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New Beginnings

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Lance Knighthunter

Lance Knighthunter

Lance quietly walked through streets of busy people and was unnoticed by the public eye. He was nothing special but he planned to someday be special.

It has been a few years since Lance witnessed to massacre of the children he took care of growing up and he wanted to make people pay for the death and sorrow he caused both them and him. He made his way to the ally way they lived in and it was darker than usual so he didn't see the body of a teenager sitting on the ground. He didn't notice the boy until he actually spoke. "L- Lance?!" The boy said as Lance slowly turned around to see who they were and why they knew his name and once he did his eyes went wide.

"Griffon? Is it really you?" he asked with confusion as one of the kids he used to take care of and train stood before him. Griffon was his apprentice who he had taught of of his thievery and trickery skills to as well as his heat magic. Lance was like a mentor to him and Lance had thought he died with the rest of the kids. Once Griffon nodded Lance ran up and hugged him and although Lance is usually a cold and bitter person this one a rare occasion when he showed he actually had feelings for people.

Once Lance pulled away he took a long look at Griffon "How did you not die?" he asked in confusion as Griffon chuckled and scratched the back of his head "Uh... Its a long story..." he said as he laughed again and Lance shook his head with a smile.

They talked for about an hour straight until Griffon raised the question "Hey Lance, What happened to your staff?" he asked and Lance looked at the ground for a second sadly "It broke when I was trying to protect you guys..." he muttered as Griffon nodded and walked somewhere deeper into the ally way and brought back a wooden staff with Orange Orbs in it and handed it to Lance "For you." he said with a smile as Lance took it and happily and stood up.

Griffon shook Lances hand and bowed "Well I am off to Reim... I have some business I need to attend to there..." he muttered as Lance shrugged "I guess this is were we part ways then... let us meet again someday..." he said with a laugh as Griffon left the area and made his way to Reim while Lance stayed in Heliohapt "I would like to go with him but I have some unfinished business here...." he said with a slight mumble to himself as he walked out of the ally way and back onto the

Lance had heard people talking about a slave trade and he smiled "Slave trade eh?" he thought to himself as he chuckled "Seems fun... now do I stop it or should I take advantage..." he said as he thought about and laughed "Only time can tell how I feel about this!" he muttered happily as he walked off.

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