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Bandit Clearing [Job]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Greedy Bandits
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A group of rag-tag thieves known as The Vultures have been targeting small, unprotected villages within Kou during the civil war. Anyone who seems like easy pickings are liable to be attacked by their small group, anything of value stripped before they escape to the next town. They will either attack a harmless villager (who will repay you for saving her) or go after your own person (and upon their defeat, you're free to take their money for the trouble).

Enemy Name: Thieves x6
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: Each thief is dressed in black rags and leather, with white bindings around their necks and a red mask of a vulture to protect their identities. They reek of booze, and each one carries a Dao sword or a pair of hook-swords. Their swords deal B-tier damage and they move at C-tier speeds.
Double the Trouble: A thief wielding hook swords rushes at their foe, swinging one sword and then another in an X-pattern. Each swipe is a C-tier attack for a combined total of B-tier damage.
Dancing Bird: A thief with a Dao sword lunges forwards and thrusts his blade, stabbing a foe for C-tier damage before swinging the sword for an additional worth of C-tier damage. Together, the attacks deal B-tier damage.
Coward's Dance: A thief holds his blade(s) in the air as he nimbly jumps out of the way an incoming B-tier attack. He's capable of avoiding multiple strikes that add up to B-tier damage.

Over the last few weeks Ani had been building up her settlement, but with things reaching a natural halt at the moment with some weather sticking around that made it harder to build. However, this did not mean that Ani was going to be sitting about idly while waiting for the opportunity to present itself. Instead, the woman had chosen to continue her goals on other fronts, after all, she was still a mercenary and needed to earn money and build alliances. With a letter containing a plea for her to come to Kou to take care of some leftover bandits from the war, she felt almost obligated to come. It was money, but the Kou war was where Ani had earned her prominence as a general and then eventually won her djinn.  The job felt like it was almost comical in how it made her revisit her origins in the career as she got closer and closer to her peak.

The path from the mountains was one she knew well by now, whether it was flying or riding the feel and smell of the lands of Kou had started to become familiar like the back of her hand. It might've been the years of exploring the lands, or maybe it was her experiences as a traveler that had imprinted the layout onto her brain. It was her own little pilgrimage, she went alone, with just Dragotsennyy and her lance by her side it was like a warrior errant on her trail once again.

"Lately I haven't been alone, have I girl?" Ani spoke to her beast with her hand running along the top of the beast's head as it let out a soft coo. "Your father, Hoyo, and I used to do this all over the world, I never thought I'd have a family or people of my own."

It was a simple thought but it had much impact on the woman, she had left Imuchakk from a young age due to her convictions and her thoughts had changed somewhat, but she wouldn't have changed the choices she needed to make the mistakes she had and she needed to sacrifice all that she had. It wasn't fate, it was her decisions, she might not have made them and in some other life she might not have, however, it all happened or could it was all her and she had come to peace with that. On the road she found herself smiling in the placid mood she had found.

"Life's found pleasures often sneak upon us and we don't realize the happiness we've found till we're long lost in it," Ani spoke to herself, had she started to become more poetic or did life simple breath muse into the woman's words.

It wasn't much longer until Ani had arrived at the location she was supposed to go to, the sounds of cries nearby had alerted her that she was in the right area. With a quick, sharp whistle she gave her beast a command and quickly began to bound towards the direction of the bandits. It was always good to be cautious and as the Azure Amazon pulled out her lance she leaned forward and thought of her vessel as the bell rang in her ears.

"C'mon, gold or your life it's an easy bargain." One of the thugs said as he was threatening a family they had stopped, their guards dead by their side. "You see we'll take it anyway, so why not make it easy for all of us and just strip it all off now."

"It's a bit rude to ask people to get nude before you even get them dinner first." The voice of the blind woman caught them by surprise as she had appeared behind them atop her beast. "Let this mother teach you some manners."

"Wha- I don't know who you think ya are lady, but we'll take all you got to." He was surprised and somewhat intimidated by the wyvern, but he was still quick to command his men to fight the woman. "We'll cut you up good for nudgin' in on our turf."

The words meant nothing to the woman, but she watched as they would charge her nonetheless.  All of them rushed her attempting to hit her with double trouble as they swung with both of their blades at the woman. Ani dodged their attacks as she jumped off her wyvern and Dragot suddenly took to the air. It was then that she would jump around them making motions with her hands for them to attack her. With her egging them on she knew that it wouldn't be long for one of them to get cocky, especially if they noticed her blindness.

Ani was in luck as soon enough another one came in for an attack with their dancing bird technique as they lunged towards Ani attempting to cut her, but she would once again dodge, this time feinting an attack before jumping over them. They were surprised watching as she would grab him by the head using her imuchakk strength to press down and crush his head within her hands.

With one of them down the woman quickly turned on her heel to swing and drive her foot into the head of another, watching as their blood painted the soil like it was avant-garde. Then before another could attack her she rolled into another kick and with more force knocked the head off the next guard.

"Well, I think it's time to finish this." Ani would jump back and let out a loud whistle as soon enough Dragot would come swooping down from the sky. Once the Wyvern had landed it started to run towards the remaining two and their leader as they would use their coward's defense to leap back, but the beast was too fast. Soon enough she was upon them and growled before Ani spoke again. "Dragot, feeding time."

At that moment the dragon queen suddenly hissed and jumped forward using her talons to reave through them and once they were knocked down she slashed their ankles. With their bodies wriggling around in pain Ani would leap into the air one final time into a front flip as she gathered all her momentum. As rainbow aura coated her frame she soon enough let it wash over the man as she brought her heel down upon the leader's head. The sound of his skull cracked like thunder as in a blaring explosion of skull, blood, and flesh.

With the last of them, dead Ani would turn and walk over to the family, she couldn't see them but she could tell they were a bit scared. Their forms seemed to pull away a bit and they could even be heard sobbing under their breath. It made the woman pause for a moment as she would take a deep breath before deciding to address them.

"Look, I know that must've been scary, but it was necessary." Her words seemed a bit cold, and even harsh but they sat there listening as she spoke. "It's not that I take joy in it, but I've learned that while there are those who learn and grow some people cannot be redeemed and you have to stop them before they keep coming back and causing issues."

"I-i think I get it." One of the younger members of the family spoke, it sounded like a teenage girl and her voice broke as if it wasn't the first time she had to deal with bad men and think about the consequences of their actions. "Y-you are scary, but thank you-u"

Despite their words and their fear, Ani respected the family and the girl for holding their ground even though they knew it would mean death, foolish, but respectful. After a moment of thinking, she suddenly pulled out a little spear-pin seemingly made from Shadow glass. Holding it out she would give it to the girl that had spoken to her and thanked her, once it was out of Ani's hand she would step back and climb onto Dragotsennyy's back.

"Should you ever feel like gaining strength, or if your family is looking for a place safer than Kou go towards the Jade Dragon Mountains and follow the signs that lead towards a settlement hidden within the mountain valley." Her words were an invitation, but it was also a challenge as not every person could easily make it there, but if they could they were worthy. "Can't wait to see ya."

In a sudden loud whistle, Ani would feel herself be removed from the area at a rapid speed. The people below her and anyone who was looking towards the sky would see as she was suddenly wrapped in rainbow light that trailed behind her as wings that painted the sky in iridescent light. While below the teenage girl would hold the pin and look up at the sky as if she had just seen her future fly away. It might've been unknown to them both at this time, but this was a moment that would change that young girl's life forever.

"Another day, another job, where to next girl?" She asked her beast as it simply cooed and suddenly burst off into the sunset.

Combat Details: Defeated all six with A-tier damage from Ani's strength or her beasts teeth and talons

Items brought:

Bandit Clearing [Job] LuMr2QQ
Name: Dragotsennyy
Tier: A-tier
Type:Legend beast
Species: Harpy-Wyvern
Appearance: The harpy-wyvern is bigger slightly bigger than a horse with the intent to be an agile partner and mount good for most situations. From its head to its bird tail it's 2.5 meters in size with a longer tail behind it at 3 meters used for balancing during flight. With a wing span of 7 meters, it can create an impressive sight in the air as the partial bird, partial reptile has a fierce snout with sharp fangs lining the insides of it. The only thing being more intimidating than its teeth are its 35 cm talons.
Beast Traits:

  • Trait Name: Eusocial Queen
    Trait Tier: Omega
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern | Wyvern queen
    Trait Description:  Eusocial creatures are creatures that live in a societal structure in which there are many infertile females and one larger child producing queen who holds complete control over their colony allowing them to have many workers and soldiers. Though in the case of needing to start a new colony a queen can choose to create a new queen whether it before colonization or in the case that she would die.
    Trait Effect: Allows the queen to bring two A-tier Harpy wyvern soldiers with her into threads. Harpy wyvern Soldiers are exactly half the size of the queen and browner in color. They have all the same traits as the harpy queen at one tier lower except for the trait Eusocial queen. In the result of fatal damage the beast may expel a queen egg which will hatch after three posts, if fed b-tier food for two posts it will rapidly grow to a full size queen and if not it will stay a baby for the remainder of the thread. The replacement queen cannot control wyverns brought into the thread by the previous queen and the replacement queen is to young to expell a queen egg should she take fatal damage.

  • Trait Name: Avian apex
    Trait Tier: A
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: Due to the selective breeding involved with the species it's wings and body are perfectly suited for all forms of flight.
    Trait Effect: The wyvern is able to fly at high speeds with great maneuverability, it can fly longer than most speed fliers but it still likes to take rests during long trips

  • Trait Name: Land Tyrant
    Trait Tier: A
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: It's body while perfectly suited towards flight is also a monster on the ground, the partly reptilian creature seems to move and hunt just as well on the ground as it does in the air like a bird.
    Trait Effect: The wyvern is able to move around on the ground with great speed and control moving at speeds comparable to that of an A-tier fanalis.

  • Trait Name: Relentless Tracker
    Trait Tier: B
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The nasal cavity of this wyvern is perfectly suited towards finding prey and never losing track of them.
    Trait Effect: Allows the beast to pick up and discern scents from miles away, it becoming easier to seperate other scents from another the closer the wyvern gets to the source. Can be thrown off by scent hiding abilities of the same tier or higher.

  • Trait Name: Complex vocal chamber
    Trait Tier: C
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The wyvern's vocal system contains a complex organ allowing it to make complicated calls varying in tone, pitch, and even capable of making it sound like multiple birds calling at once.
    Trait Effect: The beast is able to register sound-based abilities.

  • Trait Name: Oral Bacterium
    Trait Tier: C
    Trait Requirement: Legend beast | Harpy-wyvern
    Trait Description: The inside of the beasts mouth is almost like a pitri dish as the symbiotic relationship of them allows the beast to utilize various bacteria for Offensive, Defensive, or even healing capabilities.
    Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register Bacteria based abilities.


Bandit Clearing [Job] VW4EEUy
Name: Ku
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Polearm
Magic Type: Meteor Magic
Appearance: A golden lance that’s 1.5m long. It has a wide bottom fans out 1m to protect the user’s fist and sharpens to a point. A third of the way up the blade is stylized to reveal a glowing red crystal. The handle is another 2 meters long and thin, extremely light when compared to the rest of the weapon. It ends in a diamond butt that’s 3x2 inches big; as for the magic circle, it’s located on a small red gem above the red crystal.

  • Upon activation of the Magic Circle, rock and heat begin to gather around the tip of the lance. It solidifies into a brutal comet powerful enough to leave A-tier wounds. However, the user can instead choose for the comet to be launched in one direction as an A-tier projectile. Costs 10 magoi to cast | 5 magoi to sustain.

WC: 1,556/1,500

Magoi: 240/240
Stamina: 395/395


Bandit Clearing [Job] CqM1zND

Bandit Clearing [Job] 1ZZ5IgG

Bandit Clearing [Job] LO0Knk3

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