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I'm a Lord? [Menat C-tier job]

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1I'm a Lord? [Menat C-tier job] Empty I'm a Lord? [Menat C-tier job] on 19/10/20, 12:10 am


Job Name: Wanderer's Woe's
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Kina
Job Reward: C-tier Plot NPC | 100 XP
Job Prerequisites:
Job Overview: While traveling through Kina you've noticed on all boards a repeated message generally on scratched paper and with messy calligraphy. Upon investigating further you notice that it's a plea for help, looking for someone of strength. It says they live nearby blue-flowered forest. Meet with this individual and find out why they are looking for someone to train them.

Menat couldn't believe the fact that it had been days since she had arrived in Kina, much less the Toh's village, and yet she had yet to run out of things to captivate her still. Lord Abe had assisted the young girl in obtaining lodgings at a local inn once their meeting in the manor's hot springs had finished given her inability to leave Kina while their ceremonies were taking place. She was informed she would be needed for some kind of procession leading up to a summit with the leaders of the Toh and all the other clans of Kina. Apparently she wasn't the only one as every mercenary and person that had come to offer their assistance would be included as well.

But that wasn't something she had to worry about any time soon. Which left her to just a healthy amount of time to take in all of the village's sights and personal aspects. That thought caused her to pause and cock her head to the side. It wasn't such an un-similar manner that she had encountered Lara, now that she recalled. She found herself wondering if the other girl was still somewhere local that she'd be able to "stumble" across her once more. She had enjoyed their conversations together and felt there was real potential in the two of them becoming actual friends. She'd honestly like to make a friend that wasn't just one of her younger siblings or their instructors, even if just once.

As it stood she wasn't sure that one interaction with Lara would be enough to put the both of them in that category of "friends" just yet. Though she wouldn't exactly be disappointed if it turned out that did qualify them as friends. But regardless it meant that she would need to encounter Lara again and, as it stood, just randomly walking around the village wouldn't net such a result twice. Less when factoring in the fact that she would be actively looking for one young girl in an entire foreign town. If she was being honest what she really needed was something to help her pass the time for the moment. Walking around and taking in the sites was all well and good but there really was only so long she could do it before the young redhead was due to end up becoming completely bored.

She wasn't sure if it was luck or something else but a piece of paper had been plastered to the side of a large wooden board along the path. The visiting Fanalis had passed several thus far, each one seemed to indicate local information the villagers deemed necessary to share with each other. Yet this one paper had appeared on virtually every single board she had passed. Even those that hadn't been on her current path held papers with similar writing that seemed less and less faded as she went along with her walk. Eventually she had found a version with enough readable writing. It had been posted as a request for help that directed any who were willing to help towards the blue-flowered forest.

She might have been just a simple visitor in the land but that didn't mean she was above helping one of the locals that needed it. Especially when she had nothing much better, nor more important, going on at that given moment. It took her asking directions once or twice before she found her way through the still unfamiliar terrain of the Kinan landscape. True to its name the forest was alive with varying species of flowers each sporting a unique style of petals in an astounding array of shades of blue. But among all the foliage the contrastingly colorful redhead faced a new dilemma. Just because she was directed to come to the forest didn't mean she had any clue of what she was looking for. The signs stopped long before she even reached the tree line, let alone before she entered. Now she stood, realizing how stupid she must have been to fall for such a simple and foolish trick.

"Did you see the requests then?" A female voice asked behind her. It was a soft, toneless voice that spoke directly at Menat. The most startling aspect was that, among all the plants, trees and sticks she hadn't felt anyone else was even here with her. Let alone that someone would be able to get behind her so easily. As quick as her reflexes currently allowed the young Fanalis reached up under her back, taking hold of the shaft of her spear as she drew her weapon mid rotation in an attempt to ready herself to defend against the surprise newcomer. The princess's spear was met with the clash of a simple dagger's edge. At least she assumed it was a dagger. It was roughly as long as a typical dagger but the shape was odd. The end of the handle held close to the mysterious woman was topped with a metal ring that seemed wide enough to fit at least a single finger while the blade itself seemed to flare out only to begin tapering in midway into a fine point. A design that seemed to give it four separate edges to strike with.

"A spear isn't as fast as my kunai, but I applaud your quick reaction." The woman spoke once more in that emotionless tone. There wasn't actually any indication that this woman was aiming to attack Menat and Menat herself was only putting her guard up and not actively looking to attack the unnamed woman herself. The intent seemed to reach both parties as each lowered her own weapon, earning Menat time to take stock of the woman's appearance. The first thing she noticed almost immediately was just how overall pale the girl's overall appearance was. Her skin was an alabaster white while her hair, mostly held back in a large bun on the back of her head save for the hair framing her face, was a pale violet color itself. Yet such a pale combination of skin and hair made her eyes shine all the brighter as she looked at Menat.

Her attire felt appropriately Kinan for Menat as she looked at it, yet it also seemed different from the manner of dress she had become accustomed to in her time in this land. The lower half of her face from her nose down to her neck were completely encased by a wide, thick purple scarf that wrapped completely around and trailed over each of her shoulders down to her knees. Her top was something akin to those kimonos she had seen women wearing, yet stopped just after her hips and lacked the long, elegant sleeves she had seen the type of dress to normally have. A thick, wide red cloth kept it bound tight around her waist along with a cord of varying sized orbs. Her outer thighs were on display given the cut of her pants but the purple garments were still baggy enough, especially at her lower legs.

"Nothing says you wish to attack one who has just surprised you." That same monotone voice continued. "Your first instincts are to defend rather than retaliate. I see." As quickly as it appeared the dagger, or kunai rather, was returned to wherever the woman normally kept it with movements of grace and elegance. In a similar flowing motion the pale woman took to a single knee before Menat with her head bowed. "My name is Shinjo Akane, a kunoichi of these lands. If you've followed the requests for assistance I've left on the boards around Kina then I'd like to inform you of what I ask. A shinobi is nothing in this land without a lord to serve and as such I currently lack one. It is my request that you, woman of another kingdom, become my Lord."

WC: 1,319 / 1,000

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