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Face to Faceless [NoM/Private]

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Job [NoM]:

Job Name: Ride-Along with the Fanalis Corps
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Reim - Remano
Job Reward: 200 XP | Custom Investigation Job
Job Prerequisites:
Job Overview: Due to the recent violent attacks in Reim the fanalis corps have doubled their patrol groups and have started increasing the frequency in which they check on establishments or rumors about what could be the cause. Go along with the Fanalis Corps and help them maintain peace within the nation.
Special Job Requirements: In order to pass the job you must not only beat the enemy, but you must also directly take them to the  Fanalis Corps base of operations for interrogation. The info given will present you with a random plot opportunity to help stabilize Reim. 1K WORDCOUNT

Enemy Name: The Ripper of Reim?
Enemy Tier: A-tier
Damage Required to Defeat:A-tier
Description: While the exact causes of all the nation's murders haven’t been found, this person has found themselves a target of scrutiny. While carrying a 1m long hook underneath muddied toga with a grey cloak obscuring their features. This individual can deal A-tier damage with their weapon and toss A-tier throwing knives 40m at targets. Despite their rugged appearance they are capable of moving at B-tier movement speeds.

  • Rip- The user swings down with their hook on a target to deal A-tier damage.

  • and tear!- With their hook inside a target the user pulls the weapon in further dealing A-tier damage.

  • Get Down- The user hooks their weapon around someone's limb tugging it with intense force to throw an opponent down to the ground.

  • Hook Swing- The user hooks a nearby obstacle, using their momentum they swing flying in a direction of their leap up to 15m away.

It was his grace that he, the once gladiator, had returned, his black charcoal painted upon his lips. How rather pale he was, upon this brand new dawn. Angelus swung on his red coat and begun to walk, whilst facing the rising sun before him. It was his gorgeous jewelry he brought with him, and earrings that dangled upon each step and stride of his he made. Last he strode onto these streets, he was but a mere gladiator pursuing enough money for a proper diet. Angelus had come far, but his desires drove him only farther, and his ego did not let him quit trying to realize his dream to be an Emperor, the ruler of the west. It did not matter to him who he had to fight, or oppose, but he was dedicated to his dream.

No, rather, a far better way to put his longing for his dream, was that he was truth be told, engulfed by the fantastical romance of the great endpoint. Angelus was ever so lustful to be more. It was his fate to rule. Vigor flew along his bloodstream. However, on the outside, the diverse but proud Reim nationalist had a face of one that is dead, a cold dark visage. It was to the heroic and famed Fanalis Corps he went, a division of the military of Reim Republic which were led by Octavius, the lead voice of the Republic. Urging help from Angelus, the rising star of the great nation, the Fanalis Corps once more needed a hand to protect and stabilize Reim. Angelus was happy to oblige.

Angelus: "Octavius.."

It stood tall, the Fanalis Corps base. Angelus had come to the base, but upon a hill he sat now, munching on but a mere apple. It was now to meet who had called on the name of Angelus Spinam. In the light wind, his pure white hair billowed behind him whilst he had rose up from where he sat to now walk down the hill. Nothing had been left of his bright red apple he had chowed down upon, just like how what was to be left of this military division when he was done. If he could have the public trust the Legion more than the Fanalis Corps, he could begin to hurt the undeniable leader of this Republic, Octavius. It was his dead gaze that now lied fixated unto the gates of the base, locking eyes with the Fanalis guards. It did not take quite long for the guards to come to notice who Angelus was and then permit him to join the patrol group that was trying to capture a suspect that had resisted capture before.

It may be that the suspect could be a terrorist responsible for the recent strikes on innocent of Reim, but Angelus and co had to capture the said person to truly know whether or not that they were the culprit. In just mere minutes, he were to find himself surrounded by Fanalis, that of the Corps who had pleaded to Angelus for help. It seemed that the men he was to help were quite capable patrol, seeming to be of great physiques. However, obviously, to do one's job you had to have far more than brawns. Angelus was the man who was blessed with an ingenious mind, one that has led him to victory more than once now. It was now for Angelus to meet and greet he men. It was a lucky day for them that the soldier had just happened to come to the capital today to submit a proposed bill.

Unfurled his long coat he did, whilst he met eye to eye with the men. Angelus' stoic visage sat like a black egg. A rather built man came up to the white haired soldier and was to give a light bow, thanking him that he had joined to try and capture whoever was behind the recent murders. Just before the men set out to the location where the suspect is said to be, the captain of this here group was to inform the dead eyed reaper where they were to travel to for this capture request of this particular suspect. It had seemed to be that the accused was a rather violent former gladiator who has been known to tear their foes apart without hesitation nor mercy. It was within the slums of the city on a particular street that they had been told the blood thirsty person calls home, and does business, to say the least.

Angelus had to be careful with the dark slums. If this was the capital, then the slums here must be worse than everywhere else within Reim. In the rear of the crimson haired men group of Fanalis origins, he just were to trail behind, silently and eerily. Angelus could not help but detest the identity of the Fanalis, which claimed a fervent fealty to not Reim before the Fanalis, but the Fanalis before the holy state of Reim which had now freed them from the binds of slavery. It was vile that the Fanalis did this. One day, he vowed to unite every person under one identity: the Reiman people.

Wordcount: 870

Magic Weapons:

Face to Faceless [NoM/Private] QdGKUzIName: Fool's Gold
Tier: A
Type: Bastard Sword
Magic Type: Lightning
Material: Bronze-Gold Alloy
Appearance: A simple, two-handed, bastard sword of mysterious origin. The material seems to be a bronze-gold alloy, but there's not telling for certain. There are intricate markings running along the cross-guard and half the blade. A magic circle graces the cross-guard, blending in with the intricate markings. The total length of the sword is 130 cm, the blade taking up 90 cm. The cross-guard is 40 cm in length.

  • Golden Cloud - By feeding magoi into the sword, the blade of the sword will disperse into a cloud of gold particles 10m around the user. Due to the conductive properties of gold, an alternating magnetic field can induce a current in it, which generates its own field through the use of lightning magic.

    The cloud may be manipulated into any inanimate object of the users choosing. Such as a wall or reshaping the blade into another form. The objects size may not exceed 2.5m on all sides. The object may be placed within or launched away 10m around the user or on the hilt. It may create up to eight smaller objects that size may not exceed 65 cm each and they may only deal D-Tier damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain

Standing Mirror:

Face to Faceless [NoM/Private] U5y5f0E
Name: Standing Mirror
Tier: B
Type: Tower Shield
Magic Type: Light
Material: Polished Steel
Appearance: A massive wall of metal backed by wood and tall enough to easily shield the whole body of a common man. This tower shield was custom made for an Imuchakk by Reim craftsmen. The tower shield stands 2m tall and 0.6m wide capable of covering a full grown Imuchakk if they crouch their profile behind it. The surface of the shield has been polished to a reflective sheen and the back is socketed with leather forearm straps allowing the wielder's hands to remain free.

Crimson cloth hangs over the front of the shield covering up a socket where an orange gem has been fitted. The gem has been cut into a perfect circle and possesses and engraving of the eight pointed star.

  • Blinding Sheen - Feeding magoi into the magic tool causes the entire front surface of the shield glows with a bright orange light. When the caster wishes, this glow bursts into a bright flash spreading in a semicircle in front of the shield. The radii of this semicircle 5m. Those caught inside the circle will be blinded for 1 post and suffer blurry vision for 2 posts. The light spreads to fill the area of effect creating countless source points for the light as opposed to releasing it in a single direction. This causes the effect to be omnidirectional so simply looking away from the shield is not enough to avoid this effect if you are inside its range. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.

Face to Faceless [NoM/Private] Alexan10

Name: Linothorax of Reim
Tier: B
Type: Armor
Magic Type: Magoi Manipulation
Material: Bronze and leather
Appearance: For aesthetic and practical reasons the width of the scales of the front shoulder pads are smaller than those of the back. At the ends of the two front shoulder protective elements we find a pair of bronze lion head loops rested in bronze bases with kymation (wavy) ornaments at the fringes. The upper part of the armour is strongly attached to the torso with thick leather thongs (two pairs of fastening mechanism). Two characteristic suns of the royal house of Macedon, in embossed bronze, function as a keystone for securing the shoulder defenses to the main body in the rear upper region.

Another royal sun emblem made of silk embellishes the back of the neck protection.The rim of the epomydes has been folded with purple leather handstiching. The leather wings protruding from the two shoulders openings are not attached directly to the shoulder bridges but comprise a separate defensive addition which is fastened separately to the torso of the warrior. Folded leather has also been applied to their lateral rim together with ornamental fringe. Outlining the face of the armor is a magic circle of abnormal means which glows in a golden light when fed magoi.

  • When magoi is fed into the armor, the user's magoi is forged into an outline around the users body. The outline is white in color and near transparent giving only a slight glow that gives away its presence. This armor only focuses the Magoi already within the body of the wearer and follows the B tier rules for Magoi in the nature of Defense. This function blocks 1 Instance of A tier Damage.

    Cost: 10/5 Magoi

Magic Items:

Face to Faceless [NoM/Private] 71bfs610
Name: Acri Alba
Tier: B-tier
Type: Magic Armband
Magic Type: Razor [Strength + Wind]
Appearance: A silver laurel armband 36cm in diameter with somebend to clasp or rest on an arm. Its white silver bands and twists with life like details to real leaves of a laurel. The magic symbol glows lightly on the face atop the arm when in use.

  • Ventus Tactus- For 10 Magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain the user covers whatever they touch in a veil of razor magic which lasts for 3 posts in their hands dealing B-tier razor magic damage.

Face to Faceless [NoM/Private] 6aDfhhr

Name: Pendant of Serenity
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool - Necklace
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: The pendant is 6 cm in diameter, and within it is a tree with leaves made of emeralds. The chain is able to be replaced, as the pendant itself has the magic circle engraved upon the back.

  • When fed magoi, the pendant pulses with purple light which spreads over the user's body healing them for B-tier damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Face to Faceless [NoM/Private] A4852-01-1024x683
Name: The Gourd of Iron Sand
Tier: B-tier
Type: Magic Gourd
Magic Type: Metal Magic
Appearance: Taking the form of a wooden gourd about 1m meter in size this magic item is filled with iron sand to the brim. The old looking item carries a heavy weight and is tied to the individual with a red cord. A magic symbol glows on the top half of the gourd.

  • Dancing Sands- The user activates the gourd causing the sand to pour out being able to cover up to 20m in diameter by attracting other small nearby metal particles the sand can be freely controlled and condensed into a 5m sized object with B-tier item durability and lasts three turns or until destroyed. As Iron it treats physical attacks as 1 tier lower and water damage as 1 tier higher in clashes. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain

Shards of Solomon:

Face to Faceless [NoM/Private] HREQtj1
Description: A shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their fate. Please see the Shard Systems Page for more information.
Amount: 1


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