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Lagi's Replacement Trait

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Trait Name: Microbe Storage
Trait Tier: D-Rank
Trait Requirement:  Dracul Dungeon Beast and Perfect Infernal Construct
Trait Description: The perfect infernal construct(s) might have amazing abilities, but they are useless to the Dracul if they aren't available to serve him. To stay close to their master,  the perfect infernal construct can turn themselves into microflora, which are microbes that reside in the skin.  Not only is it treated as increased storage for the perfect infernal constructs, but the increase of master and servant relationships has allowed them to develop a mental connection with each other to communicate.

Trait Effect: Increases the NPC storage and thread allowance of a specific NPC, the perfect infernal construct "Sogaxod".   This can either be initiated by the NPC and/or the user, as well as now allowing them to communicate with each other via telepathy whether they're stored or apart from each other. In regards to distance, the telepathy can work as long as the user and the npc are within 40 meters from each other. Depending on the current tier of the trait, the scale of the ability increases with the number of NPC's that the user can store with him. The user can bring more "Sogaxod(s)" into the thread if desired in exchange for taking up an allotted beast slot for that thread.

Tier - NPC Storage/Limit Increase
D-Tier -1
C-Tier - 2
B-Tier -  3
A-Tier - 4
Ω-Tier - 5


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