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Kynan (Wanderer, Dex) (Complete Needs Grading)

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Kynan (Wanderer, Dex) (Complete Needs Grading) Archer

Kynan (Wanderer, Dex) (Complete Needs Grading) AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name:  Kynan Falkheath
Tier:  D-Tier
Gender:  Male
Sexuality:  Hetrosexual
Age + Birthdate:  18, July 22nd
Nationality:  Wanderer
Race:  Human
Specialization:  Dexterity (Ranger)

Kynan (Wanderer, Dex) (Complete Needs Grading) JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Kynan is a rather quiet person around most people preferring to just observe them, he finds himself normally avoid large groups of people. It isn’t because Kynan doesn’t like speak on the contrary if you get him speaking on an issue he cares about its going to take a blow to the stomach or something along those lines to shut him up before he’s done speaking.

He struggles to trust people, but if his trust can be gained he will see his comrades as the equivalent of Siblings and treat them like family. He has more of a pack mentality and will protect his comrades with everything he has and also expects his comrades to do the same.

Where if everyone pulls there weight, they can succeed. For the strength of the wolf is the Pack, and the strength of the pack is the Wolf.

He also finds it hard to understand the customs of others due to being quite the wilder being in the wilderness most of his “adult” life, Hunting, Gathering and Surviving that’s the way of the wilds. So when communicating with others he doesn’t understand that some things he says are more taboo for those people and can struggle to understand why they have issues with said subjects.

The Wilds: His preference to the wilds over city’s is because of its more fresh and open feel you are not restricted by the wilds if you know the wilds, he also finds it more relaxing and homely to be in the wilds.

Not being Wasteful: Kynan prefers to not waste anything especially from a kill, you shouldn’t waste an animal’s hide or meat, the bones can be boiled down and any meat you don’t eat can be used to make stews, wasting something would be a disgrace if you kill something it is a waste to leave it there to decay after you slay it. (this apply to animals and not humans)

Hot Weather: Kynan is more acclimatized to cold locations, he detests hot places they are rather uncomfortable and also force you to don less armour or clothing that may protect you from an attack.

Cities: Kynan also has problems with towns but cities are a major dislike for him the bustle of people cramped shoulder to shoulder, you have no space to yourself, the air’s stench lacks the beautiful scents of the wilds.

Women Especially the Red haired variety:
Kynan finds himself rather uncomfortable around human females, they are scary beasts with one mistake they can suddenly turn into creatures so evil that they wish to tear you to pieces with just their nails, they can truly be demons if you get on the wrong side of them, weak willed men fall as easy prey to these creatures, that could chew you up alive with no issue. Especially those odd red haired ones they are able to crush beasts and people with just a finger.

Kynan doesn’t really aspire to much, he wish to be able to live his life out with some deal of fun while not needing to leave the wilds unless he has to, as long as he can live happily in the land and environment that he loves he will be happy.

He doesn’t seek wealth as he sees no need for it as you just gather what you can and need from the wilds within the balance of the environment so you don’t collapse it.

He really just seeks contentment, to protect  what he can and be happy to one day hang up his boots without having to worry what will happen when he does.

Kynan (Wanderer, Dex) (Complete Needs Grading) ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Unknown
Weight:  112 pounds
Hair Color:  Black with a few grey hairs
Eye Color:  Outer Ring Grey and Inner Ring Hazel
Height: 5,11
Rukh Alignment:  White
Special Traits:  His Eye colouration which seems to become more grey when cold and more hazel when in hot temperatures
Kynan has what could be seen as unique eyes, his eyes gained two colours to them as he aged the outer section of his iris became grey with the hazel inner section receding, the strength and size of the rings varies depending on ambient temperature of the region he is in. However it never completely become one colour.

His Hair is almost pitch black with a few greys sometimes visible the majority are found near his crown.

His skin is almost pure white like snow, due to the environment he has lived in not requiring a dark pigmented skin to help protect him from the sun. Of course this brings issues if he doesn’t cover up in extremely sunny and hot places.

He is most often found wearing animal furs, skinned and tanned from the creatures he has slain, His heavy cape he wears in cold regions hangs down to the back of his knees, as any further can become an issue in combat even at that height in melee combat it can sometimes get in the way depending on the style being used.

He also most often wears a hood and keeps his mouth and sometimes nose covered by some sort of lower mask, this helps keeps the cold from damaging the surface of his lips.

Kynan (Wanderer, Dex) (Complete Needs Grading) YunanTab_zpsba28a063

Kynan doesn’t remember much of his childhood, wilders don’t normally have long childhoods as most are from nomadic tribes that move around often. Following herds of animals to be able to keep a steady supply of meat and to follow them to water holes.

He remembers having to leave, not really why but that there was no home to go back to.

From that day forth he was in the wilds, using what he could find and make to keep himself alive, with just the clothing he wore and the items in his pack.

The knife, the blade the most important item of your kit it is what allows you to do so much, be it to make a make-shift arrow head when you don’t have access to flints, To skin the hide and cut the meat of the prey you slay and if necessary your last resort when you have to fight at close quarters.

Kynan has always found himself being a soloist, living by himself, tracking, hunting, gathering and cooking.

He had to survive by his own hand and no one else’s, his own ability is what kept him alive and he has no one to look at to rely on.

There have been only a few memorable moments in his life,  the most brain sticking one was observing downwind of someone with red hair easily crushing anything in their path, a beast so powerful it could crush a man without issue, the creature that could ensnare a man without even using strength…. A woman.

Kynan doesn’t celebrate his time of birth, what’s the point in throwing a fancy party, it’s just a pointless waste of resources and it’s just another day of existence, like any other day, you haven’t aged a year you have only aged a day.

He hunts the wilds, observing the unusual creatures that pass through the wilderness, blundering through it with no care for the world. Those who don’t understand or don’t respect where they are because they have a nice stone hut, they neglect and mistreat the less “civilized” areas. The area’s that are free from there indulgence.

Role-Play Sample:

A blizzard blew, this was the type of weather you didn’t travel or go out in, the snap of the cold and the weight of the snow would slowly sap your strength and drain you down in till you collapsed to your knees, the creatures would find shelter anywhere they could.

Kynan had acquired himself a small cave enough to get out of the gusts of wind and the snow. The cave was rather dry, better than being in a moist cave. The rocky outcrops from where rocks had sat on each other to make such a shelter, but a shelter was a shelter as long as it kept you from the worst of the weather it did its job.

Enough space to keep a small fire to provide some warmth.

All you could do here was check and maintain your equipment. Be it repairing your boots with leather from animals, or sharpening your knife.

You would deal with anything you could while you couldn’t be outside. Kynan found himself preparing more arrows using feathers, branches and flints to make makeshift arrows as long as they were sharp they could puncture hide that’s how you lived in these parts

The Lone Wolf:
Arctic Wolves,  the creatures have beautiful coat’s but my god are they vicious, they normally hunt in packs, so if your attacked by one its normal that there is more nearby, there are occasional wanderers, they are easy to pick off being on there own, normally weak but they are far more aggressive and vicious.

The idea was to avoid the predators at all cost because you would only draw more of them in if you get injured, also being bitten would normally kill you the wound would become infected and fester at a higher ratio than if you get clawed.

The idea is to get your kill and get out of there before they smell the scent of blood, but sometimes you can’t avoid them.

The battle with the lone wolf, the outcast of the pack.

They attack by ambush, from the undergrowth, there mass takes you down, your slammed into snow, your jam your off hand under there lower jaw, keep their snapping maw away from you. Your hide armour is what you have to believe it will protect you as there claws, tear and rip at it. You always keep your knife close to you it’s in these situations where it is most important.

Aim for the vital organ’s a lung or a kidney, your strike will be what keeps you alive it this world. You don’t follow a code in battle if you want to survive. With a sharp twist you cause more damage, But in this land those blows only put them down they still live, it is dishonourable to leave them to bleed out a sharp cut to the spine will put them out of their misery.

Never wasting is how you survive, a wolf’s tanned pelt makes a good cloak and they keep you warm and keep the rain off, with its white fur you use it to blend to the snowy environment. Waste not want not.

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Overall your app is really awesome! There's obviously quite a few mistakes here and there, but I understand since you say you're dyslexic. Anywho, onto the app itself:

  • Face-Claim: Just put "Unknown" if there isn't an actual origin to the character.

  • History: Pretty nice actually, but can you maybe add some instances or points in his life where something special happened? Eg. He fought a bear and survived a near-death experience. Met someone who changed his life completely. Although he doesn't necessarily remember why he was lost and living on his own, can you still maybe provide a background as to how it happened? Just add in something that adds a bit of flair to Kynan's history, and makes it a tad more interesting rather than just talking about how he was out on his own and developed his fear of women.

Other than that, around the first time I believe you met all the word-counts, and I the application is awesome!

Just bump the topic when you've made those edits.


Kynan (Wanderer, Dex) (Complete Needs Grading) SJLmrwl


My idea was to develop the background history more with RP at certain points i was planning to do that later on and build it up. due to me planning on joining someone's household over getting a djinn myself.

Being in the wilds, if you have a near death experience you would likely die as well, due to blood loss releasing more scents for animals like wolves and foxes to track a wounded prey, in all likely hoods you would be picked off or bleed out.

Ive added a wolf combat, its in more of a story setting if my character was telling someone the story.

-I was wondering if as some races get passive bonuses if standard humans can ask for stuff within reason.

So depending on where they come from so someone that lives most of there life in a forested and snowy cold area, could have a low level resistance to the cold etc


Well they can't get actual "perks" persay, but yeah, you can say that if you lived in the cold you're more or less used to it. You don't really need to put that in your application, for really it's a trait anyone can use as long as it makes sense with their history. At the same time you would still succumb to the effects, such as frostbite, freezing, etc.

Anyway, The Lone Wolf story isn't really a direct part of Kynan's history it seems, so just move it to the RP sample or take it out completely.

Bump for another check once you've edited that!


Kynan (Wanderer, Dex) (Complete Needs Grading) SJLmrwl





Kynan (Wanderer, Dex) (Complete Needs Grading) Sinbad-magi-the-labyrinth-of-magic-31063086-482-651_zpsc2530e1f


Kynan (Wanderer, Dex) (Complete Needs Grading) SJLmrwl

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