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Scory Mori [Job/Chain/Solo]

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Job Name: Feinted Heart
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Reward: [ 3,000 Huang | 50 EXP ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: In a regional area of Kou, an annual festival is going on. They're looking for anyone willing to help out. They specifically need someone to go around in a scary costume and, in the spirit of the festivals, give a scare to some unsuspecting passing people.


Woof, finally out of the kitchen. Mori must’ve spent what felt like half-the-day scrubbing the pots and pans of that kitchen. The owners had left his payment under a pile of dishes rather than handing it to him upfront, which was strange, but maybe there isn’t as many dishonest people in this world that his masters had warned him of? Shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly at the thought, he’d pocket the funds he was staring at and move on with his life.

Time had certainly passed as it was night, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at the sky. It was filled not with stars sparkling, but with the rage of fireworks unhappy with the fact that they couldn’t equate to the sun. The dirt streets, if they weren’t filled to the brim with people then, are most certainly filled with people now. Tents and decorations seemed to have been set up within the time he was trapped scrubbing kitchen-ware as it wasn’t there when he’d entered the inn. Not too far from the inn where he stood, he noticed the tent, and under it was the familiar bald mustached man who he’d assumed owned the inn and infront of him was that delicious platter of food that was on display when he’d first met the man.

Licking his lips once more, Mori would wonder if the bald man was in a more generous mood this time around, with the festival being around and all, and would let his nostrils carry him into the direction of the food. Almost autonomously, he’d stroll over to the tent with the familiar man and almost as soon as he made his presence known to the man, the bald man would pick him from the crowd of onlookers who’d shared the same feelings of the food.

“Boy! Get over here, I want to give you something!” Already, Mori was entranced at the thought of what the gift might be. The crowd would slowly turn and look at Mori as the bald man had drawn attention to him, it looked like they were being denied the food on display all the same as Mori had been earlier. The crowd would clear a path, giving Mori many-a-grimaces as he passed by, most certainly envious of the gift the young monk was about to be bestowed. As soon as Mori made his way to the table, the tall and muscular mustached man pulled something from behind his back, not a dagger, and not food, but a massive costume and would cram Mori within it. As if he were trapped within a can, Mori’s arms would be restrained tightly to his sides until he could readjust to find the armholes of the costume.

“Boy, today, you will be the fright of the festival!” the bald man would say, grabbing hold of Mori’s shoulder and leading him away from the food upon the table. Mori shook his head in misunderstanding, unbeknownst to the mustached man. “All you need to do is run around and scare people! Simple enough,” he would pat Mori upon the back, but it was definitely more of a shove towards the crowd. “Good luck lad!”

And just like that, Mori would be forced into the position of the MIDNIGHT MONSTER! OOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The rest of Mori’s night would be filled with him scaring unsuspecting bystanders and laughter to ensue. He found it to be a lot more fun than he’d initially thought, and his appetite seemed to be quenched upon finding a new activity to fulfill himself with.


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Name: Bo Staff
Tier: D
Material: Bamboo/Wood
Appearance: The appearance of the bo staff is similar to a sliced piece of bamboo one might find within a bamboo forest. It is treated with a substance that promotes strength within the plant, and has a wooden filling of sorts glued within it’s hollow. Lengthwise, it stretches to 1.8 meters. The ends are both cylindrical with a diameter of 3 cm.

Abilities Used:
(Paste Here)

W/C: 594/500

Magoi: 160/160
Stamina: 65/65


Scory Mori [Job/Chain/Solo] HItJnKJ

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