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Ustad Maru

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Name:Ustad Maru
Country Affiliation: Meridia
Age + Birthdate:29 June 13

Ustad is a quiet individual most of the time and is someone who tends to be shy around people. They are ones that prefer their creations than others. Their main interest is buildings and similar items and the protection of said things. Though they are shy around people they are very talkative and enthusiastic when talking about buildings and craftsmanship in general. They will tend to avoid large groups of people and much prefers to deal with them one or 2 at a time. They also like to avoid combat when it can be helped. However, they will go out of their way to defend any form of architecture even if it was something they did not build.

When they are in combat they tend to change personality quite a bit. They are a lot more verbal, tending to use foul language towards their enemies. They also have a bizarre fighting style where they would only fight with tools of their trade such as hammers, saws, nails etc. Though they are the architect's precious tools they are not above using them to draw blood. He believes that what can build can also take away. He normally only takes this sort of action when architecture is at stake.

Likes:Architecture: Ustad is a fanatic over all forms of architecture rather it be bridges or palaces.

Gardening: This is connected to his love of architecture since it can often accentuate a building or the surrounding area of the garden.

Dislikes: Gaudy architecture: Ustad hates what he considers to be ugly buildings. This basically just something that he feels doesnt fit his specific preferences to the point where he will start working on the architecture in an attempt to approve it.

Destruction or improper care of architecture: One thing he hates is ones who go around destroying any form of architecture even when it is necessary. He also has a strong distaste for those who do not take good care of their buildings.

Aspirations: Building: Ustad does not really have any type of big aspirations or anything of the like. His main goal is just to build and keep building. He wants to improve his architectural skills to the point where he can build whole cities in areas that you could not normally build much in. Such as deep underground or in areas where sunlight does not reach.

Guild of Builders: Ustad wants to go and create his own guild of architects. Even though there are probably ones already made he feels it would be best to make his own with people he can trust.

Phobias/fears: Fire: Fire is one of the main fears of the architect in this day of age. Fire is seen as a sign of rebirth and renewal by most. For an architect however, it is death and decay. Fire does not bring rebirth to buildings for you cannot recreate something such as a building, they are one of a kind. This fear of fire is also tied into his past. He suffered severe burns across his body when he was a young child which has left hi physically and emotionally scarred.

Face-Claim: Agni:Black Butler.
Hair Color:White
Eye Color:Silver
Height:2.2 meters
Appearance: Ustad is a man that tends to wear traditional Indian garb, or at least what would be considered merridian garb. He wears a long, green garment that covers most of his body along with a yellow sash and a white turban style headdress. He also has a Tilak on his forehead positioned just above the area between his brows. His arms and legs are also covered in bandages which are used in order to conceal his burns that cover said limbs. His body language around people tends to be a bit stiff as if he is uncomfortable around the living. He will often be seen fidgeting with his hands or small objects while he is around people, especially in large groups. when he is alone or focused on architecture he will be more loose and lively in his movements.

Rukh Alignment: white
Special Features: none
History:Ustad’s history is not exactly one of great importance. It is the type of background that has been told time and time again. He grew up in a small group that traveled across the great plains of the easters continent. They did not have actual constructed buildings but instead made their camps mobile by constructing complicated tents that were their homes. He hated these temporary buildings since they had no lasting affect on the world. It wasn’t till he was 12 when he first saw fully constructed buildings when his tribe went to Balbadd. He instantly fell in love with the intricate architecture of the capital of the country. He even got the chance to observe people in the process of working on a construction for a nobleman’s house.  From that moment he had once dream, becoming an architect himself. After that he had tried his best to get as much information as he could on architecture whether it being through books or even by asking architects directly.

When he reached the age of twenty he had departed from his tribe in order to learn how to make buildings and other architecture from experts. He went to Balbadd, the country that inspired his dream, and ended up learning directly under an architect that had seen his love and devotion for the skill and art. After spending a few years as an apprentice he went back to his tribe in order to make a actual town for his people. However, when he arrived there he had discovered that his people had become a part of the foundation of a country that was in the process of being made. He had decided to help with what little he could do, using his limited experience to build when he could. Now he plans on using his knowledge to build full palaces and cities all over the world.

Role-Play Sample:

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