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Parthevia II: Soldiers of Gamal [Solo/Job]

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Job Name: Assisting Refugees
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 15,000 Huang | 200 XP
Job Prerequisites: Angelus & Diana
Job Overview: Once the bandits have been disposed of, Angelus and Diana must expand the fort by building it up and make it a camp for refugees from Heliohapt that are escaping the chaos. Angelus and Diana must help protect the fleeing refugees that are trying to be taken back by a warlord in Heliohapt who is controlling his territory through violence. They must defeat eight soldiers of the corrupt warlord.

Heliohaptian Soldiers:
Enemy Name: Heliohaptian Soldiers x8
Enemy Tier: B-Tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B-Tier
Description: Men with B-Tier long spears and scimitars. They ride on horses of B-Tier speed.

  • Spiraling Spear: User lunges and spins the spear tip at a target to deal B-Tier damage.

  • Quick Slash: With their light scimitars and curved design, they slash horizontally quicker than the eye can keep up with to deal B-Tier damage to a target.

  • Evasion: They make their horse gallop out of the way of an attack of B-Tier or lower.

It was a fairly dark and cold night, one that made the skin of the white haired commander tight. It made his muscles seem far more visible. Anyhow, that rather pale woman and her beasts from the other day had now gone to the winds, only lending the inexperienced Angelus but a few sentences of knowledge. It was quite high value wisdom though for him to receive, despite however much he may doubt the validity of this wisdom. Is it perhaps a true and genuine wisdom, or did the woman just not know how to comprehend her experiences to extract the cruel truths from them? It could be that. Yet, the man were to remain cautious regardless. It was not beneficial for him to just get ahead of himself. Though, perhaps he was far more genius than he gives himself credit for. It was never good to at the same time undervalue himself. If he did not carry himself proper, he were to not be looked as such. Angelus stared up at the stars, while his comrades chowed down onto another feast from beasts they slaughtered within this rough environment.

Angelus' chin lied on the palm of his right hand, while he stared endlessly at the starry skies above. It was him who preferred to be alone, feeling somehow alone despite the people with him that he enjoyed. Yet, something that could not be quelled lingered within him. As the others bathed within the exuding soothing warmth of the fire which cooked the food, he just somberly sighed to himself. It is the cold light gusts of wind that he bathed within, not the comforting heat. It was similar to the path he walked, one that was certain to be one of more cold and moments of being lonely. It was an inexplicable condition. It felt like he could not put into his words this underlying feeling that consumed his very being. Yet, despite the feeling, he had hope, and pressed onward, to light up the lives of others and rid of the evil that only causes feelings similar to this to worsen, until lives are ruined.

Out of the darkness though, a familiar hand laid itself upon his shoulder. Angelus glanced back at the hand, following the hand to the face, seeing that Nerilla was offering him a slab of meat. Angelus looked at her with a very light smile upon his face and would grab the bone of the meat, taking a bite into the meat while looking back at his men chowing down. It at least made him a bit content to see them enjoy the food. Quickly tomorrow morning, they had to begin expanding the fort that the bandits had built and turn the fort into a camp for the refugees, per order of the legion commander here on the border. It seemed more refugees were trying to come into Reim due to the power void left within the quite vast Parthevian lands. Once the sun came up, they were right back at work, now building the fort up to house numerous refugees needing a place to escape from the tyrannical warlords.

An early day, birds chirping, but dust being kicked up from the far distance one can see if they looked out into the land before them. It was then that Angelus had been chowing on some food. It was unbeknownst to him that there were people that were sprinting for the camp they had begun to set up when the camp itself had came into sight. Yawning cause of his wakening to the morning, he took a swig of his flask of water while shouting entered his and his comrades' ears. It seemed there were people calling out to them? Angelus turned his head to the direction of the sounds and were to be quite surprised to see refugees this early. It looked to be that the people were eager to come to the camp. However, why so hasty? Is it that they are being pursued? Angelus stood up, stopping eating, and wove to the people who wished to come to the camp. It was important to ensure the people were both safe to Angelus' men and safe from others. Angelus roared out to them.

Angelus: "Are there others? Are there people pursuing you? Do you have weapons? I need to know, quick! Oi, Gaaron, come here!"

Demanding to know a few things first, he were to call over Gaaron to mount the mighty beast from Marax.

Refugee: "Yes there are others back there with us! We are being pursued by Gamal's soldiers! We have nothing on us! Please, help!"

At the first notice of this information, Angelus pounced to ride Gaaron to the refugees and protect them from these soldiers they spoke of. However, he could not see no soldiers just yet within view. It was likely that they were far behind them but obscured probably by the terrain of this land. Meanwhile the white haired man rushed to the side of the escapees to offer protection, there were to be others indeed far back whom were struggling to flee from the soldiers of Gamal, whom was an unknown name to Angelus. However, from inference, Angelus could imagine that this Gamal figure was a warlord or threat of some kind. Now closing the distance between him and the fleeing people, he could clearer view of who was exactly pursuing them and who else there was trying to escape. It did look like there were about seven others, but whom were being pursued by eight soldiers. It did not seem safe without protection, so Angelus rushed to them quicker, while just commanding the other four within the front of the refugees to just keep traveling straight to the refugee camp.

At last coming to the side of the fleeing people that were close to being caught by the soldiers, Angelus were to intercept one of the soldiers' spears. It was with Parrius and the Blade of the Protector that he were to intercept this spear tip and suddenly start the massacre of the soldiers that would now take place. Angelus' eyes pierced the man who lunged at the refugees. It was as if to tell the man and his comrades that they were to die for trying to do what they did. Others looked back at Angelus while running with shock, not knowing how the young man will fight the eight soldiers. However, Angelus was far stronger than they knew. Donning a pair of intensely focused eyes, he fed magoi to his sword and were to commit to his massacre, the massacre of the white haired reaper.

Angelus: "Ally in War.."

Muttered the young unit leader, while a six armed clone of him emerged from the very power of the sword. It stood with a frightening stance before the eight men. Not hesitating whatsoever, the clone threw multiple fists out while four of the soldiers tried to slash off the arms of the Asura version of Angelus. Yet, that were to prove quite futile. It was not much use when fighting the likes of this man here whom was set on ruling the west, a man who had traveled a great distance from his home to set his radical dreams in motion. Angelus fed magoi to his other blade he had on him, Fool's Gold, to then blind the small unit of men by clouding the field with gold dust. It proved successful, but the other four soldiers tried to evade this cloud by galloping their horses out the way. However, Angelus found this an opportunity to now try and catch as many soldiers he can within a sweeping slash.

Angelus: "Reform, Fool's Gold!"

Roared the man, having the blade come together from the dust to cut the backs of the four that tried to cut the arms of the Asura clone. Meanwhile, the others did happen to escape the cloud, to the dismay of Angelus though he did not sweat that very much. Due to them fleeing the cloud though, they were to find themselves separated and no longer together. Angelus' Asura were to strike one of them down right as they had tried to escape the cloud, while Angelus snuck up behind one and cut him down. Leaving now two others, Angelus and the clone came together to face the two head on. With no other option but to fight head on, the two soldiers lunged and spun their spears at both Angelus and the Asura. Clashing with the soldiers' spears, Angelus and the Asura broke through the techniques, slashing the soldier down with a slash and the clone knocking out the other with an uppercut.

It was like that that the fight had finished. Without need for the Asura no more, he vanished into obscurity, to return some other day. It was time to ensure that the refugees were safe back at camp. Angelus stared rather ominously at the sight of the dead soldiers that worked for the corrupt warlord Gamal. Joining the refugees back at the camp, he and his men provided the people everything they needed while the fortification and shelters were completed for the day. Angelus had to hear more from the refugees later on the situation within Parthevia and who this man known as Gamal truly was. However, that would come for later on, not right now.

Wordcount: 1570

Magoi: 320
Stamina: 220

Abilities & Magic Weapons Used:

Blade of the Protector [Magic Weapon]:

Parthevia II: Soldiers of Gamal [Solo/Job] Hk-20010

Name: Blade of the Protector
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Sword
Magic Type: Asura [Life+Heat+Ice]
Appearance: A simple blade with a brown leather burngundy sheath over it. The one sides blade is 14cm wide and 50cm long only, the hilt being 20cm of that. A magic symbol glows on the blade of the weapon

  • Ally in war- By paying 10 magoi | 5 to sustain the user can create 6 armed Asura clone of themselves which moves at speeds equivalent to a horse and can move within 20m of the user. Lasts four posts, capable of wielding the sword used to summon it, can do A-tier damage with it's attacks.

Parthevia II: Soldiers of Gamal [Solo/Job] QdGKUzIName: Fool's Gold
Tier: A
Type: Bastard Sword
Magic Type: Lightning
Material: Bronze-Gold Alloy
Appearance: A simple, two-handed, bastard sword of mysterious origin. The material seems to be a bronze-gold alloy, but there's not telling for certain. There are intricate markings running along the cross-guard and half the blade. A magic circle graces the cross-guard, blending in with the intricate markings. The total length of the sword is 130 cm, the blade taking up 90 cm. The cross-guard is 40 cm in length.

  • Golden Cloud - By feeding magoi into the sword, the blade of the sword will disperse into a cloud of gold particles 10m around the user. Due to the conductive properties of gold, an alternating magnetic field can induce a current in it, which generates its own field through the use of lightning magic.

    The cloud may be manipulated into any inanimate object of the users choosing. Such as a wall or reshaping the blade into another form. The objects size may not exceed 2.5m on all sides. The object may be placed within or launched away 10m around the user or on the hilt. It may create up to eight smaller objects that size may not exceed 65 cm each and they may only deal D-Tier damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain

Parrius | Scaled
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must be able to clash their blade with what they are defending against.
Scaling: Defense
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina + 20 Stamina

    User viciously swipes their blade at the attack with one hand, and stops the attack with the flat side of the blade, as long as it is not an intangible attack. It defends against D-Tier damage, but may defend against more with Scaling.

Caelum Secare | Scaled
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must have a free arm to perform the overhead slash.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina + 30 Stamina

    User lifts his blade in the air above his head, and strikes down suddenly onto a target's upper body or head to deal D-Tier damage without Scaling.


Parthevia II: Soldiers of Gamal [Solo/Job] Vault111

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