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Magi World 1st Writing Showcase

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The Idea

Hello everyone, in an effort to give everyone on site the opportunity to write whatever kind of story they want within a setting I've come up with the idea for this writing showcase. The Premise is simple, everyone will be given the same setting, just a basic world with some world logic to inspire but no real countries, or cultures or etc. The world will have everyone's ideas and stories and at the end and will have a friendly vote giving out some awards. (You can also nominate rewards, essentially if you think either a category needs to exist or if a story does something so well even if its the only one it needs acknowledgment) as well as a friendly chat to share what we liked about the story and world we build. One of the rewards to win will be the opportunity to pick the prompt for the next showcase.

Anyone can enter and can submit as many stories as they like, as long as they have a story submitted by October 5th in time for us to get a prompt for spooky month should someone wanna work off that as a theme.

There are no real rules, but please keep in mind a few courtesies:
  • It's fine to make overpowered characters and its good to set up strong characters in lore but try not to write any one character as the most powerful since this is a community thing and it would be unfair to just say your oc is better than everyone's.
  • Please ask before using a specific setting or character from someone else's story in your own
  • Don't try to invalidate other people's stories, and this also applies to "powers" you can freely add things to the world but try not to add anything that invalidates or would require everyone else to edit their own stories
  • Most of all have fun and just try to make whatever stories are the most interesting to you, use whatever code you want, and pictures, do what makes this fun for you, and make your story what you would want to write.

The Prompt

The World of Ilsad (meaning Titan's Eyes, though many cultures have their own name for the world), in it's modern-day is a world equivalent to Victorian England in our world. There are still countries of various cultures over various continents on this massive planet, the one thing preventing one culture from dominating and making it so each country develops in their own ways is the existence of Spirit and how that manifests in the world in many forms such as magic. With life susceptible to the spirit and therefore magic, this has lead to three prominent phenomena in sentient beings.

Note: In this setting, spirit is the raw energy and magic is any process that converts it into effects or ect

Daemons- Sentient beings that have allowed magic whether from a curse, magic item, their own to become with their spirit causing it to warp their magic and vice versa with the result changing their appearance and physiology along with their abilities. (They have no natural alignment and their name is derived from the old greek meaning of daemons as guardians, or lesser spirits)

Heroes- Spirit being a part of life means it resides in belief, when a person generates a lot of faith whether it be from veneration, fairness, respect, or so on this causes energy to build around them until it becomes to much and ascends the figure. This usually alters their appearance slightly and gives them and even possibly their gear abilities around beliefs people have had in them as well as enhancing any latent ones. (Heroes don't have to be good, and it more so represents their ability to perform great tasks from the belief people have in them)

Fae- While there are those that let magic make them into demons and there those who are built up by others there are also those in nature who were exposed to raw spiritual energy before it has been converted by magic. In leylines where it grows deep, they have bathed in its raw properties and have become odd. They at times have abilities, but they all seem to have two forms, one for interacting with people that is still whimsical and another which is a form that shows how they see themselves truly on the inside.

Beyond this you can come up with your own magic, other things caused by spirit or magic, you can create things that could be used throughout the world, just don't write it that anything is dependent on it.

There will be another thread for posting the stories. Below we will have suggestions for some rewards as well as if people wish to share any elements they might want to be free use for anyone to use for writing.

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