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Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

On the south-eastern plains of Reim, long past the tall cool grey teeth of Sasan's mountains onto grassy plains leading into the hills of Reim. There were plenty of forests there and in between but an open field was where the crown prince of Sasan would rest. He was a cruel man, but there were some conventions of war that weren't to be respected. That was the right of challenge, ambushes could happen but often that was when one broke the code of honor. It was a silly thought to have honor in war, but he hoped he wouldn't be attacked while his troops rested within their tents.

Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] Art-clouds-digital-dream-wallpaper-preview

In all honesty, most of these games were a ploy, however. He wasn't there to challenge anyone, he was there to set a presence to spread fear amongst the populace. Goal one was to spread voices amongst the masses, put converts amongst the powerful tribes and smaller groups leading to Reim. He was sheltered, but he wasn't stupid. They had learned from their mistakes of trying to tackle and change the giants of the worlds' mightiest nations. Sasan had to be more subtle, this was going to be a cultural war, of inspiring fanatics. It seemed that method was working for one of their prolific knights it was only right that they try to take advantage of the strategy as well.

He had to keep moving however, he had to hit two other nations with their goals in mind. It would start with creating groups and then uplifting them through conflict, after that they would leave and spread to the next nation. If they could get a coalition they could bolster the lost knights. Really though it wasn't about the land, it was about the greatest victory, to win someone's heart and soul.

He would think to himself in his drab tent, he couldn't do much more as most things had lost their joy since he took his current form. He didn't wish to sin and divulge in food and drink either, so amidst the plain tent with a bedroll, chests for weapons and armor, and books in which he no longer felt joy the prince would sit. Despite his plans and the success he hoped for in his mission, he still hoped for someone to instill fear into.

He was sure his wish would come true at some point. Knowing from what his scouts have said Reim wasn't too happy about him approaching some of their nearby border towns. They were one of the quickest to respond to Sasan, naturally with their proximity but it was becoming a different nation. Despite these turbulent thoughts the troubled gasps of a messenger would breakthrough into his quarters.

Leon would turn his horrific head towards the young boy who had rushed in. The lad was about the age of 13, he was on the smaller side for his age but he could run rather quickly. His burgundy hair was roughly cut and the turban on his head was loose from the mad dash he had made.

"Sir, Sir I have urgent news!" the young boy would belt out. His voice was dry and cracked, but he would manage to say "It seems as if someone is approaching the camp!"

Leon didn't wish to address the boy much, but he would say to himself "So dreams do come true." His voice scratched like clanging metal layered with a deep scream.

Parting the tent his blackened metal skin would glare with the sunset myriad glow. The painted sky of pink, magenta, lavender, orange, and auburn would dance upon his wicked glare. It would be a little bit of a walkout however he wouldn't mind that not one bit, it would grant him some time to ponder his visitor. He could only hope, they would follow the rules of engagement for he intended to have a solo match.

Dm Notes:
Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] 6b9331876cc7c05282332c40c493b783
Name: Leon Uriens, The Walking Knightmare
Tier: A-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: A-tier
Description: The Future King of Sasan, the Crown Prince and deformed Warrior Leon Uriens. Now one with a magic weapon he appears as an armored hybrid of man and bird. With the magic having him taken the shape of what he believes to be nightmarish he carries with him a voice like a bursting flame, and anger that cannot be calmed. From his encounter with the warrior Sesshomaru, he carries intense hate for dungeon beasts and those who dare to challenge Sasan.
Weapons: ]
Name: Nyx
Tier: A-tier
Type: Lance
Material: Steel
Appearance: A long cone-shaped lance with an abysmal black-steel tint to it. The overall weapon is about 30cm wide at the base coming up to a fine point with the overall weapon being 1.8m long with the handle itself only being 34cm of that length.

Name: The Greatblade of Fear
Tier: A-tier
Type: Magic Greatsword
Magic Type: Nightmare [Light + Strength + Clairvoyance]
Appearance: A massive 2m long 12cm wide pitch black blade with a curving wobble. The handle is 52cm of the weapon, with a simple leather wrap and crow-wing shaped guard adorned with a ruby on both sides.

  • Passive: A Crows Eye into Fear- Each ability used with the weapon spreads out a nightmare aura up to 10m after 3 abilities 1m per hit, this aura makes the user look like their worst nightmare for 4 posts.

  • [i]A Flying Knightmare: By fuelling the magic item with magoi the user is covered in armor of nightmare magic in the form of a crow knight. This crow knight gives the user the ability to fly with the construct’s wings, flying like with blurring speeds. Lasts 4 posts The Construct is A-tier in durability.

Trait Name: Herculean Endurance
Trait Tier: A-tier
Trait Requirement: Intense training, years of enduring physical pain.
Trait Description: The Major Knights of Sasan through years and dedication of strength, and endurance training have gained resilience to the finest degree. Being able to fight until their very last breath.
Trait Effect: Upon taking A-tier this character can perform one last action as long as they are no decapitated or completely obliterated (Along with other reasonable cases) upon taking the required damage to defeat.

Trait Name: Peak Physique
Trait Tier:[b] A-tier
[b]Trait Requirement:
Lifetime of training, good genes
Trait Description:From spending their life from childhood till now in training, in order to achieve their peak in power and speed this user has managed to reach this goal through dedication and good genetics.
Trait Effect: The user with this trait is capable of running with the speed comparable to a cheetah in full spring and capable of doing B-tier damage with their physical strength, and capable of lifting large boulders.

Trait Name: Iron Body
Trait Tier: A-tier
Trait Requirement: Intense Training/Biology
Trait Description: Through years of training the person with this trait has insanely dense muscle and flesh tissue. Giving them a natural layer of protection they take damage better than the average person

Trait Name: Living Knightmare
Trait Tier: Omega
Trait Requirement: SOI, Fusion with the fearblade
Trait Description: Having his body encased in metals from his fear blade, bolted and fused to his flesh to support his body the magic from the shard and the object has enhanced Leon's body to make him a living construct of nightmare magic.
Trait Effect:

  • 10 Magoi to activate Can Summon the Fearblade Magic Weapon as the shape of a construct with all its benefits and abilities.

  • 5 Magoi a turn automatically | Does A-tier ability damage with their basic strikes applying the nightmare magic passive, applies to the sword as well.


  • Ravens Dance- The user stabs once with their lance and once with their sword each attack doing B-tier in damage. They perform this as two quick jabs,

  • Murder Song- The user swings their sword, generating a swarm of nightmare magic in the form of crows. The swarm is 15m in diameter and can fly up to 70m away towards a target to inflict them with nightmares for 4 posts causing them to be distracted with a vision of their fears.

  • Feather Fall- The user rains a burst of feathers in a 5m diameter and 1m length from their body, made from nightmare magic they hit targets up to 40m away causing them to impact and deal B-tier damage and pinning three limbs down for 3 posts.

  • Raven’s Stand- The user creates nightmare magic wings 4m in length and 2m in width, they wrap around the user protecting them from A-tier damage.

  • Phobetor Corvus Tempastas- With all of his might, and filling his sword with magoi Leon sends forth a rippling blade of nightmare magic 20m tall 1m wide, upon making contact it explodes forth into a cloud of shifting ravens, crows and magpies. The entire cloud is 20m in diameter, putting everyone inside except the user in an intense nightmare dealing A-tier psychological damage. This damage puts those afflicted into a vegetated state, surviving would scar someone with nightmares even while awake,.



It had persisted on: the holy war. An unforeseen war was upon us. Ominous skies of vibrant colors painted the land. It was a land that was to be soon fought for by various parties vying for the right to rule - no, truth be told, the battle had just began. Its untouched lands that had yet to witness war had now been touched. If he had to be frank, Angelus himself only exacerbated the problem of war, but that was for a proper cause.

Quite honestly, he did not know much of Sasan until recent. It felt to be just a mere year ago. However, that crusade was two years ago for him. Yes, the man does recognize who the Knights of Sasan are. Yet, his info was limited to usually just rumors and one Sasan man whom had tried to preach to him. It was before Angelus' time, when he was but a hopeful merchant.

At that time, preachers of the faith of Sasan were often persecuted. It was said that an oriential based guild had even came to Reim to lead a counter crusade to halt the advance of Sasan. How pitiful to Angelus that the once nation of mighty conquests could not halt a meager foreign incursion of mountain preachers. It was truly a testament to how great the state of Reim had fallen. If not for the efforts of the national hero, Angelus, this nation could be far worse off.

It was not just him though who had lent a hand to helping this country not fall, but those who stood tall and prideful to be part of this historic nation. It was thanks to those men and women that Reim had not fallen. What has the idle Octavius done lately for Reim? Angelus did not see him helping this nation. If he was playing his part, then clearly the man was not doing enough.

It made Angelus feel disgusted for what his nation had become. However, this was to be the end of this republic failure. Angelus had begun to wage a war on every front. It was from within he began to stir a revolt under the noses of Reim. On the outside, he had begun to conquer lands south of the state of Reim. Then, lastly, now here within the center of Reim, he was to start his decimation of a holy state that dared trek upon soil of his to be Neo Reim Empire.

Underneath the pink hue sky, Angelus' light red coat was to waver from the flick of his hand. It signaled his coming. Upon the lush grass was to be the soles of his shoes, crushing the leaves beneath his feet. It was similar to how Angelus had journeyed forward thus far; no regard for those he had to crush within his wake to reach where he must for the betterment of this world.

Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] Angelu23

In the face of the encampment of Sasan folk, he was to not have even a bit of fright, for he looked down on them; pitiful they were to him. Angelus had an unmatched confidence and ego. It was with his steps that he was to begin to near the camp, but seemingly, there was a challenger. It did not look to be a grunt though. Angelus sighed. It was with his gracious words that he, Angelus Spinam, was to present the man, or rather, creature, with an offer.

"Join me."

Magic Weapons:

Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] QdGKUzIName: Fool's Gold
Tier: A
Type: Bastard Sword
Magic Type: Lightning
Material: Bronze-Gold Alloy
Appearance: A simple, two-handed, bastard sword of mysterious origin. The material seems to be a bronze-gold alloy, but there's not telling for certain. There are intricate markings running along the cross-guard and half the blade. A magic circle graces the cross-guard, blending in with the intricate markings. The total length of the sword is 130 cm, the blade taking up 90 cm. The cross-guard is 40 cm in length.

  • Golden Cloud - By feeding magoi into the sword, the blade of the sword will disperse into a cloud of gold particles 10m around the user. Due to the conductive properties of gold, an alternating magnetic field can induce a current in it, which generates its own field through the use of lightning magic.

    The cloud may be manipulated into any inanimate object of the users choosing. Such as a wall or reshaping the blade into another form. The objects size may not exceed 2.5m on all sides. The object may be placed within or launched away 10m around the user or on the hilt. It may create up to eight smaller objects that size may not exceed 65 cm each and they may only deal D-Tier damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain

Standing Mirror:

Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] U5y5f0E
Name: Standing Mirror
Tier: B
Type: Tower Shield
Magic Type: Light
Material: Polished Steel
Appearance: A massive wall of metal backed by wood and tall enough to easily shield the whole body of a common man. This tower shield was custom made for an Imuchakk by Reim craftsmen. The tower shield stands 2m tall and 0.6m wide capable of covering a full grown Imuchakk if they crouch their profile behind it. The surface of the shield has been polished to a reflective sheen and the back is socketed with leather forearm straps allowing the wielder's hands to remain free.

Crimson cloth hangs over the front of the shield covering up a socket where an orange gem has been fitted. The gem has been cut into a perfect circle and possesses and engraving of the eight pointed star.

  • Blinding Sheen - Feeding magoi into the magic tool causes the entire front surface of the shield glows with a bright orange light. When the caster wishes, this glow bursts into a bright flash spreading in a semicircle in front of the shield. The radii of this semicircle 5m. Those caught inside the circle will be blinded for 1 post and suffer blurry vision for 2 posts. The light spreads to fill the area of effect creating countless source points for the light as opposed to releasing it in a single direction. This causes the effect to be omnidirectional so simply looking away from the shield is not enough to avoid this effect if you are inside its range. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.

Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] Alexan10

Name: Linothorax of Reim
Tier: B
Type: Armor
Magic Type: Magoi Manipulation
Material: Bronze and leather
Appearance: For aesthetic and practical reasons the width of the scales of the front shoulder pads are smaller than those of the back. At the ends of the two front shoulder protective elements we find a pair of bronze lion head loops rested in bronze bases with kymation (wavy) ornaments at the fringes. The upper part of the armour is strongly attached to the torso with thick leather thongs (two pairs of fastening mechanism). Two characteristic suns of the royal house of Macedon, in embossed bronze, function as a keystone for securing the shoulder defenses to the main body in the rear upper region.

Another royal sun emblem made of silk embellishes the back of the neck protection.The rim of the epomydes has been folded with purple leather handstiching. The leather wings protruding from the two shoulders openings are not attached directly to the shoulder bridges but comprise a separate defensive addition which is fastened separately to the torso of the warrior. Folded leather has also been applied to their lateral rim together with ornamental fringe. Outlining the face of the armor is a magic circle of abnormal means which glows in a golden light when fed magoi.

  • When magoi is fed into the armor, the user's magoi is forged into an outline around the users body. The outline is white in color and near transparent giving only a slight glow that gives away its presence. This armor only focuses the Magoi already within the body of the wearer and follows the B tier rules for Magoi in the nature of Defense. This function blocks 1 Instance of A tier Damage.

    Cost: 10/5 Magoi

Magic Items:

Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] 71bfs610
Name: Acri Alba
Tier: B-tier
Type: Magic Armband
Magic Type: Razor [Strength + Wind]
Appearance: A silver laurel armband 36cm in diameter with somebend to clasp or rest on an arm. Its white silver bands and twists with life like details to real leaves of a laurel. The magic symbol glows lightly on the face atop the arm when in use.

  • Ventus Tactus- For 10 Magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain the user covers whatever they touch in a veil of razor magic which lasts for 3 posts in their hands dealing B-tier razor magic damage.

Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] 6aDfhhr

Name: Pendant of Serenity
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool - Necklace
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: The pendant is 6 cm in diameter, and within it is a tree with leaves made of emeralds. The chain is able to be replaced, as the pendant itself has the magic circle engraved upon the back.

  • When fed magoi, the pendant pulses with purple light which spreads over the user's body healing them for B-tier damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] A4852-01-1024x683
Name: The Gourd of Iron Sand
Tier: B-tier
Type: Magic Gourd
Magic Type: Metal Magic
Appearance: Taking the form of a wooden gourd about 1m meter in size this magic item is filled with iron sand to the brim. The old looking item carries a heavy weight and is tied to the individual with a red cord. A magic symbol glows on the top half of the gourd.

  • Dancing Sands- The user activates the gourd causing the sand to pour out being able to cover up to 20m in diameter by attracting other small nearby metal particles the sand can be freely controlled and condensed into a 5m sized object with B-tier item durability and lasts three turns or until destroyed. As Iron it treats physical attacks as 1 tier lower and water damage as 1 tier higher in clashes. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain


Shards of Solomon:

Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] HREQtj1
Description: A shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their fate. Please see the Shard Systems Page for more information.
Amount: 1


Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] Vault111

Leon's Requiem [NoM/Angelus/Job] Gilgam11

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

The Crown Prince of Sasan had learned the hard way that there were plenty of things in life that could not be expected. Most often these troublesome surprises are born from underestimation and overconfidence. It had been his undoing in the dungeon Furcas. It was the cause of his scorn and agony that only brewed in his tumultuous thoughts. While wrath permeated his mind in a thick fog that did not mean he was incapable of growing from his mistakes. The one thing he learned from Furcas, from this outside world was that Sasan as strong as they may be were not enough.

That was why the unexpected offer of an allyship seemed like a golden goose to the monstrous prince. His warped avian grin would crack, mangled frame standing tall to project what level of regal behavior he had left.

"What a proposition, but before I find myself inclined to answer would you do me the grace of informing me about thyself. Of course, not to be discourteous I am Leon Uriens first of his name and future king of Sasan." Each word clung to his beak as if it was poison put into words. There was no dishonesty or deceit in his approach. He was by all means approaching this with the manners befit of court. It didn't mean he didn't see the man before him as a lesser life form. However, fear only has so much control when you don't give them some promise of safety. It was his goal to spread fear to those outside, to convert and create a dogma beneficial to Sasan; It was also Leon's goal to make companions.

It was rare for people to approach him, he was hoping for a fight honestly but this was probably more in his favor. He sized up the young man, he had fair but strong features. He definitely seemed to be of Reiman origin but based on his expeditions they were a diverse people so it didn't narrow down much. He knew there were plenty of people under Reim's rule who were dissatisfied with their direction. Leon was educated in these matters for a reason, it gave him a better understanding of how, to sum up, people or guess their desires but their world still had so much to teach him.

With hand outstretched, he would invite the soldier to tread further into his camp. If they were going to talk he would at least like to rest. His face did not show it, his soldiers did not know it, but fire kissed his veins. More than deformed by pain, defined by it as a permanent wound etched into his skin. The wound left by Sesshomaru would hurt him a million times over until the day of his death.

"Why don't we take a step inside my tent if we're going to continue this discussion, it was just about time for afternoon tea" he would say dragging out the last syllable in an exasperated manner of speech.

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