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The Big One [Job/Private]

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Job Name: Bear Hunting
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: [ 15k Huang | 200 XP ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: A local tailor requests a bear be killed and brought to him. While the mention of payment is absent, one is welcome to assume he means to pay for the service. While wandering in the forest, abnormally large animals appear and attack - reaks of magic.

Feral Cat [ 3x ]:
Enemy Name: Feral Cat
Rank: D-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: A large cat about the size of a Maine Coon - although without the thick fur. It may deal base C-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It runs at average, cat speeds.

  • Nip. The user nips at the ankles of their enemy to deal C-Tier damage.

Fox [ 2x ]:
Enemy Name: Fox
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: C-Tier
Description: A large fox about the size of a wolf. It may deal base B-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It may also run at speeds which can compete with a D-Tier fanalis.

  • Bite. Using large, canine teeth, the user bites down hard on the enemy to deal B-Tier damage.

  • Claw. The user may inflict B-Tier damage by scratching the enemy with sharp claws.

Bear [ 1x ]:
Enemy Name: Bear
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: A large and magnificent bear. It may deal base A-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It may also run at speeds which can compete with a C-Tier fanalis.

  • Roar. With a loud roar, the user may temporarily stun any enemy within a 7m vicinity for three posts. This ability may not work on B-Tier magicians with sound magic.

  • Pounce. The user crouches on all four paws before leaping to pounce on the enemy. By pinning the enemy to the ground, the user may debilitate the target. Anyone of B-Tier strength or more may escape from the user's hold. Otherwise, the hold will last for three posts.

  • Guard. The user rolls up into a ball, protecting the weakest parts of the body. Any damage up to B-Tier may be nullified for three posts or until the user is attacked with an accumulation of B-Tier damage.

  • Shred. The user stands on two paws and scratches downward twice, each slash dealing B-Tier damage.


Our scene begins within the middle of one of the various enormous cities that make up the heart of Kou. Bright daylight shines down upon every crack and whim of the megalopolis. One of the main streets that many other roads branch off to, one that is accustomed to the sounds of hooves tapping against stone road, is a small tailor shop that goes by the name, “Bit of Skirt.” It fits in nicely along the urban buildings that border it directly, not a smidge of space left to squeeze through. The shop’s outer walkway is as pretty as the rest of the main street, probably maintained by the city itself and it looks as if it’s held together nicely. Clean glass windows, pink flowers dangling sweetly within their flower pots, and a well-polished sign that is clearly the work of a good carpenter are all distinct signs that this isn’t your sort of commoner shop. A hanging open sign was displayed within the inside of one of the large glass windows.

One look on the inside and one would see wears and wardrobes galore, all hanging and displayed neatly for the eye to see. Not just any common shirt and pants, we’re talking exotics! Crocodile skin coats, feathered dresses, and metallic skirts littered the landscape of the inside. However in contrast to the bustling avenues and sidewalks of the city, the inside was practically devoid of all signs of life. One wouldn’t be able to make out more than a young man of black hair, his back turned to the glass, leaning atop the wooden countertop within. Behind it was a ginger human with a large beehive of a haircut atop her head and thick lens glasses hanging upon her thin nose.

“So.. you want me to go kill a bear, skin it, tan it’s pelt, and bring it back to you,”

With a smile plastered across her face, one would call it eager, ““Yes,”

“and you won’t even give me a semblance of an estimate that you’re willing to pay for said pelt. This is dangerous work, lady, you gotta tell me something,” the young man would respond, sounding as if he were reviewing it in a way.

A sigh erodes from her broken lips, she clearly bites them quite a bit, “I already told you that the amount you’ll receive is based on the size and quality of the pelt you return to me.”

“So, not just any bear pelt, the biggest baddest bear pelt,”


“Copy…” Mori would say, before turning on a heel and exhaustively letting his own hand slide down his face. Maybe he should avoid jobs that say they required more experienced combatants.. there’s no way he could take on a bear alone. To his knowledge, bears are twenty meters tall and have claws of steel that could cut down trees with single swipes. Just how big of a pelt could this lady want?


tl;dr: Clear skies, daylight, noon. Shop called "Bit of Skirt." Mori within talking with ginger woman, read dialogue above.

The Big One [Job/Private] 0aef5a2c43bf04a1c8fb8a580c2a9560
Name: Bo Staff
Tier: D
Material: Bamboo/Wood
Appearance: The appearance of the bo staff is similar to a sliced piece of bamboo one might find within a bamboo forest. It is treated with a substance that promotes strength within the plant, and has a wooden filling of sorts glued within it’s hollow. Lengthwise, it stretches to 1.8 meters. The ends are both cylindrical with a diameter of 3 cm.

Abilities Used:
(Paste Here)

W/C: 491/1500

Magoi: 160/160
Stamina: 65/65


The Big One [Job/Private] HItJnKJ

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With a growing child who was constantly roughing around with beasts and going outdoors the maintaining of that child's wardrobe was constant. Most of the time Ani fixed up and stitched his clothing, but she wanted to get him something that he could use during sparring this time around. It would be a random gift, but she thought he would appreciate it and so now she had found herself at a shop called a bit of skirt.

The Azure Amazon's hand ran along the lining and material of each trying to figure out which one would be the best one. With the feeling of scaled leather, she would hold it squeezing and pulling it in her hands as she tested the material to herself. However, as she thought about it she soon found her mind distracted with the conversation of the woman in the shop and the man that was there.
While she had been keeping herself somewhat hidden she used her enhanced hearing to observe as she kept herself somewhat inconspicuous.

"Hmm, I think I heard about that beast."
Ani mumbled to herself thinking she had heard about it when she was looking for work earlier in the week. "Sounds like he could use some help."

Ani would suddenly pull herself away from hiding as she started to weave her way through the store. With an odd bear creating rumors and bringing in more than one person it sounded like it could actually be worth her time. She was a skilled fighter, tamer, and hunter so she knew that she could be of use on a job like this. With her skills in use it would be likely they could get a good quality pelt so she zeroed in on the man in hopes of offering him an alliance of sorts to where they could each get more money and in turn get Ani more money than none. As she walked over she knew that she would be somewhat intimidating with her size but she made herself stand firm in front of the man, her eyes being visibly dull enough to convey her blindness as she didn't look him in the eyes as she spoke.

"You there, I heard about that job that you just accepted." She was blunt, but not abrasive as she continued onto her points for the man. "I also heard that the amount of money that you will receive is dependent on the pelt. Luckily for you, I lived in the wild before and have had to kill and skin plenty of large powerful beasts." She stopped once again allowing for a brief pause before she finally finished her offer. "I can join you and get you a better pelt, but Ill need a cut, though you might want a deal with someone whose name you don't know."

"Hello, I am Ani, High Kommandant of The Azure raiders mercenary corp, helping people for money is what I do." She spoke with a slight bow despite not seeing him waiting for his response.

WC: 507/1,500
Stamina: 395/395[/color]


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After turning on a heel away from the woman who had given him his workload, Mori would rub his eyes with his forefinger and thumb in thought of how he was going to accomplish this feat; this would blind him temporarily and his last seen bodily direction was walking towards the door, so he thought the first thing he’d meet was the door.. not an Amazonian blocking his path, so when he collided with her, he was surprised to say the least. It was a gentle collision, but it was enough to catch Mori off-guard and make him fall to the ground, landing upon his bum. Finally looking up to see what he’d hit, his vision would be obscured by the light casting a shadow that engulfed Ani’s figure, she was so tall that she actually blocked the light.

Mori could already tell that the woman was much stronger than he, just look at those muscles! She also didn’t seem to stagger in the slightest when she ran into him, and despite her inability to look him in the eye while he was on the ground, she didn’t seem dishonest. Even if she was.. something about her made Mori think that it wasn’t a good idea to deny her. Lifting himself up off the floor and rubbing his newly bruised bum with his left hand, Mori would stand almost a foot smaller than Ani.

“Yeah, teaming up sounds great,” Mori would agree. “I’ve been known to fight plenty of bears in my time,” he would continue, lying almost blatantly, holding up one of his arms and flexing the bicep of it. “Tracking them on the other hand has always been out of my skill-grade though..”

“Um.. Mori by the way,” he’d finish, holding out the hand of the arm that he’d flexed.


Tl;dr: After Ani blocks his path, Mori accidentally runs into her, knocking himself to the floor and landing on his bum. Getting up whilst rubbing his arse, he’d flex his fake skills and introduce himself with a handshake.

Abilities Used:
(Paste Here)

W/C: 793/1500

Magoi: 240/240
Stamina: 85/85


The Big One [Job/Private] HItJnKJ

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