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Vertigo Weyr - AU Semi-Canon Dragonriders of Pern

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Vertigo Weyr - AU Semi-Canon Dragonriders of Pern Cd619084-31c0-4fa9-bb72-7e44559b94f2_zpsaefcfd33
Vertigo Weyr

Following the eradication of Thread, new opportunities for exploration arose across Pern, leading to the establishment of research outposts all over the Southern and Western continents. Each outpost hosted a wing or two of dragons and a mixed group of crafters--Galen Research Outpost (now known as Vertigo Weyr) and its support Hold were established in this way. For the first ten Turns, the riders, researchers and Holders at this remote post in the Southern Range had an existence that was no more eventful than one might expect for such an isolated community.

A few peculiar things were documented carefully; riders and research groups rotated in and out with decreasing frequency over the years; dragons Flew and the founding Queenrider returned north on sick leave that turned into retirement. From the rest of Pern, the news mentioned little more than the usual political squabbles between Holders and power plays between Weyrs, but if one read between the lines there was a sense of something else. Something not quite right.

Then, just over one turn ago, a frantic message arrived, telling the people of Vertigo to stay where they were and for absolutely no reason leave their quarantine until they received word that it was safe to do so.

For an entire Turn, there has been no word from the north.

Regular reports have gone unheeded and increasingly anxious messages have received no reply. For one Turn, the people of Vertigo have obeyed these cryptic orders but now they are straining against the restrictions. Their supplies are running low and technology has stopped working bit by bit. Tensions in weyr and hold are rising between those who would obey their final order at all costs, and those who believe that the world needs their help. The weyrwoman and her council are fighting to keep order but this small, close-knit community is building to a boiling point.

At this point, even if they were to leave, who's to say there's anything left?

Vertigo is a new, semi-Canon Weyr with plot-based play! We feature:

  • a coming hatching
  • many open positions
  • three non-canon colours at present
  • small, welcoming community and low-pressure play
  • no sexuality-based Impression
  • a malleable plot that will develop based on what happens IC

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