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Ilirran Iskam

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Ilirran Iskam

Ilirran Iskam
Ilirran Iskam Guin.240.392885
Before Mask:
Ilirran Iskam Sei
Name: Ilirran Iskam
Tier: D-Tier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Age + Birthdate: 20
Nationality: Imuchakk
Race: Imuchakk
Specialization: Strength

Personality: Ilirran is a stubborn man with the unfortunate problem of having below average intellegence. Having been the butt of many jokes, he is typically a quiet individual who has few friends. Some have called him overly confrontational, but it is more that he is at peace when he is in the dance with death, fighting against an opponent who is stronger or equal. He reacts to kindness cautiously, but has a habit of judging niceness at it's face value. Hidden behind a fragile wall of scar tissue from previoius experiences is a big heart. He will go out of his way to defend the weak or help someone in need. When challenged to a fight or a threatening comment is thrown his way, Ilirran will rise to the taunt with a insatiable appetite for violence. Comments about his appearance or skills are also known to send him into a rage. If one were to attempt to seduce Ilirran, he would politely decline, any further attempts would result in incuring his wrath. The two ideals he embodies most are being a shield to the defenseless and being the sword to a cause he deems worthy. One could typically find him searching for work, training his sword, looking for a fight or in a bar getting drunk, looking for a fight.

Likes: Combat: Fighting till he's lathered in sweat, blood, and gore is what he lives for, the longer since his last fight, the more aggitated he gets.

True Kindess: Having been a black sheep for many years, he values a truely kind person and would do anything to help them.

Knightship: Knowing he is not fit to lead, Ilirran likes being the shield to a cause that he believes in, especially if it means fighting.

Dislikes: Sustained Peace: Ilirran is a warrior through and through, long periods of time without combat bore him.

Bullying: While this isn't neccessarily regarding bullying towards him, he'll still attempt to slug someone who does, when others who can't stand up for themselves are bullied, he goes crazy.

Magicians: While he has seen how magic can be helpful, Ilirran finds magicians cowardly and believes them to be decietful.

Phobias: Ilirran has a few irrational fears, one of them being the inability to fight. This displays in several ways, being sick, injured, crippled, bound, tortured or confined to a small area. He tends to react in an irritable or aggressive fashion if this phobia is triggered. Another irrational fear is the fear of dying from old age, sickness, or poison. The greatest honor for Ilirran would be dying from combat. He reacts to this phobia in a similar fashion as the former, but the last will near paralyze the man in fear. Trypophobia is the fear of small of objects with small holes or pours. Beehives, certain vegetables, ant hills, and coral are a few of the things that will send him in an anxiety attack.

Aspirations: As you already know by now, this Imuchakk has three major aspirations that he seeks to fulfill. Ilirran seeks to find strong combats on a glorious battle field and fight his way to the top. He aspires not to be at the top but to find a group of equals so he will never be bored. He also seeks to the sword to a cause that stands for a cause that he could live with. This makes him a sword for hire at times, but his overall goal is to be a Knight championing a new order. Dying in a bloodbath of glory would be the greatest honor so while he'd prefer to remain alive, being struck down by a strong opponent is his ultimate wish.

Face-Claim: Guin (Guin Saga)
Weight: 200 pounds.
Hair Color: Yellow and black spotted fur
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: Nine Feet Tall
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: From the neck up Ilirran has a leopard body.
Appearance: Ilirran is a massive, hulking Imuchakk covered in ripped muscles. He walks around completely bare except for a loin cloth and two metal straps. One strap goes across his left shoulder to another strap around his waist. He also wear leather boots that reach halfway up his thigh. He is an imposing figure with all that alone, but the leopard head makes his appearance even more threatening. The effect is mild when he is at peace, but with his fangs bared and anger in his yellow eyes, he could send a chill through a weaker man. The fur on his leopard head is a golden coat with black spots.

History: Ilirran Iskam was born to a clan of Imuchakk who lived at the peaks of the highest mountains on Imuchakk. They were a clan of warriors who kept to themselves, living to survive in the harsher climates and hunt on the beasts that lived there. When he was younger, it was joked that he was the runt of the family, his growth spurt hitting quite late. His clan had an enthusiasm for combat which taught him to fight at a very young age. The bullying he endured from his short stature also instilled the basics of combat within him.

At the age of ten, a group of three humans had visited his tribe, claiming to have heard tales of their clan during their studies at Magnostradt. To prove the truth of their claims, they challenged the strongest warriors to combat. They even went so far as to take out their Borgs in front of the Imuchakk clan by themselves to fight at a disadvantage. The men fought hard against the warriors, one of them taking a fatal blow, until they had all worked up a sweat and the clan leader felt the dedication behind their words. The two survivors, claimed to seek training to improve their fighting skills, in return they offered to use magic to make the Imuchakk stronger by using a technique to infuse animal instincts within them.

The men turned out to have ill intentions, after several rituals with magical tools, the Imuchakk Clan began to change in weird ways. With powerful magic they managed to sap the Clan of their power and utilize life magic to change their appearance and mentality to that of an animal. They were only partially successful in that fashion, changing the appearance of one or two limbs. After a couple of months, the Clan began to die off from the experiment. Ilirran was one of the few survivors left, when other Imuchakk had started to notice  strange things around the mountains.

The Magicians had been found out but they managed to escape in time, without receiving punishment for the cruelty they treated his Clan with. Some of the other Clans tried to help the survivors, but Ilirran and the few others were so aggressive from their warrior tendencies and as a reaction from their experiences. Seen as the animals they partially resembled, they were soon treated as black sheep around most.

After enduring that stigma for  four years, Ilirran went out to slay a Rampaging Unicorn, in order to bring himself some respect. Riggan and Jolyon, two of the surviving teens his age joined him in his quest, setting out in kayaks. It took a couple days to track down a Rampaging Unicorn, the boys becoming restless. The boys fought long and hard, using harpoon and fist to fight the beast, but it was stronger. After Jolyon managed to get a lucky stab in the creature's eye, it went into a rage and pierced him through with is long horn.

Seeing the creature swim around with their friend on its horn, drove them into a blood rage, fighting with everything they had. The Rampaging Unicorn swam from underneath the men with a burst of speed, sharp fangs ready to snap shut. They swam in different directions, Ilirran waiting till it passed to spin and slam the harpoon into its side. As Riggan turned, the creature follow him, snapping its fangs on his right leg before he could dodge.

As its fangs began to open over his friend, Ilirran swam into its mouth and stabbed his spear through the soft tissues into the things brain. He jabbed several times, twisting the harpoon as he pulled it back out. He collected his friend and the unicorn horn, heading back to prove his worth.

Ilirran felt a surge of pride when he received his name, yet it was short lived. Riggan shamed that he had been crippled fell into a depression and took his own life. The experience traumatized Ilirran, torn between disgust of such a shameful death and the longing for his friend. After losing so many of his clan, Ilirran decided to leave Imuchakk to find a place he belonged, no longer having any attachment to his homeland. For a while, he spent time searching for vengeance, but realizing that took too much thinking, he turned to being a sword for hire.

He traveled to Heliohapt, hearing of the arid deserts that gripped the land. Preferring harsh climates, he spent the last six years selling his sword to merchants to protect them from bandits or as a mercenary in small skirmishes.  

Role-Play Sample:  [Sample From Previous Content/Diego.Namez]

Side by side, boy and tiger ran through the desert with their eyes to the rocky cliffs on the horizon watching the colors of dawn's first light dancing upon the heavens. The sand rose up in a thin cloud behind each step they took, jogging forward. Preferring the quiet of nature and tired of the busy streets, Diego had decided to reforge his purpose and bond with Trixie. It was time to see what the desert had in store for them.

As they got closer they saw that a river ran behind a section of the desert with large rocks protruding from the sand. Tiger and boy met each others eyes before leaping onto the closest rock, leaping again to the next, zigzagging from one to the next. Diego was panting and sweat freely trickled down as they continued making their way through the field of rock. With her tongue hanging out and a burst of energy, Trixie bounded quickly over rocks sailing past Diego in her rush to beat him to the cool river in sight at the base of the small, sand worn desert mountains ahead. The sweat trickled down her fur in tiny streams, foaming around her joints where fur met fur.

Diego laughed heartily and hooted as she passed him and made her way to the last of the rocks which led to the river shore. He watched in awe as she cleared the last rocky protrusion and landed in the river with a big splash. "YEAH! GO TRIXIE!" He shouted with his hands around his mouth before pumping his fist in the air and running full speed to the river. He leaped in after Trixie and swam to her back, giving her a giant hug. "I love you, girl."

Trixie was curled up around Diego with her resting on his lap as he told stories under the stars. The calm cadences in his voice as he told a story soothed her to her very core. The hand gently scratching the back of her head as he spoke helped as well. She had traveled across the land and sea with this two-legged beast for many suns and many moons. Dimly she recalled memories of others of her kind, but she had many memories of him. That thought produced a warm feeling within her and she felt at peace with him. She felt him shift, as he leaned back with his arms behind him for support with a deep sigh. She looked up concerned as she sensed the change in emotion within him.

~Girl, you are really like my Madam Trixie. You've been at my side through thick and thin. You've even been my courage when I've been scared.~ He smiled down at her and she gave a soft mew, laying her head back on his lap. His smile slightly fading, he looked up to the stars, ~After my family died, a part of me died, I just traveled aimlessly. Then shortly after, I ran across you. Ever since, you've been by my side. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You've traveled far with me, across land and sea to reach this desert. I used to think it would be a twisted place, but while it has flaws...its a beautiful place. Now that I am here, it is time to find Jagang.~ He sat up straight and looked in Trixie's eyes with a serious face. ~Trixie, I feel this next part of the journey might be dangerous. I've grown complacent in fear of facing Jagang, but I need to. I've got to give you a choice, Trixie. From here on out, it's up to you, but with or without you, I'm going to find him. Would you follow me into danger?~ He looked into her eyes, seeming to search her soul for her measure.

Trixie recognized the names he called her when he started speaking. As she watched the emotions on his face, she could sense the bond of kinship he felt for her. Her heart broke  hearing the pain in his voice as he continued speaking to her. She nuzzled his lap urging him on while she watched the feelings dance in his eyes. When she saw his resolve harden and gaze at her with an intensity that made her feel vulnerable and worried, she sat up and put a paw on his lap. She looked into his red eyes and matched his ferocity. Where this man-beast led her, she would follow loyalty and she wanted him to know she would. His crimson eyes were eyes that she wanted to see for as long as she lived. Those eyes spoke to her heart of kinship, value, honor and trust. Those were eyes of a beast you wanted at your side and would do anything to protect. When Diego relaxed and smiled, she knew that he understood and gave a gruff meow as she laid back down to nap.

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