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Alceus Frigus [B-Tier NPC]

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Alceus Frigus [B-Tier NPC] Frostm12

Name: Alceus Frigus
Tier: B
Damage Required to Defeat: B
Description: Born in the very north of Reim in the region of Deumania, near the lands of Imuchakk, Alceus was a quarter Imuchakk Human man. He was a white haired man of a tall 6'4 stature and a quite muscular physique before turning into a Tundra Minotaur. Alceus is a very stubborn but responsible man, who is reliable to those he serves. Alceus is in his early 20s, and with no prospects other than furthering his body manipulation techniques and serving Angelus. Angelus met him in the Coliseum and let him live, despite the discrimination the spectators threw at him.
Weapons: N/A
Tundra Minotaur:
Trait Name: Tundra Minotaur
Trait Tier: -
Trait Requirement: Auction Purchase, Magical Mutation, Dungeon
Trait Description A beast of the frozen cold, bringing with it the terrors of winter. With the head of an ox, its mighty horns and powerful body bear its burden.
Trait Effect:

  • Has B-tier strength over entire body, with 2m long horns which do B-tier damage in the for of Dry ice, spreading over damaged limbs.

  • Fur and Skin are coated with frost of dry ice, creating a layer of defense and damage. With B-tier shield durability and does B-tier freezing damage when clashed.

  • Immuchak magoi and Stamina pools


  • Glacies Pugnus Alceus covers his fist in dry ice, and strikes at a target with his fist to deal B-Tier cold damage.

  • Congelatio: Stomping with his right leg, Alceus freezes the ground beneath him. In a 10m diameter the ice spreads out to deal B-Tier damage to everything standing on it.

  • Gracialis: Alceus freezes whatever makes contact with him. It is frozen over with B-Tier dry ice and requires B-Tier strength to escape. It disperses after 3 posts.

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Alceus Frigus [B-Tier NPC] Vault111

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Inform me how to attain this NPC in plot.


Alceus Frigus [B-Tier NPC] Vault111

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