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Reim in Need Part 1 [Job Chain/open]

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Job Name: Capital Guard
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: It has been announced that more random attacks on Reim have been occurring, thought to be terrorist attacks from groups outside of Reim. Due to this, there is a higher demand for people to patrol the streets and keep the peace. Help reduce the amount of crime by patrolling areas with higher crime rate that are under patrolled. You see a peculiar mage preparing a spell on some civilians. Defeat and capture the mage. This patrol job is issued by Reim's Council for any who are of combat experience.


“FIRE BOLT” is heard seconds before the sounds of screams echo throughout the neighbouring streets. Naofumia would begin running towards the scene ducking under a horse harness in order to avoid the oncoming merchant caravan, jumping over a box and somewhat sliding as she turned the nearby corner.  Her eyes opened wide as her heart started to beat fast in a panic as for what Naofumia was seeing before her was a dreadful scene. There was blood pouring out of a child on the floor as a man clocked completely was pushing a wooden staff into an open wound and twisting it for his own amusement.  The father of the child was trying to get to his son, but he was covered in serious burns and surrounded by fire. Naofumia was sick to her stomach at the sight of this demonic monster, without a second hesitation she draws her Rapier and rushces at fast as she can towards the mage. The drawing of her sword alerted the mage to her presence. He smirked “More toys?” before he started laughing fairly quietly to himself.  

Waiting until the last possible moment to counter Naofumia the mage activated his Borg as she lunged forward. At the moment of contact, utter confusion would enter Naofumia's mind; she had never seen a magician before, let alone a borg.  Her eyes gazed in total seriousness as her expression borne nothing, all her mind could think of was how she was going to kill this man. Simultaneously the father covered in burns dashed forward himself attempting to punch the mage meeting the borg himself. He screamed in pain as if he had just fractured his hand. Naofumia put all her strength behind her blade as she attempted to push through this barrier.  Despite both Naofumia and the fathers efforts they were both forced to the side from their own momentum.

Naofumia crashes into a wooden box right as she tumbles over, she gets a few splitters. “Firebolt” A ball of fire impacts Naofumias stomach, she grits her teeth in pain as she rolls back and lifts herself up, sword in hand. “What am i to do, I can’t get through that thing… and that boys nearly dead”.

Wordcount 370
Weapon = Rapier

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Over the next 2 few minutes, both the father and Naofumia would attempt to attack this invisible barrier repeatedly, however, no matter how hard they tried nothing seemed to work. A real sense of desperation was setting into the heart of both of them and logical awareness that they couldn’t do anything. The child was nearly dead and the mage was pulling out a knife as if he was beginning to get bored with the child “I have had enough playtime”. Naofumia wasn’t one to show emotion but in this case, her mouth was beginning to slightly open as her breathing became irregular, her sweat had caused her hair to drop as if she had just had a shower and her eyes were looking all over for an option. The father was just throwing punch after punch as his hands became more and more bloody.  Naofumia gripped her blade as tight as she could and charged with everything she had “RAAAAAA”. “This will get through, it has to”. Naofumia was terrified.  

Elsewhere in the city of reim.

“Ooooy ooy, give me another drink would yah
“Sir, it's not even evening and you’re twisted through your second brain” “What do you mean second Brain?” “well, you didn't have a brain, to begin with, you somehow still screwed one up, so it must have been a second brain” “Ha Ha, give me another drink” “NO, GO HOME...EAT SOMETHING”. “Do you really want to Deny me, do you know who I am?”. The Bartender would come real close to Bilbos, leaning forward on the counter to the point their noses were nearly touching “Well, who are you then?”.  The bartender had seen many people play this card before, and was just waiting to say his famous line “Are you Done? Oh yes you’re done?” as an intimidating smirk engraved on his face. Bilbos leaned forward also pushing his nose against the Bartenders “I’m the National treasure, the famous assassin Bilbos the Beast Bambi”.  The Bartender would burst into a hissy fit of laughter as he took a step back away from Bilbos. Suddenly the Bartender snapped back in total seriousness with his fingers upon his nose. “One, if you were a famous Assassin, you wouldn’t be a good Assassin. Two, If you were famous how come I don’t know who you are. AND THREE” the bartender for some reason feels the urge to reveal his teeth. “IF YOU WERE FAMOUS ASSASSIN called Bilbo's the Beast Bambi, you were almost certainly named by your mother”.

This infuriated Bilbo as his mother was a bit of a sore spot for him, but he didn't want to take it out on the bartender directly and cause trouble, and thus he grabbed a nearby metal bowl filled with leftover chicken and tossed it into the air at extreme force. The bowls path would have it fly through the roof, across part of the city, and eventually, come crashing down at an angle impacting the mage's borg. Sparks would begin flying as its structure slowly came apart[The Bowl], the leftover chicken would pop out and be seen in the corner of the mage's eye. This triggered a moment of terror within him and he lost focus and his Borg was dropped, just in time for Naofumia to get through.  Naofumia blade would impact the torso of the mage as it began to start cutting the skin, Naofumia would use all her weight to push it deeper. The father would also start slamming his body into the back of the Mage. “STOP WE WANT HIM ALIVE!”. Several Reim guards would start coming down the street. “I don’t think so,” Naofumia thought to herself.

The combination of Naofumia putting her weight behind the sword, and the father of the boy slamming into him from the other side, her rapier pierced right through into his heart, and then she twisted and pulled. The mage was dead and blood was spitting out covering the face of Naofumia. Naofumia would put on the best smile she possibly could for the man, however, it was clear as day she was pretending and forcing it, she placed her hand on his shoulder “Save your kid, and get some treatment”. The Reim guards would arrive “Why did you kill him? we told you to take him alive”. Naofumi would shaft her blade and walk away and completely ignore the reim soldiers presents completely

The Guards would feel somewhat insulted but they instantly understood and began helping the man and his kid, while having additional personnel come to take the corpse of the mage. Naofumia would return home to clean herself up, before curling up in a ball at home. “I’m so weak”. She had shown little emotion all day however now she was overwhelmed completely.

The end. “Are you Done? Oh yes you’re done?”

Word Count = 803
Total word Count = 1173

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