she can hide her face when she is feelings shy.
~Her Country, Reim - She is extremely patriotic and loves her country.
~Her Friends - Her friends are almost just as important as her country is. If there will come a time where she is to be in an opposing side against them to protect her country, it will be very hard for her.

~Slave traders - People who takes away people's free will and use them in such ways are one of the kinds of people she wants to disappear from the world.
~Invaders - She absolutely hates people who try to take away the country from its people.
~Being the center of attention - She dislikes being the center of attention because it make her feel self-conscious and suddenly have the feeling that everything she is currently doing is wrong.

~Creepy Bugs and Insects - She may be a nature-lover but she absolutely hates insects, ones that are weird and are not your everyday kind of insects. They are not like the cute animals and creatures she loves. Upon seeing one, she either freaks out, or kills them immediately in fear. This phobia is the reason she usually refuses to go into forests she believes to have many of her most-hated bugs.
~Emptiness - She is afraid of the thought of being alone. Not the alone-type where there is no one else in the room but she is afraid of the thought of being absolutely alone in a world she has no one to rely on. She is afraid of the concept of a void. This is why she enjoys the company of her friends.

~Protect Reim - Her number one goal is to protect Reim and its citizens. She wants everyone to feel safe and happy and she will try to achieve that to the best that she can.
~Repay her benefactor - Her benefactor may be gone, but she plans to live her life to the he would have wanted her to. And the only way to do that was to continue letting Reim be a happy place and to make her own life one that she would enjoy.
~Get rid of bad people - Slave traders, corrupt leaders, serial killers, and other people of their kind who she finds no longer worth of being part of the society are who she wants seen behind bars or in any kind of confinement.

Face-Claim: An original character, also named Ashe Esmere, created based on the anime Akame ga Kill.
Weight: 54kg
Hair Color: Light Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'5"
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: -/-
Ashe Esmere Nuk2052
She always wears her favorite red scarf and rarely takes it off. It is her only memento of her village. The cross shape on it is the symbol of the village she barely remembers. She wears black tights on her arms and knees under her blouse and shorts. She wears something over her blouse just for style. On her feet, she uses a pair fur boots. A glove of the same material is worn on only her left hand.
Her hair is in an odd style. Half of it is short while the other half is long enough to be tied to the front. Her hair was cut like this when she was taken before and she decided to keep it that way.
She uses a bow and arrow to fight and she keeps a dagger on her waist for close combat. When fighting, she keeps a proper posture when using the bow while when using her dagger, she keeps her knees bent for easier dodging and movement.

History: Ashe wasn't originally born in Reim and neither did she have a sense of justice and patriotism from the start. She was born in a small village in the middle of a desert in between two countries. Her village lived simple and was able to survive through their farms. It was for that very reason that the thugs who raided their village took them as slaves. She was young at that time, about the age of eight. She watched as her village burnt to the ground— animals tortured, crops destroyed, tents turned to ash. Everyone was either killed or enslaved, and she was one of the latter— one of the unfortunate ones unable to escape their cruel hands. For a year, they travelled place to place, being auctioned in slave trades but nobody wanted her with her frail body. Poor nutrition and lack of meals per day didn't help at all either. Time passed agonizingly slow and she grew thinner and weaker each day. Feeling that she, and other unsold slaves, were no longer going to bring profit to them, they decided to kill them all. She closed her eyes, feeling all the attempted and planned escapes being in vain. She heard the swish of the sword and the sound grew dangerously close to her. She squeezed her eyelids tightly. She wanted to fight back, not ready to die yet but she no longer had the strength since a long time ago. A shadow loomed over her, ready to strike down on her but the killing blow never came. Instead, the thug's limp body fell on her and she watched as the others did as well.

"How unfortunate. Maybe if I had arrived earlier, one of them might still be alive." a hoarse voice said. She opened her eyes to see a man surveying the area before turning to leave. Her eyes widened at the thought of letting an opportunity pass. With all the strength she could muster, she stood and limped towards him, shouting with a raspy voice that even she could barely hear. He didn't even turn to look. She stopped going after him. The thought of throwing something crossed her mind but she knew that whatever she would throw wouldn't even reach anywhere near him. She looked back at where she had started, only to see the mutilated bodies of her long-time companions. She fell to her knees, gagging before finally throwing up briefly and falling to the sand unconscious.

She woke up to a white ceiling engulfing her whole vision. Whatever she was lying on was hard, yet softer than the sand and stones, not to mention smoother. She still felt weak but she also somehow felt light. She lifted her hands to her face, rubbing off whatever sleep was left in her eyes. It took her a moment before she realized that her hands were no longer bound by chains. She quickly checked her feet and found no trace of the heavy metal as well. She quickly sat up form the bed.

"Ah, I see your awake." someone said from her left. She quickly put her hands up in defence but he made no threatening attempts. "At least thank your savior." He sighed.

"You.. saved me?" she asked with her still raspy voice.

"Breakfast is on the table if you want." he offered, pointing down the hall before leaving the room. She quickly scrambled to her feet, wobbling a little, and made her way towards the said food. Sure enough, there it was, more than anything she had eaten for the year. She ate until her stomach was filled. She drank to bring back moisture onto her sore throat. She sighed with content. Not soon after, he joined her on the table.

"Where am I? Why did you save me?" she asked. There were a lot more questions she wanted to ask but her throat still felt bad. She studied him. He was a man whose age is becoming evident on his face. He was bearded, like some guy you can't trust yet he also had the aura of an approachable man.

"You're in Reim. And simply because it was the right thing to do." he simply answered. She dare not ask him any further. "You can stay here if you don't have any other place to go back to." he offered. She hesitated but the thought of a filled stomach and shelter for the night made her agree. So, her life in the Reim Empire had started. She continued to stay with the aged man, she came to know as Wes. He continued to stop slave traders just as he did with her and that was only one of the many virtuous things he did everyday. Soon, their relationship turned from complete strangers, to father-daughter like. He would always insist for her to come with him and whenever she did, he would always accompany their travels with lecture on her about his beliefs. He would tell her why he loves the country and why she should as well. He would tell her about the right and wrong. Of course, she had taken to his teachings but she never showed her interests and never did she show how she was implementing it. She was quite stubborn to him. She didn't thank him for the fulfilling meals and for the warm shelter, at least not until another turning point in her life.

Someone walked up to them in one of their journeys in the desert. He looked like a person in need but once he got close, he quickly pounced on them, a dagger in hand. A few more suddenly appeared from the sand and more came running towards their direction. They were all attacking Wes at once, screaming about revenge on their fallen comrades. Ashe stood there in shock, not knowing how to help. Someone took notice of her and crept towards her, only to be pushed away by Wes.

"Run!" he yelled at her. Her eyes filled with tears to see him losing the ambush. "Run!" he repeated and she did, as fast and as far as her legs could carry her. She did not look back, not wanting to see an image she feared she might see. She didn't stop until she was safe in her, or rather, his home. She waited. Days turned to weeks and yet, no Wes came through the door. The cold reality fell on her and something inside her snapped. Her stubborn façade faded. Every lecture he had told her came flooding back into her mind. She broke down and cried herself to sleep, realizing that she never said thanks for saving her that day.

She woke up the next day, eyes filled with determination. Wes was no longer coming back. She knew she had to live now to her own support. She was now a fourteen year old teenager, more than capable of doing a job or two. She learned to fight on her travels with him so she was also capable of protecting herself, one way or another. She lived her life to his ideals. She despised evil people. She helped others in even the simplest of ways and she learned to love her country as much as he did. It wasn't long until she set herself to protect Reim and its citizens and decided to work under the empire as one of the soldiers fighting to protect their country. She still continues in this line of work in the present.

Role-Play Sample: Ashe travelled through the desert. She had been travelling for hours yet she what she was looking for was nowhere to be found. She pulled her scarf higher onto her face to keep out the sand being blown by the wind. It was the worst time to be windy. She could barely see what's up ahead in the distance. She paced her steps carefully. She could step on any bugs, or could alert any predators. She sighed. Children were almost irresistible, and now with the added fact that he was asking for serious help. His mother was sick, and the doctor was out of stock of the herbs used to cure the disease. Of course, the herbs could only be found in the desert and she didn't have time to let the winds tone down a bit. Now here she was, in the middle of a raging desert, looking for a plant to save the kid's mother. She heard a howl in a distance and her head perked up. She looked around for any signs of the desert dogs but the sand was blinding her vision. She readied her bow, pulling back an arrow and walked cautiously. She turned her head to a silhoutte and immediately released her arrow, hitting it before it could dodge. She waited, no movements came and so she walked towards it. Just as she could make out the shape, something pounced on her from behind. Snarling and growling filled her ears and she rolled over to put distance between her and the animal. She reached for her bow, only to realized she had dropped when she was attacked. She took out her dagger, waiting for another attempt on an attack. Fortunately for her, the dog wasn't quiet. She quickly side step another pounce and quickly stabbed it at the chest. It's pained howls drowned by the raging sand. She failed to kill it but it did leave her alone, tail between its legs. She smiled in victory, and it widened more when she finally found her bow. She returned to the creature she had shot with her bow earlier, feeling guilty about shooting it without considering if it was actually posing a threat to her. As she came closer, it's shape became more indistiguishable, and then she realized it was just a rock. She sighed in relief. Her eyes were taken by a small green plant beside it.

"Finally!" she exclaimed in triumph. She carefully plucked a few leaves and returned back to the Empire. The child was overjoyed at her return and couldn't stop thanking her. Another person helped and she couldn't help but grin ear to ear.

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Approved with a side note. She cannot have/use a dagger for close combat without having strength as secondary specialization. Dexterity users are limited to only long-range weapons. However, you do have the option of picking up strength as a secondary, and then would be able to use a close-range dagger.

Please begin working on starting skills and a starting weapon!


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