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Purse Snatcher [Job/Open]

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1Purse Snatcher [Job/Open] Empty Purse Snatcher [Job/Open] 30/01/21, 10:13 am



Job Name: The Purse Snatcher [Repeatable]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
A man with features of Reim has targeted a woman from Kou, taking her money and belongings after he bumps into her. She calls out for help, and points to the man.

You may:

Obtain the valuables by capturing the Purse Snatcher or forcing him to drop them in order to run away. The Kou woman will thank you profusely, providing you a reward as a token of her gratitude.

Enemy Name: Purse Snatcher
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Purse Snatcher has a knife used to deliver D-Tier damage.


Help the Purse Snatcher escape the City Guard by incapacitating or killing the guard that attempts to apprehend him. Regardless of whether you dislike the presence of Kou people in Reim, or if you simply want to help a thief out, the Purse Snatcher shares with you a portion of his 'earnings' in gratitude for your assistance.

Enemy Name: City Guard x 2
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Guards each have a shortsword they use to deliver their attacks, with each attack dealing D-Tier damage.

The Purse Snatcher

A man wearing a black clock covering his entire body is running down the road, the road covered in puddles from the rain earlier in the day, two guards are right behind him in full equipment. Water is splashing everywhere as all three of them continue to run stepping into each puddle in turn “Get back here you scum“As if you Hogs” “Brian i’m going take the next left and head him off” “Right, imma force him into the sidestreet”.  Naofumia in her normal civilian attire looks up at the oncoming traffic and asks herself “Is he running at me? There's so much space to my right? What an idiot”  Naofumi had no intention of giving chase or stopping this man, however, seconds after they passed her water would impact her eyes. Anger would build up as she turned around to watch. The first guard would slow down to a halt as he attempted to catch his breath “Running in full armour, what a pain”.  The fleer catches a glimpse of this and smirks as he begins to sliver to the left ally  “Ha, get rekted hog”. Just like that the second Guard came running behind him who had sprinted around as fast as he could out of sight.

Naofumia would smirk, as she somewhat enjoyed this smug jerk getting his comutance. His eyes opened wide as he realised the situation, the guard made the mistake of drawing his sword revealing his position. *THUD* the fleeing thief resorted to kicking his attacker in the private area before pushing him over; face first into a dirty wet puddle. Naofumia would sigh “Fine” and lifting her right foot first she would begin chasing the individual . “This doesn’t concern you!”. Without saying a word and an expressionless face she proceeds to close the gap. The thief returns to running as he attempts to flee from Naofumia, he wasn’t exactly scared or worried about her, but the guards could engage with her at any moment.

“I have to lead her somewhere quiet and end this”he's gonna have to lead me somewhere quiet to avoid the guards”. They both had the same idea and the Hunt was on.

Wordcount =368
Weapons = Rapier 

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The pursuit wouldn’t last that long, as the thief was already somewhat tired and Naofumia didn't exactly look that threatening; within 30 seconds the thief had to lead her to a tight alleyway thinking there's no way one could swing a sword in such a tight space and just after they turned a corner Naofumia found the Thief plunging towards her with the knife drawn and gripped with both hands. She pushes off the right wall and slams herself in the left, impacting it with quite a force to avoid the Knife attack. The thief would use some fancy footwork to duplicate Naofumia dodge into an attack and he plowed shoulder first into Naofumia stomach, letting out a sudden gasp of breath Naofumia lifts her knee into his forehead. He springs back into the opposite wall-banging his head in the process; he lets go of the knife with one hand and allows his other to swing it with velocity towards Naofumia neck. Her eyes widen as the shima of the steel slowly comes closer, the world seems to move slower “Is this it, I can't reach my Rapier, there's no nowhere to dodge”. Letting out a slight breath “Maybe if I move towards it, the damage will be less?”. In the split second between her potentially getting cut her brain tries to access the best way to get cut. “That's it, if I jump he will only get my shoulder”.

Just as Naofumia jumps banging her head on a ledge wall in her attempt to avoid a dangerous injury. A well-armored and firm hand grabs the thief's arm and prevents the swing completely. One of the Reim Guards had caught up with the other not too far behind, both taking deep breaths as they secured the thief. Naofumia would thank the guards as she helped with the securing of the thief. “It is us who should be thanking you, he surely would have escaped if you didn't come to our aid”  “Yeah miss, thank you”.   The four of them would return to the main street where the victim of his crime was waiting and her purse was returned and everyone would go their separate ways. Naofumia returning to her day, The guard hauled the thief to prison and victim to her family. One of the guards would notice Naofumias weapon at her hip and swiftly returned to her side “Wait mam, I just wanted to give you a word of advice, if you're looking to become a soldier” “I am?” she would reply in curiosity “If you’re ever going into a situation that you can’t see your enemy, draw your weapon”.  Naofumia knew he was right and smiled “Thank you.” “If you had your rapier drawn in that alley, he wouldn’t have stood a chance”

Word Count :465
Total Word Count :833

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