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Growth Through Loss [ Solo | Training | Job ]

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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Remembrance Day

Dalia stood at the tallest rock as the rest of her people slowly gathered on lower ones each one holding a flower. The grey skies had slight darker clouds rolling across with the wind. Dalia looked back to the others taking a slow deep breath in before looking back forward towards the ocean and started to shout so everyone could hear her. “Today marks the day of our first annual Remembrance Day. A day we remember those we have lost, or have killed and honor them in death, thank them for helping us on our paths to becoming who we are today, and to vow to live our lives to the fullest for those who no longer can. As we list off those who we seek to remember today of those who we have lost this year and those prior we pluck a petal to send them off with the wind.”

She declared holding up her flower. “Today I speak to remember my uncles” she plucked two petals off. “One noble warrior.” She plucked one more in the name of the swordsman in the tunnels she killed out of the two. ”A lost innocent life.” She plucked another for the first girl she fed on. “Several drug dealers” another one for the collective. “Several slavers.” and another. “Those needed to form this faction.” and another. “And countless others now and in the past.” she said letting go of the flower to let it flow with the wind away and down towards the ocean with only one petal left on its bud.

“Today I seek to remember my mommy and daddy and my friends.” Calamine said with teary eyes plucking several petals off. “And countless others now and in the past.” She let go of her flower.

“Today I seek to remember my parents, cousin, those required to form the faction,” Daichi said softly but still somehow loud enough plucking the petals off. “And countless others now and in the past.” He let go of the flower.

“Today I seek to remember my mother, those I was contracted to kill, those I could not save” Lila plucked off the flower petals. “And countless others now and in the past.” And let go of the flower. Slowly one by one others started to go some going together until they were all done, the ocean slowly pulling away with the tides each flower, the horde of flowers floating away as the petals streamed through the wind to wherever the wind would take them. Dalia looking up to the slowly parting clouds as her hair fluttered behind her.

“We honor those who made us who we are now. We vow to live to the fullest for those who no longer can!” She called out before saying it in the language she was forming. “ɸɐ ʋɛχ ɸɪʋ tot ʝoɲ ɸɐ ɸɔ ɸɐ ɾɔ zɛtɔɾ. ɸɐ mɐŋ ʂɪʔ ʔɔχ ɲoʋ ɸɪʋ tot bɐm zɛtɔɾ!”

“ɸɐ ʋɛχ ɸɪʋ tot ʝoɲ ɸɐ ɸɔ ɸɐ ɾɔ zɛtɔɾ. ɸɐ mɐŋ ʂɪʔ ʔɔχ ɲoʋ ɸɪʋ tot bɐm zɛtɔɾ!” The others chanted out behind her as the sun broke through the clouds soaking them all in the late afternoon sun’s light as they all stood there silently in a moment of silence for the lost. Dalia turned with the others and slowly made their way from the rocks back to the main lands, a few people patting each other on the back supportively while some hugged. Dalia hugged Daichi and Lila at the same time picking up Calimine to hug her as she cried gently. Daichi gently wiped her tears away as Lila gently stroked her hair while Dalia held her and gently kissed her forehead. They looked over to see the other Wolves, the group Lila had been a part of all her life who smiled to them. They all made their way over and followed them to their camp site and sat down and ate with them talking about what's been going on as late afternoon turned to night. And Remembrance Day passed. But the memories that it returned did not remain as they should.


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Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Ability Training

“Dear mom,

I know you have run into the Wolves post your capture and Lila did find me. She helped me and helped guide me when I didn’t know how lost I fully was. She thought me methods of being a ranger as well. She told me your status. But she let me go on my way given what I was working on. Which I would have to explain later. I have a lot that happened I need to tell you and papa about.  But right now what I needed to tell you is I’ve been training my abilities and came up with many new ones using my new age and form as inspiration. I had used something called a Shard and now I am 18. I am now an old woman as well but now have much more wisdom… And alongside this I have become a Vampire. So not too much of a difference in me there besides my capabilities changing slightly.”

Dalia steadied her breath as she   closed her eyes focusing on the blood in her body feeling it in every vein, artery, and organ. She held out her damaged arm tensing it as it slightly twisted and shook shocks of pain streaming through it. Her brows frowning but she still focused on it the best she could  trying to feel each individual nerve inside its works, even the messed up ones that caused pain when they were worked. She tried to settle herself down as she slowly heated up her blood with her body heat and tried to shift it to her shoulder before it stuck too many nerves making her fell to her knees gasping gripping her shoulder. Daichi rushed over to look at her arm, raising his brows as he saw nothing wrong. Dalia sighed and smiled half heartedly to him. “Told you this arm is messed up…” Daichi blinked realizing what she really meant now and helped her up.

“I have been working on finding methods to replace limbs given my messed up arm and a move I have in theory for an emergency move to turn my limbs into explosive blood like attacks if it's my last resort and I can’t get out of a situation. It could pose a good move given no one expects limbs to just suddenly explode while they're pinning you down.”

The next day Dalia  looked over her notes and tapped her pen running her hand through her hair as hour 5 passed of her trying to find a way around her pain in her bad arm. She would practice with her other arm but if this failed she couldn’t risk messing up her only good arm’s nerves so she figured using one that's already messed up would work better. She had been thinking it over since the idea first popped up in her head but the more she though about it the more she realized avoiding all pain would be impossible. It wouldn't be as bad if she didn't have to deal with extra intense pain from her messed up arm. Wait… if she targeted up higher on the arm that could work. It would be a bit dangerous up higher near the shoulder but if she got where the shoulder met the bicep she could avoid needing to cut through bone. That could lessen the pain from her arm if she attacked the less damaged nerves up higher. Not by much grantee but maybe enough.

”But I have been working on the concept for a few months now during my training with my uncle Jynx who turned me into a vampire. So about a week before my birthday. I was a bit busy so I couldn’t physically practice it but calculating out what i would need to attach another limb to where my own once was took awhile to do. But funnily enough it is just the method of focusing your body into thinking it's restitching on your own limb and its nerves but tricking it to think that other limb is your own. Below I will provide my own training on how I figured out how to do it but you need a missing limb before you can do so… I only ask one thing of you father and uncle… only steal the limbs of evil people please.”

Dalia the following day held out her arm again beads of sweat rolling down her face as Daichi stood at the ready. She focused on the nerves and blood as she shifted the heat about testing how well she could funnel heat in case she ever had to use her other ability to burn shut the wound but retracted it when the pain seemed barely bearable. She took a deep breath forming an A - Tier Bone Blade She held the blade up to where the base of her biceps met her shoulder blood beading up around the blades touch as she looked to Daichi so kept a fire hot holding a metal plate in it with metal clamps. He nodded,  setting clean wraps on his shoulder just in case. He was ready.

”The following may contain too sensitive of a depiction of gore for some readers”:
Dalia steadied her breath closing her eyes for a member before re opening them as she slashed upwards shouting loudly in pain as her arm severed from her body and blood splattered up into the air with the blade. Daichi shifted ready to sprint over as Dalia’s vision blurred from the pain but grabbed her arm before it fully fell. She brought it back up to her arm and held it in place. She focused on the nerves and flesh as sweat ran down her face along with Daichis own sweat doing the same as the two stared closely at the arm. She fell to one knee before shouting in pain again as all the nerves reconnected. She squinted one eye as she focused the heat in her body and channeled it to the  part where the two parts meet and growled out with a grin telling Daichi it was working as smoke rose from her arm as everything was seared back on with her New Accessory.

Dalia slowly stood back up her hand and arm twitching and trembling as Daichi walked over to her holding out the wraps to her. Dalia took them with her good arm before knuckle touching him with her bad one panting and gently wiping the blood off on the arm.

“Make sure you learn how to burn your own wounds when you do this turns out that in order to fully set the limbs in place you have to burn them closed…. With this method I know you can get replacement legs for you all. If you ever need to find me, look for a southern down in Kou by the ocean. You can find me there… but please do not target anyone around here. They are my people now. I love you mom, send my love to papa as well.


Dalia lowered her pen looking over her note before pulling over new paper and the pen again translating over everything to the new language. She knew her mother she'd be able to figure out the note with time. But she had to make sure none of the guards could in case they read it first so they wouldn't suspect her mother trying anything  unless her mother gave it away. Even if her family didn’t come to find her or get out of their imprisonment she wanted them to at least know of a way and method to replace their legs if the chance ever came up. She loved them too much not to share such news with them knowing how important their legs were to them.

She burned the original letter leaving the one in the new language and sealed it away in an envelope to be sent out later today. She looked at her arm that she had practiced with and smiled softly. Soon once she found the right arm… she wouldn’t need to worry about dealing with the pain anymore… or at least not as bad of pain… she was so close.

[ 2,163 / 1,500 Words ]

”Ability Used”:

Bone Blade
Tier: C - Tier
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Dalia must focus on her arms to gather the aspects to make the bone blades.
Scaling: Scales For Tier
Sustain: --
Cool Down: 2 Posts
Cost: 20 Stamina

    Dalia channels excess components in the body such as water, protein, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride, fats and other such things to form a large mass of Muscular fibers to then form into muscle tissue above the forearm bone. As it is formed excess calcium phosphate and what her body can make on the spot wraps around this tissue to form a bone that she then compresses down rapidly to make a thin blade like structure that is stronger than the usual bones in the body. They then shoot out form each arm up to .5 m in length with similar blade dimensions as a standard katana. It will stay out up to 2 posts, and functions like a basic weapon at C - Tier allowing for basic attacks matching the bone’s base tier. As the time runs out it retracts into her arms leaving cuts where they came out and return all the components back into the body where they belong.

”Ability Trained”:

New Accessory
Tier: A - Tier
Class: Body Manipulation
Type: ISupplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must not have currently attached body part that she is trying to put on currently.
Scaling: Scales for an additional part she can attach in one post.
Sustain: --
Cool Down: 4 Posts
Cost: 40 Stamina | 20 Stamina

    The user when having s missing body part can obtain a new body part to replace it but it must have been removed from the source, having been removed within at least the past 8 hours. The user will then place the body part against where the missing one would normally lay. Their body then will slowly open itself and restitch itself to the new body part before superheating itself using hyper focused heat from her own bodily heat to seal off the connected flesh together. This new part will now function as their own body part and with this if the new part has any injuries or drawbacks besides the one required to sever it from its source she will take on herself. The connecting process itself will cause B - Tier level pain, and can only be done with one single part per use. It will also leave a burn scar across where the limbs had been connected.


Growth Through Loss [ Solo | Training | Job ] Half-Dal-Sig1Growth Through Loss [ Solo | Training | Job ] Half-Dal-Sig2

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