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Naruto: Shinobi Revelations

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Temporary Plot Description until the final one is made.

In the brutal battle for Konohagakure, Naruto never appeared, he hadn't finished his Sage Mode training, in time to battle with Pain. Though a few hundred had survived they were nothing to Pain and he deemed them not worth his time.  Because of this, and the fact no one from Konoha knew where Naruto was, aside from Tsunade, The Fifth Hokage who was assumed dead at the time. The Six Paths of Pain instead moved to capture Bee, with the help of Kisame Hoshigake and were able to defeat him. After which they once again returned to Konohagakure, to see that Naruto had just returned as well. Torn, at his failure to save Konoha, Naruto lashed out in a rage towards Pain forgetting the carefully laid plan he'd had with Old Toad Fukasaku.

With The Six Paths of Pain and Kisame at the ready, they were able to defeat Naruto, and took him along with the body of Killer Bee, to their new location in The Land of Wind, so that they would not destroy their base or Village at Amegakure. Once they infused the final two Bijuu into the Gedo Mazo, the result was something which had not been expected. Instead of the formation of the Juubi they were dreadfully forced to endure the Gedo Mazo erupting in Demonic Chakra, tearing a hole open into the ground. Forming in the hole, was a large gate with the Kanji for Demon across it's metal looking texture. This gate opened and out came pouring tens of thousands of demons, each more vicious looking then the previous one. The resulting Chaos which ensued left all of the remaining Akatsuki dead, save for one masked figure which disappeared not to be seen again.

A hundred years later, much has changed. Many of the Great Nations did not seem so great anymore, all of the Villages save for Konoha and Kumo were no longer in the same place. Due to the mass deaths brought about by the massive number of Demons, they had decided to move in order to create new smaller and more efficient villages. They would be more protected, and difficult to enter, and the new generation of Shinobi would become stronger then their predecessors ever were, or would die out. With the entire world's population nearly halved by the appearance of these beasts, there are so many different opportunities, and not all are beneficial. New smaller groups of Shinobi have taken it upon themselves to rid the burden of having Civilians and simply pray on those that are weak from battling demons, and take what they can. Others however, have taken a new step forward and are more benevolent then ever before, working together to achieve survival as best they can.

All the world needs now, is a push from the New Generation to decide what kind of Revelations this new world will see.

  • As of 6/17/14 all ranks are open, including Missing Nin.
  • The site is now officially having its soft opening.
  • Seeing as how the site is just now opening, rules and templates are open to change, and improve.
  • Staff is currently small but active and prepared for anything so do not hesitate with questions or comments as well as suggestions.

Update List 6/26/14

  • All Kage Ranks are taken.
  • All Village Jounin are Open.
  • Hiring new members of Staff
  • Site is now ready for an official Opening
  • Any Questions please direct to Sasme Raiki, or Zevas.

Thank you and hope to see you there. :D

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