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The King's Magician Trait

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Trait Name: The King's Magician
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement:
Trait Description: This very Trait takes on a very unfriendly look of the Which King. Causing his eyes to turn soul blue. As he speaks with a echoing eerie voice. As he is able to use his soul.
Trait Effect:
Grants him universal resurrection Magic.
The trait allows the user to tap into the Witch King soul. Which sleeps deep within his own. Allowing him to take over his body. But by doing so he will become a beast of myth. Allowing him to gain access to the very magic that made him a legend. Turning his Rukh Magoi until a weapon itself. As the trait allows the user to summon a aura like ability by using his very soul to fight.

This would cause his aura to become sticky like gum and elastic like rubber. Giving him the ability to perform flexibility and adhesive skills. As well as supplement based. On that note it is very durable which would take A tier strength to break free. The killer part is it could stop magic tools from operating if they or thier skills make contact with it.

Effect 1-Elastic could stretch up to 20m based. But by adding 10 more magoi. Could add on 10 more meters. Must have A Tier strength to break free.

Effect 2- Stickiness- the aura is so sticky it could be like gum. This allows the user to break pieces off of his aura for a cost of 30 magoi and stick it to things such as the ground or magic tools.

Effect 3- Allows the user imagery. Which means he is able to perfectly disguise things. Such as switch letters around or even change a picture to match what he wants it to.


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