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Returning to the Pride [ Job / Training | Private ]

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Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

The campaign in the mountainous region of Kou had stretched a few years more than she would have liked to spend. Her brief stop in Heliohapt had prolonged this time even further. A civil war, an engagement, the preparation of a new home. All of which left Diana absent from her homeland and her people.

It left her longing to feel the hot, summer sun on her face once more. The winds could not blow the sails faster. She longed to see her brother once more.

Her brother had sent her letters during this time, detailing the situation back at the capital. He had taken over the leadership of the clan in her stead. Being the stronger out of the two twins, her kin was not pleased with her abandonment. Yet they grew to accept him as their alpha, there were discussions of how she would be dealt with.

Some would say death. Others would say exile. Above all, many demanded blood. All were expected punishments. She knew the laws of her people better than she knew herself. If it came to it, she would accept what was dealt to her in full. Even if her brother did not agree.

During her time at sea, it was beneficial to her to keep her hands busy so her mind did not idle. She kept in mind the teachings of the strange performer she had met in Kou.

While not adopting his unique techniques, there was a well of untapped potential within her. The few techniques she had mastered were of her own creation. A way to shape scales onto her flesh, to bolster her roar, another to mold her nails into weapons. All she drew from the depths of her soul. There was a part of herself that remained hidden. One that she could not discover on her own. But she would harness the shape it provided.

Despite the ivory pigment of her hair, her spirit was that of a true Fanalis.

With weeks at sea, she meditated for hours on end with Pluto as they honed their minds. Changing the natural composition of her body would require a great deal of work. For days she made attempts to refine the art to little avail. But giving up was not an option. If she were to face the Corvus, she would need to be stronger. There was no excuse for weakness. But determined she was to regain the leadership of her clan. Even if it meant humiliating her brother. Forgiveness was a road easier traveled than that of certain death.

By the end of her journey, her dedication had begun to pay off. The extension in which she could manipulate her body had grown. Her scales were stronger and her roar was more formidable. There was more she had found herself capable of. Yet it would take her more time to perfect those techniques. She wondered if one day, she would find that performer once more. How it would thrill her to engage him in a spar.

Alas, this chapter of her life was coming to a swift close. With the shores of Reim on the horizon, it was only a matter of time.




Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

Job Details:
Job Name: Returning to the Pride
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 3,000 Huang and 50 EXP
Job Prerequisites: Diana Corvus | N/A
Job Overview: After a long absence, Diana returns to Reim with company to reclaim her authority and uphold her duties as a leader. Due to the growing tensions with the clan, a meeting is held to decide how these problems can be mended.

After a long and arduous journey at sea, the ship pulled to the docks of the port city. All of the familiarity of the Reim came rushing back to her. From the shout of sailors to the sharp kiss of the sun. The gulls sang of their arrival and the joyful tears of families roared from the small gatherings upon the distant docks. Out of all but one of them, a familiar face stood out.

His name came to her lips in a breath. “Apollo—” On light winds, her legs carry her off the creaking galleon and down the docks into his arms. She takes in the scent of light musk and summer fruit in his hair. His embrace keeps her close. The tips of his fingers pressing into her skin as he places a kiss on her temple.

“You’ve been gone for too long,” he whispers to her ear, a chuckle following a nudge of his forehead.

“I have,” she breathes. “You’ve grown.”

He pulls away, placing his hand on her shoulders with a crook of his brow. “If I’ve grown, then so have you. Your grip is strong. I thought if you embraced me any tighter my chest would collapse.” She laughs, flicking two fingers against his head.

“I’ll keep that in mind next time you upset me.”

Apollo shakes his head, grinning. Only for it to die as soon as it bloomed. “On a more serious note. We have a lot to talk about before we reach the city.”

While the journey to the capital was not long, the depth of their conversation made it more tiring. To learn of the demand for a council meeting was one thing. There were conflicting voices regarding her return, she knew that. But the strong lean towards a Salto Obitus was enough to soak in the seriousness of it all. Such a thing meant death for her or her brother. Even worse, Phobos.

As they arrived at the compound, the bulk of the clan had been anticipating their arrival. Their bloodlust hung heavy in the air. All eyes were on them; they were the mightiest of them all and all wanted to try for their standing.

Diana walked through the crowds with Apollo and Pluto in tow. Her head held high and her eyes on the path in front of her. There was no weakness in her form. Only resolve. Now, more than ever, she would need to prove herself. The lives of those she loved depended on it.

Entering the meeting hall, they would take their seats amongst the elders at the long table. The eldest Corvus would tap their hand upon the table thrice as everyone settled.

“Let us begin. This shall not take long.”

The energy of the room grew tense, their voices quiet. He rises, placing his hands upon the table.

“It is clear to us that you do not take the duties bestowed upon you at the gravity you should as the daughter of the late Aidoneus. If you intend on reclaiming your position as heir and Aleph, the clan has decided that a Salto Obitus is the only course you may take.”

A soft clamor rises amongst the other elders. Their voices chimed together in agreement. There was no remorse in their decision. If they were to lose one of them today, they would still have their leader. Death was the ultimate honor and life was the greatest privilege.

Diana takes a breath, standing up out of her seat. The room goes quiet. “I understand.” Apollo looks at her but she does not turn. “Diana,” he ushers, placing a hand on hers. “You don’t have to do this.” The elder sends him a glare that causes him to straighten himself.

“She has abandoned the clan on more than one occasion. You know the consequences, Aleph. She must pay the price for her treason. The clan has excused her actions for far too long.”

Their words drove deeper into her core than any blade. The reality of the situation hadn’t hit her as hard as it did at this moment. Never in her life had she ever felt so unsettled. Fear gripped her throat. It was difficult to swallow down the rock that settled there. Her voice comes quiet but she manages to speak. “When must this take place?” At the very least, she wished to spend a night with her family. Fortunately, her wish was granted.

“Tomorrow at dawn we will begin the Salto Obitus ceremony.”




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