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The last few weeks had been a bit lonely for Ani, sure she had stopped back at home to spend time with Kor and also train her soldiers a bit more, however, she wasn't around for long before going back on the road. The mountains had been hit with bad snow as of late and there was no progress to be made within her settlement. With her mind stuck on traveling her thoughts went back to her child and how she wished he could've come with her. The woman had been taking on difficult jobs as of late in an effort to build more renown, show she was still active as a mercenary, and of course to bring home money and alliances most importantly of all.

In the same vein as the job she had only done a few days later the woman once again found herself out in the wild hunting a wild beast. It was important to her to keep up her work with beasts, and she had even thought about how it would play an important part in her lands in their upcoming future. After all, it was her firm belief that a relationship with animals only made one stronger.

"The sounds of nature guide us further along our way." She spoke to Dragot and her three wyverns as they moved through the plains, rather than flying they were walking as if to show off the majesty of the dragons to the people she had claimed influence over recently. It was as they moved along the road towards the hunting grounds that they heard the voices of passersby looking at them in awe. "Y'know they love ya girl."

A soft smile crossed her lips as she felt the breeze of the plains tickle her cheek and a soft sigh of relaxation left her lips. As her breath left her lungs and filled the air she would take the environment around her into consideration with a soft smile. The beauty of nature was something that Ani often found herself lost in and while it had been a bit lonely as of late, it was good to be back out in the world again. Nature had always been Ani's life and she had spent more time out in the wild and under the stars than she had under a solid roof. It was a big change for the woman, but experiencing both she wasn't sure she liked one more than another but rather found joy in different things about them.

"So, we're about in the area girl, time to start tracking." Ani smiled and pulled out a pouch of feathers that belonged to the bird that was terrorizing the nearby caravan routes. Once she had it firmly in her hands she let all three of her wyvern's get a scent. "There we go, let's find this bird and show him what a real avian looks like."

Within a matter of seconds, her beasts had picked up on the scent of the beast and they were off in a fury. With her legs wrapped tightly around Dragot the Azure Amazon suddenly leaned forward allowing the wind to rush over her body as she soon felt herself getting entrapped in the thrill of the hunt. With the scent of a bird fresh on their nose, Ani was suddenly surprised when they came to a stop even to the point she had dismounted. With a soft coo from her beast, Ani had leaned down to feel tracks in the ground before soon enough her beast would stop to pick up the trail again.

The Soldier Wyverns were quick to catch up with their queen, but unlike her did not stop as they suddenly rushed past Ani seemingly still on the trail. "Oho, looks like we got a real hunt on our hands."

As the beasts tracked the other avian creature they were out to kill Ani was paying attention to her surroundings as in-depth as she could. Her ears were tuned into the world around her each and every sound bouncing off its environment to build an image within her brain. The plains and the road around her were as visible as day within her mind, however, within a few seconds, she would hear something nearby, something that wasn't around them when they started moving.

Instead of being the trackers, Ani was wondering if the beast they had been looking for had instead started to track them. It was a possibility, but she wasn't going to let them know she had caught on if that were the case. With a whistle so high-pitched it was only audible to her wyverns she would start zig-zagging around as they moved through the plains while she kept her hearing focused for something following them

"We don't need to shake them, but instead we gotta let them think that we're playing their game." The words of the warrior woman have whispered into her beast's ears as she would give the command to speed up. With her momentum carrying forward in the form of rainbow wings that boosted her acceleration she found herself smirking at the thought of her plan. "Just a little longer."

It was as she felt that they were starting to chase after her a bit more aggressively than the woman would suddenly pick up her speed and control to try and entice whoever was following them into thinking she was going for the escape finally. However, this was not the true case as they started to move towards a cave area. It was a trap on her part as she hoped to get them closer to her and soon enough they would be in the perfect setting. With a few turns around the corner Ani would suddenly take off into the air, but only to fly around in a circle. With this attempt, she would come circling around on what was chasing her while coming out of nowhere with her momentum built up.

All of a sudden the bird known as Sky-terror was surprised as his airspace had become invaded. it would fly above them and suddenly go down for a dive, but unfortunately for the flying monster it would find itself blind-sided as the enhanced speed Ani would fly past it suddenly. Sky-Terror let out a loud cry and would suddenly whip around to try and meet the wyverns for another attack.

"RIP AND TEAR!" The woman would suddenly cry out and the monster that thought it had the advantage would find itself blindsided as suddenly the two soldier wyverns would come out of nowhere and pin themselves against it. With Ani using her momentum she would leap into the air as Dragotsennyy would rush with them. All three of the wyverns would latch their teeth and talons into Sky-terror ripping it apart. With the sounds of gnashing teeth and tearing claws, Ani would keep soaring in a flip until finally, she heard them burp before Dragot would return to catch her master.

With their enemy caught off guard and executed from the team-work of her beasts, Ani knew that her job was done. With a smile on her face she would let out a loud whistle as soon enough they would get back into formation and fly off into the horizon. It had been her most recent job, but it wasn't going to be her last. However, she still had to turn this one in, and with the skull of sky-terror it would prove as proof that she had done what she had set out to do. It would be on the home, so while they were in their v-formation she would command for them to go faster and as her momentum picked up her familiar rainbow hue would wrap around them as they started to rocket off towards the horizon.

"This was an easy one, but I think there is more for us to do in this region, plus there's alot of good breeding stock here." Her words spoke her truth as even though she was here to make money there was no issue in looking for possible subjects for her career and passion as a beast breeder. With the help of her own reptile and selective crossbreeding, she was able to make Dragotsennyy and their brood, so she wondered what she would be able to make with more samples and the knowledge and skills she was lacking before.

However, this wouldn't stick on her mind for too long as within half an hour she had found herself at the same place she had gotten the job from. It was a small village, but it was enough for her and when she made her way to the job board she had found a mute man waiting for her. It was only a few minutes of conversation, but once she had handed the skull of sky-terror over the man had left for a few minutes before returning with a satchel of gold. With this new development, Ani had left with bigger smiles and bigger gold.

WC: 1,518/1,500
Stamina: 395/395
Magoi: 240/240

Combat Details: Killed Sky-terror with onslaught of basic attacks from all three wyverns


Bird-hunting LuMr2QQ
Name: Dragotsennyy
Tier: A-tier
Type:Legend beast
Species: Harpy-Wyvern
Appearance: The harpy-wyvern is bigger slightly bigger than a horse with the intent to be an agile partner and mount good for most situations. From its head to its bird tail it's 2.5 meters in size with a longer tail behind it at 3 meters used for balancing during flight. With a wing span of 7 meters, it can create an impressive sight in the air as the partial bird, partial reptile has a fierce snout with sharp fangs lining the insides of it. The only thing being more intimidating than its teeth are its 35 cm talons.
Beast Traits:

  • Trait Name: Eusocial Queen
    Trait Tier: Omega
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern | Wyvern queen
    Trait Description:  Eusocial creatures are creatures that live in a societal structure in which there are many infertile females and one larger child producing queen who holds complete control over their colony allowing them to have many workers and soldiers. Though in the case of needing to start a new colony a queen can choose to create a new queen whether it before colonization or in the case that she would die.
    Trait Effect: Allows the queen to bring two A-tier Harpy wyvern soldiers with her into threads. Harpy wyvern Soldiers are exactly half the size of the queen and browner in color. They have all the same traits as the harpy queen at one tier lower except for the trait Eusocial queen. In the result of fatal damage the beast may expel a queen egg which will hatch after three posts, if fed b-tier food for two posts it will rapidly grow to a full size queen and if not it will stay a baby for the remainder of the thread. The replacement queen cannot control wyverns brought into the thread by the previous queen and the replacement queen is to young to expell a queen egg should she take fatal damage.

  • Trait Name: Avian apex
    Trait Tier: A
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: Due to the selective breeding involved with the species it's wings and body are perfectly suited for all forms of flight.
    Trait Effect: The wyvern is able to fly at high speeds with great maneuverability, it can fly longer than most speed fliers but it still likes to take rests during long trips

  • Trait Name: Land Tyrant
    Trait Tier: A
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: It's body while perfectly suited towards flight is also a monster on the ground, the partly reptilian creature seems to move and hunt just as well on the ground as it does in the air like a bird.
    Trait Effect: The wyvern is able to move around on the ground with great speed and control moving at speeds comparable to that of an A-tier fanalis.

  • Trait Name: Relentless Tracker
    Trait Tier: B
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The nasal cavity of this wyvern is perfectly suited towards finding prey and never losing track of them.
    Trait Effect: Allows the beast to pick up and discern scents from miles away, it becoming easier to seperate other scents from another the closer the wyvern gets to the source. Can be thrown off by scent hiding abilities of the same tier or higher.

  • Trait Name: Complex vocal chamber
    Trait Tier: C
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The wyvern's vocal system contains a complex organ allowing it to make complicated calls varying in tone, pitch, and even capable of making it sound like multiple birds calling at once.
    Trait Effect: The beast is able to register sound-based abilities.

  • Trait Name: Oral Bacterium
    Trait Tier: C
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The inside of the beasts mouth is almost like a pitri dish as the symbiotic relationship of them allows the beast to utilize various bacteria for Offensive, Defensive, or even healing capabilities.
    Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register Bacteria based abilties.


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