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The Next

The Next

Next [wip] 79979

Name: Next
Country Affiliation: Magnostadt
Tier: D
Class:Strength Magician
Age + Birthdate:16 - 24/02
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Streight
Next is a very aggressive individual in the sense that he has no problem punching someone who says something stupid, and will not hold back their words. They tend to hate almost everyone and everything initially before slowly, very slowly growing to value things around them. Does not respect authority and definitely doesn’t accept the concept of countries and their leadership telling him what he can or can’t do.

Next has trust issues, and has voices in his head guiding him and due to being alone most of his life bouncing from place to place has come to trust them over others. Sometimes he wants to destroy the world, others he would do anything to save it. This is because he is filled with quite the rage. Doesn’t really take part in ideal chit chat or give their input in the lives of others.

Holds Grudges
Doesn’t care about their own life or pain
Doesn’t value the lives of others, unless their close to him

Finally Next is a hard worker and will grind the hardships to develop themselves as they somewhat crave power; they don’t want anything to ever stand in their way that they can not stop. Is a firm believer in the statement that “if you repeat the same action repeatedly you’re eventually go insane, however, if you go insane you’re make the outcome change”

Really enjoys drinking, its one of the few thigns that helps them relax, however, they prefer to do this alone to be alone with their inner thoughts.

Control; They like having control in a situation and if they were to die, they would prefer it be due to their own failings instead of something out of their control. "Give me a 1% chance and id make it out"

People. Generally dislikes other people as more likely than not their stupid and just wasting his time, whats the point in people anyway

Illogical people; anyone who says something based on emotion that compeltely deneys logic sense, he will dislike and hate.

Next craves power; they want to become the strongest in the world in order to prevent anything being in their way. To protect what is theirs, and to take anything they require. They have survived this world on their own for years, and have recently decided to seek education to increase their power however, they are curious about the dungeons and their djinns.

Additionally they seek to discover their actuarial name; they are actually a Nameless person and this has left a scar on their heart which affects their entire personality and actions.

Fears being powerless and dying in a situation out of their control. They would rather attempt to swim an ocean than to fall from a massive height for certain death, this indirectly comes with a fear of unstable heights, such experiences will cause a stone in their stomach.

One thing they truly do fear is actually being Happy with people; this would cause them to be a representation of something they hate, a pointless life is pointless.

Face-Claim:Naofumi, Shield Hero
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: 191 cm / 6ft3
Weight: 90kg
Appearance: The next is fairly tall with black scruffy hair, and can normally be seen wearing light and medium armour and a green cloak. Their shoulders are quite broad and they carry themselves with a powerful stride, their eyes look significantly older than their actuarial age, they always look tired.
They wear black fur boots, and padded leggings. They also wear soft furred gloves with slight padding as they often find themselves punching strangers and this was to prevent their hand from getting bruised.

Their borg is green, and their go to accessory colour is also green. They have a green tattoo on the back of their left shoulder of a Fox.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features:N/a
Role-Play Sample:

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