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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy



An Empire born in the wake of war, and liberation, in the southeast, from the warm crystal oceans rests the booming nation of Meridia. A nation born from united tribes, small villages elevated through urbanization and restructuring of power. With wardens in its' cities and nomadic tribes under their protection, the people of Meridia hope to live with nature and fight for all freedoms. Founded by the Fanalis, and King Candidate Akitdaoh(Protector Empress/Emperor) Merrze Firdaus she hopes to not conquer lands but to elevate them. To offer her services to raise the status of those who wish for prosperity for their people, for peace.


Meridia boasts a mostly tropical climate with some diversity in differing regions. Near the north past the capital stretch grasslands in which some villages and small cities rest but mostly nomadic tribes or groups still under the Empire's protection. To the east near its borders by Kou there resides mountains. The Capital hosting all manners of jungle wildlife, stretching in patches with roads leading towards the south in which the coast rests on turquoise waters and small islands in the distance.

Magicians and magic play their part in the nation, but the Empire motivates and encourages the development of scientific pursuits, hoping to invite all manners of intellectuals to join in the countries growth.

The nation is inspired by south-east Asian Buddhist culture, with very specific tribes based on different cultural groups. The Ookami tribe, a tribe of experimented-on humans with animal-like features such as tail and ears, who have a proto-Japanese culture. The Tsering Tribe, a group of mountain farmers in the east of Meridia based on Tibetian culture. The Samat tribe, based on Thai culture comes from the coast with the Natalegawa tribe inspired by Indonesian/ancient Javanese culture. The Agate Tribe is the final one, inspired by Indian culture, specifically The Vijayanagara Empire. There also exists a large number of Fanalis amongst the freed slaves the empire has assimilated from compounds and those that followed Merrze. Immigrants and war refugees are welcome, but all are required to go through a screening to earn a chance at a job.

While being an Empire in Executive and Judicial duties, it is a Democratic-Empire. With its higher cities having a say and the people allowed to live freely they strive for a better life. Striving for better tech they have renaissance era advancement.


It took 12 years to build the bonds and buildings which would be the foundation of Meridia. A fanalis, by the name Merrze, had gathered followers from Reim, from her corps, from tribes in the plains. She would continue to free chained men and women, adding them to the ranks of their settlement. Fighting for gold, fighting for the freedom of others in Kou's wars. Amidst battle and battle, she had lost, and won, failing in her victories.

As she declared herself Queen Merrze Firdaus, leading a united patchwork of people. She used money from previous dungeons and wars fought. She would establish other settlements, freeing villages and getting more to her side. This would spread her name, enough for the nation to be challenged by another who called herself queen. As many lives were lost the Queen of Meridia would triumph. Not wishing to be a conquer she would focus on building.

Now as the nation becomes recognized and seen by the world, she makes an even greater claim. Founding large cities, and planning to form more they arise as the Meridian Empire. The Fanalis Empress wishes to add kings to her ranks, to found cities for good men to rule. For the Empire, exists to protect.

Government and Citizenship


The Meridian Protectorate Empire functions as a Democratic-Empire functioning by the petal structure. The Akitdaoh, which is the Emperor or Empress of the nation, is appointed as an heir. Acting as an equal power to the Akitdaoh is the Grand Cultural Council consisting of 5 people elected by the cultural councils for each city. The Empire and The Grand Cultural Council are the pistil of the petal structure, with each city, including the capital, being a petal.

Each petal is ruled by a Warden, the Warden for each Petal is decided by the city and the people which live there, whether it be through a king or an elected official, or an appointed one by the Akitdaoh. However, all petals have a cultural council which is an elected position based on neighborhoods, and cultural backgrounds so that each group is represented. Council size depends on the city's population type and the surrounding villages in their petal. While the Council maintains peace, the Warden protects all within their petal's influence. The Akitdaoh makes the law and protects those under the empire's flower.

City Councils meet once a week to discuss matters, the Grand Council discusses matters twice a week, and every 6 months there is an assembly of all the councils, wardens, and the Akitdaoh. Merchant, artisans, and trade leaders are welcome to attend all council meetings.

The Grand Cultural Council:

Head of Nomadic Tribe Affairs- Zen Head of the Ookami Tribe
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Head of Agricultural Affairs- Gysato of the Tsering Tribe
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Head of Foreign Affairs- Dang of the Samat Tribe
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Head of Military Affairs and Warden of Firdain- Abyssa of the Natalegawa Tribe
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Head of Internal Affairs- Amara of the Agate Tribe
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Head of Economic Affairs- Irosa Ire
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City Services

The Meridian Guard- The Main protection force of the Empire, they exist to guard the nation's provinces, help protect nomadic tribes, and act as special forces for foreign conflict.

The Order Architects and Merchants- A united faction within the Empire of Meridia existing to manage the affairs of merchants, artisans, traders, and builders within the nation. They are involved with planning new cities and helping set up their economy, along with managing districts.


Meridia News Board


For one to become a citizen of Meridia all they must do is live in one of its' cities. All who wish to live there are granted a chance to work, all refugees and immigrants are examined and documented, getting the same rights as others upon being accepted. All citizens of Meridia have access to free fruits, vegetables, and grain from many of the cities' gardens, granting them one rest item equal to tier whenever a thread in Meridia is started.

At B-tier players dedicated to helping the nation have the chance to purchase an invention from engineers which may be improved with an upgrade thread when the user ranks up. (The invention is a custom-made mundane item, weapon or plot device for the player.)

Omega Challenge

Champion of the Bay- One must take on a DM'd fight against two A-tier opponents in the Siren's Bay or an Omega tier one.

Growing the Flower- Another way is for a player to expand the nation by founding another City and petal Region to expand the nation's Influence

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