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Living Water Abilities

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Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur

Here is the magic weapon:

Dancer’s Sail:

Name: Dancer's Sail

Tier: C Tier

Type: Sash Shield

Magic Type: Living Water [Water+Sound+life]
Appearance: A long blue sash at 3m long and 36cm wide. This cloth is made from Kou silks, crafted in Balbadd, and then formed into a magical weapon by the people of Magnostadt. With a light weight, it has been woven with additional fibers such as iron threads so that it can protect the user, acting like a shield when held taut.


  • Liquid Ensemble- For 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain, the user fills the sash with magoi, gathering moisture from the air or nearby sources to cover the scarf in a veil of living water and extending its length up to that of 5m. The user can control the state and shape of the sash, positioning it to block C-tier damage before the spell ends. This effect lasts for 2 posts.

Here is the ability:

Fluid Mirror:

Fluid Mirror

Tier: C Tier

Class: Warrior

Type: Defensive

Range: Close

Requirements/Drawbacks: Since the shield is quite small, it may not be able to intercept all attacks. In addition, it can only intercept one attack at a time.

Scaling: Shielding/Increases the number of shields created.

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 2 posts

Cost: 10 magoi [MT cost]


    The character pours magoi into the sash, water forming inside its folds, before shaking the water into the air. As it leaves the sash, this water turns into a one metre diameter circle of ten centimetre thickness with C Tier shield durability. It can only stay within one metre of the character and will reposition itself according to the living water passive. In addition, the state of the water must be chosen upon activation, whether ice or water.


Living Water Abilities Xaj4qc7

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the issue i have is it creating a multitude of durability-based shields when the original ability was able to defend a C tier. So if it was doing this but you can scale the amounts now then i understand. But changing the nature of the block outside of what it originally did, I wouldn't be able to approve at this current time.


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