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Forest Training, For All Your Forest Training Needs [ Solo | Training ]

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl
Jumanah crouched down placing her hands on the ground steadying her breath and closing her eyes under her mask before opening them up and running forward in a sprint through the forests drawing her sword. She did her best to steady her breath as she ran along her pre decided upon path. She twirling her sword as branches came into view to hold her sword with a back handed hold. She embraced the butt of the sword by placing her open palm on it. She then swung chopping off a branch of the tree. She then ran forward planting her foot on a rock that she jumped onto before leaping off it spinning in the air, As she reached the jumps peak she outstretched her arm swinging the blade of the sword before bare missing and missed her landing rolling on the ground with a grunt and sigh. She got up shifting around her hair to knock some dirt out of it before getting back up to try again.

The next day she ran forward and slashed at another branch knocking it down as she leapt off the rock again. “Don’t mess up!” Amiz’s voice rang out as she barely missed again looking over to see him forgetting to make her landing and crashed down again. She slowly picked herself up panting looking over to him to see his smirk. “Man you had one job and you- Ah!” He shouted out running off as she grabbed her sword running after him shouting about how he was such a jerk.

The next day after having gone to lunch with Amiz and then trained for the rest of the day Jum held her readying sprinting post as sweat beaded off her brow, her arms and legs covered in small scraps and cuts from her falling and a few missed branches that hit her. She then sprinted forward striking the base of the tree that missed its low hanging branches now and had several cuts into its base and leaped off the rock spinning mid air, she focused on the branch but missed it again. She though adjusted herself just right and landed to the ground gracefully sliding on her feet to a stop. She smirked before bouncing happily and running back to the start to continue on.

The next day she went to the black smith to buy a wet stone to sharpen her blade with only to be yelled at by the black smith who saw how dull she let it get accusing her of likely using it for something stupid making her look off. He though taught her how to sharpen the blade and sold her the wet stone. Jumanah then spent the day resting and sharpening the blade.

The next two days she practiced and got down her landing each time getting her super pumped. One the last day she panted but slowly steadied her breath after the long day of training and ran forward chopping the thoroughly beat up base of the tree, leaped off the rock with all her built up leg muscle and chopped the branch that had been avoiding her strike all this time. She landed on the ground with a skid and watched the branch hit the ground. She smiled brightly before raising her hands into the air and ran in a circle cheering excitedly. She though fell onto her face from exhaustion and from her screaming sore muscles.She groaning softly notifying the local wildlife that she was still alive… just sore and exhausted.

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl
Jumanah hummed a bit to herself a little song bobbing her dead focusing her magoi into her staff striking the bottom into the ground to try and get it to stick, She then casting out Music of the Rukh  the music  proudly  playing making Amiz smirk as he watched.  She slowly left her staff and the song faded. She grunted making Amiz chuckle. She grabbed it again and casted the spell again making the music return. She slowly pulled her hand away and it faded again making her sigh. “How much are you putting in there?” Amiz asked, leaning against a tree.


“Magoi, how much?” He asked again. Jumanah thought about it carefully.

“Not much…” She said thoughtfully.

“Think the good old family staff is draining it too fast without your support in there?” He offered with a smirk. Jumana hblinked under her mask grabbing the staff again taking a deep breath putting more Magoi into it then ever before but focused it on just the task of playing a song. The song played out as she smiled  and focused on the song slowly pulling her hand away. The song kept playing and only faded a bit when she stopped focusing on it. She smiled brightly looking back over to Amiz who gave her a thumbs up. She then spent the next while trying to focus on the music without touching the  staff. A bit into her brother smiled.

“Try doing something while you focus, it won't be as much help if you're just staring at it the whole time.” he said with a smile she looking back to see his proud smile and happily got up setting up the next song, it was more tribal in nature she taking off her mask and set it down next to the staff as he looked to the staff. “Is that-'' Jumanah walked over and held up her hand to his palm facing him.

“Sure is.” She replied with a soft smile. He teared up a bit but smiled happily holding his palm up to hers barely not touching as they bowed to each the knees before circling each other once before swapping hands and walking in a circle around each other the other way. They were a bit rusty; they rarely did the dance when they were kids but they still knew enough. They then placed their hands together before interlocking fingers and stepped forward putting their free hands on the others back before smiling brightly and dripped down to the side with their arms at the same time that they leaped  to the same direction and hopped around the staff alternating legs they leaped with while spinning around together to the music's beat laughing happily.

As they finished the circle Amiz spin out Jumanah before spinning her back in, then she did the same to him. They then interlocked their other set of hands  crossed over with the other ones and took turns rolling under the set of arms almost seamlessly until Amiz fall over making them laugh and Jumanah snorted a bit with her laugh. He got back up quickly placing their hands almost together again and walked clockwise again. Then the other hands and moved counter clockwise as the song came to an end.  They smiled happily to each other with teary eyes. It had been the song of their people they played at every celebration. And the first dance that every child learned so they could dance with other kids at celebration time and feel fancy. The two embraced as they closed their eyes both silently crying into the other.  

After a bit the two took a break and  went to go eat. Later that night Jumanah returned sticking her staff back into the ground and flowed Magoi into it starting a song with a nice beat to it  and slowly pulled her hand away she then pulled out her sword and started to practice slow and purposeful moves with each extension of her arm trying to follow the beat of the music. She  slowly with each song she moved to try to pick up her speed but stopped and slowed back down each time she failed to focus on both at once and had to start a song over. She kept going until the moon threatened to fully go down and her body took no threats and forced her to fall to the ground from physical and magoi based exhaustion. She fell to her knees as she panted  and felt the threat of her body screaming you pushed too hard and we'll break if you push any harder.

She rolled to a seated position and sheathed her sword with a shaky hand. She looking up to the staff that now towered over her with a quite stare, only her breath and the wind gently blowing her hair to keep her company. What was she to do after she said goodbye…? What would she do after the bandits were taken care of? Maybe she could invite Lilitha to go with her… bring some food with them while they were out there, make a nice dish and eat and camp out there in celebration? Punch Amiz in the face as he’d likely teased her for inviting Lilitha having seen how she looked at her one day as they left the colosseum one day to meet with Amiz who had come to surprise her by meeting her at the colosseum instead. Since then he’s teased her about it whenever she talked about lilitha.

Maybe after the trip she could go and meet with Noir and see how she has been. She had also said she would return to meet with Diana which felt like ages ago. She would love to train with her more. Or at least get to actually know her, show her how much stronger she had gotten since their last meeting. So maybe she could ask Noir if there was a way to talk to her from a long distance that she would prefer to try and stay in touch. Based on what Lilitha’s plans were, she'd likely even invite her to go with her too, and if not ask if there was a way to stay in touch with her as well in hopes to talk with her again at that point before several years passed again. She was now officially her longest lasting friend. She got up then grabbing her staff to brace her legs and jerked the staff from the ground. It was no life goal… but  they’d work as guiding ones for now.

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl

Last Child Of The Reclow[center]

“Mama! Mama look!” The young 7 year old girl with short hair in pigtails that were barely held ran over to the woman tending osme flowers outside of the small stone house. The woman's face obscured no matter how hard she looked up at it. Though the girl didn’t pay too much mind given she could still see her mother's soft smile…. Could she? What did… what did it look like agai- Her mouth opened with no words coming out, what did she even sound like? “I…. I lost my tooth!” She declared happily holding up her missing tooth as her father walked over chuckling.

“That means you’re grown up now!” His voice came out as a panicked angry shout making her jump a bit with teary eyes. Why did he sound like that?

“That’s right Jum” Jumanah looked behind her to see a young boy with scars littering his face and one dead eye… his voice sounding that of a grown man… what was happening…? “You're a grown up now! Which means I am too! Aren’t you excited?” He asked, sounding excitedly as he bounced on his toes holding up a fist to the air.

Jum gave a hesitant smile as she held up her own fist to mimic him “No way I’m gonna stay young forever weirdo.” She said with a bit of a giggle as her brother waved to her.

“Come on let’s go find some of the others to go play with, loser!” He teased running towards the rest of the tribe's lands.

“What others no one even likes us-” She turned to follow though her face slowly grew pale seeing her brother run into darkness… she couldn’t even imagine what should have even been there. She looking back to the waving couple with no faces staring at the shadows that obscured where the rest of their faces should be. Her eyes tearing up as her hands trembled a bit turning around to see a grinning bandit looking down at her. He raised his dagger to her, his eyes clear and face vivid. She teared up more before she screamed “Why do I have to remember you of all things!?”

Before Stumbling as she ran off into the darkness towards her brother who was laughing and running. “Come back please! I need to remember you! Please! You’re all I have!” Her brother faded into darkness making her fall to her knees as tears streamed down her face. “I need you… please… I can’t lose you too….” She slowly went to cup her own face but paused slowly parting one of her fingers from the others to look down to the now reflective ground to see herself looking down most of her body obscured in shadow along with all of her face. Her hands trembled more as she clenched her hair and screamed.

Jumanah shot up from her bed then from the inn she had been staying at painting with a cold sweat rushing over to the nearest mirror seeing her body fully there but only seeing her mask on her face. She with shaky hands went to reach up to take it off before a deep pit grew in her chest from the idea of seeing her own face… grown.. And unfamiliar. She closed her eyes, taking it off as tears streamed down her cheeks and she slowly slid to the ground as the pit grew wider and deeper.

All in the realization.

That she at this point couldn’t even remember her own face anymore from back then let alone her own family’s… all the had left of them were memories… and they were all fading now. She held her face as she cried bringing her knees to her chest. And just. Cried. For a long while. She had lost her brother not too long ago to another stranger. Widening a pit inside her soul she never realized was so big until she had to watch her brother die once again but this time for real.

And the realization that she  barely had any friends around anymore-... she never really had friends to begin with. But she did have people she from her side at least could call her friends even if they don’t see her that way… They were friendly to her and helped her it was all that mattered

“Lili, Noir, Diana, Shady Uncle Ghost, Inn Keeper John, That one guy who gives directions….” She whispered to herself growing quiet for a bit before slowly starting to smile and giggle as more tears rolled down her cheeks. Her life was pretty laughable wasn’t it…? She still had a set goal of returning home… but she was still so lost as to what to do after… no where to call home, no one to truly return to to say I’m back. Or at least that’s what it felt like in this moment. She’d figure something out but at least, now that she thought about it, she had one thing going for her.

She wasn’t lost. Because to be lost you have to have a set destination in mind.

She sat there laughing at the idea with tears streaming down her face in the corner of ehr inn room with a soft but ever so slightly wide smile. That’s creases now were benign stained with tears.

After a while she rocked back and forth in her spot humming softly and gently wiped away the tears from her face and neck where her tears had ran down and slowly got up grabbing her mask and shifting it onto her face looking to the mirror putting her hands down on either side of the mirror on the wall and tilted her head to one side and leaned into the mirror staring with wide now bloodshot eyes from the crying they barely visible through the darkened holes of the mask. She turned up her brows as she started to giggle and pulled away from the mirror grabbing the brush she had bought herself recently and brushed out her hair tying it in a low ponytail.

“There now tha’ll keep it out of the way right Amiz?” She said looking over to the sash he used to wear every day before using it to tie back her hair that day. She gently shifted her hair over her shoulder and grabbed his sash tying it onto her own bicep. She gently touched the sash as if it would break if she touched it too roughly.

“... Don’t worry… I’ll find a way to make sure no one else can be taken away again… We were weak. But we can fix that.” She looked up to the mirror. She refused to be stuck on a path where her fate is to live while always watching those around her die. She cursed that fate the day her brother died… And if she had to find a way to kill anyone and everyone to keep those she cares for safe? She stepped away from the mirror as her eyes totally faded to the darkness from benign so far away from sight via the mirror. She would. She equipped her things and made her way to the inn rooms door. It was a new day, and if she didn’t start moving it would start without her.

[center]Training Day 1

Jumanah paced around the grass with a pep in her step pausing on the last one to perch on her toes. She leaned forward before kicking her leg backwards tilting her body to one side to let gravity twirl around. She then stood up straight again and began walking again bouncing her toes to shift herself upwards with every step. Coming to the end of the strip she planned to pace and perched on her toes again that gripped the ground digging slightly in as if worried to fall off a cliff if they let go. She leaned forward once again as she stared forward. “Well well well what do we have here? A lost little kitten~?” A man asked with a sinister laugh.

Jumanah smiled excitedly yet softly under her mask resting her hands on her staff. “I’m not lost, I’m right where I need to be.” She said softly with a giggle. As the man made his way over drawing out a dagger with a grin.

“I see well you are actually in a very bad place right now, I can’t imagine why a little lady like you would be in a place like this” He said stepping closer to her slowly raising his blade. Jumanah focused her mind on her staff and its spell flooding 10 magoi into her staff casting out Buzz halting the movement of the man who grew dizzy in front of the low buzzing sound that came out form her staff. Jumanah kicked out her leg spinning herself around with the gravity like before and swung her leg back forward pressing her foot up against the man who fell from a light shove of her food.

She restign her foot on his chest leaning down making the man wheeze from the air she pushed out. “My mother always said not to speak to strangers~” She drew her staff from her back. “But I think were about to get very well acquainted with each other.” She said with a grin under her mask. “You’re a bandit right? These are the areas that bandits frequent, I know that for sure. I used to live here after all.” She leaned in closer to the frightened man who struggled to breath under her weight as she flicked his dagger from his grip with her staff.

“You bandits love to play games and take things from anyone whose not them. But that’s okay. Because I have decided I want to do the same… to people like you.” She said booping his nose with a giggle. “So.” She pulled off the mouth part of her mask, smiling warmly to him. “Ready for me to take my turn and play a bit now that you had yours?” She asked as her smile widened showing off her teeth as she started to laugh. “Cause I could use some help with some practice with something! It’s why I’m here after all, Bandits are such a better target then animals given they’re far more of a waste of space and have far less morals!” She declared laughing making the man’s eyes grow wide.

“Scream when you feel it.” She said restign the butt of her staff on his arm pinning it in place as she leaned on it and his chest flooding more magoi into her staff focusing on amplifying the power of her spell far more then usual attempting to spells power as she casted Ear Pound Her staff letting out a high pitch screech dealing damage to the man he starting to scream in pain as Jumamah grinned widely starting to laugh again. “Thanks! Now die when you need a break!”


His eyes rolled back as he screamed he flexed his muscles as blood started to flow out from his ears. He screamed over and over until his screaming lowly came to a stop and his body then went limp. Jumanah slowly shifted back up from leaning over on the man slowly bringing her mask up to her mouth and slid the cover back into place. With a slight shift of her wrist it locked in place. She leaned back arching her back a bit looking backwards as her hair dangled below her to the long row of bandits laying on the ground limply.

She pushed off of the man she was on twirling on the base of her foot to face towards the other men as she twirled her staff to behind her catching it in her other hand holding it there as she mozyed her way over and past the men humming. “I don’t fear you, let alone allow you to kill the mood, I hope you don’t mind my attitude, I hope it’s not rude~” She sang out twirling here and there as she rounded back to the first one she had that day who was slowly waking up drowsily.

“It started with the flower you crushed that had yet to budd, but now it's not your turn to spill the blood.” She locked eyes with the man who looked at her scared and tired as she dropped down to her knees onto his chest making him groan out “But the show is not done, there still yet more fun, things have yet to be said and done….” She pressed her forehead to his flooding her staff “It’s far… too late to run hun….” She said as she casted out Ear Pound at now B Tier making the man scream the last scream he would ever let out his scream matching the high pitch her staff let out.

His eyes now lose their life in them as the spell ends. She swung her head back up as she sang out happily. “It's time to smile, cause it's the end of the mile! It’s time for our last Trial! It;s time to smile!” She got up and spun around putting her staff back on her back holder. “For I do not fear you, I will not shed a tear, well maybe one or two, but no more than a few!” She flicked her hand to the air off to the side of her. “Say goodbye to the girl you once knew!” She sang out taking her other hand to  her chest and bowing.

She slowly stood up right and stared at the bodies smiling softly under her mask before starting to laugh as she walked off. “I wonder if that noodle shop is still open.”

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Training Day 2

“Broken, a token, for your heart, the one you couldn’t buy at the mart.” Jumanah sang softly taking a step to the side  dragging her other foot behind her as she raised a hand lazily into the air while the other held her staff at her side. “Destroyed, a hope inside your brain, a desperation one could never contain, your soul rinsing down the drain.” She twirled on the ball of the foot slightly sticking out her opposite leg that kicked some dirt to the side as she did so. “Nothing could be fixed again, we can never go back to were we began. Never, not even if we ran.” She picked up her chin looking forward from behind her mask. “So we sing and dance again, in the flames of the world.

Where our dreams came to die, and the good and evil chose to lie.” She spun her staff locking eyes with the turning heads and eyes on her. “If only as children we knew, what cards we each had drew.” She stopped spinning her staff when it would be aimed at the men before her and smirked under her mask. She channeling her magoi into her staff casting Roaring Wave out at them. A tunnel like sound wave was sent out at the men with a loud piercing sound. She flicked her head back shooting up her knee up making a right angle with her legs balancing just on the one then. Many of the men were holding their ears in pain while the others drew their swords at the read. “I’m no fool, I know what I do would make my mommy frown, if she could see me now.” She started to sing faster. “If daddy could know me, he’d likely be disappointed in me.”

They circled around her as the others slowly regained their composer. She then shot her foot back down standing with her legs spread apart making them jump at her sudden movement. “If they call could see me, If they all could know me, there’d surely be a grounding if I wasn’t 2 years form 23. Oh!” She pointed her finger and arm right up to the air making them look up and back up a bit as she aimed her staff resting the back end of it to her lower back firing another Roaring Wave At the men to her left then quickly aiming to the right as the others charged her and firing off again. They all stumbled back some dropping their weapons clutching their ears as she rolled her neck along her shoulder. “Tell me are you proud? If I pull a crowd? Tell me are you worried, that my aging was too hurried? That my brother had to be buried?”

She sang out to the sky bobbing her head. “What can I do to reach you? To make due? Would you forgive me for being rude? For slaughtering  those around me, who had tried to bend me, so I had to make them bleed. But my words they did not heed.” She ducked just barely dodging a blade coming at her face and drew her own sword swiping it as she spun around slashing the stomach with a basic attack to the man attacking her behind her. She resheathing her swords, they stumbled and fell backwards and the rest slowly inched backwards now realizing she was also protected up close as well. “Broken, a token… For your heart… so many  pisces you'd have to push it in a cart.” She started to slow back down her singing watching the hesitant bandits looking amongst themselves.

“Destroyed, a hope in your brain, that this battle you’d come out on top.” She sang coldly to them making them look anxious. “If they could all see me… they would watch me make you all bleed.” She sang the last line watching as they all darted away from her in far knowing now they bit off way more than what they could chew when they had tried to attack her to steal from her. Only to have been tricked into going to an open area and put into a position where somehow they were all at a disadvantage and now each knowing they likely would not survive another blow from her each. “To those who need a savior, To those who run out of time, With those who weep for a champion, I give to thee another song, to help your waiting be prolonged.”

She sang out softly channeling Magoi into her staff then. Music starts to play right away at a fast pace as she sings with her Sound magic It then becomes distorted as she fully casted out Loss Of Time. Bubbles forming all over as the music suddenly slowed down sending out vibrations into the bodies of those within the spells range. Their movements drastically slowed down as she then ran forward towards one group of the men aiming at some other nearby ones and fired off a Roaring Wave. Their ears started to bleed as they fell to the ground. She then aimed towards the ones she was running to and firing again as their eyes grew wide. They fell like the others with bleeding ears as the others started to run at a normal pace again and the music started to get ravey again before fading away.

She slowly caught up with the others who started to scream before being hit with the same attack as the rest stumbling and falling onto the others as they’re bodies fell limp this last attack seeming extra strong. She paused taking note of this before nodding with a smirk and turning to make her way back to the main kingdom to take a rest before another training session. She was almost there. Almost ready to set out. She just had to finish things up with her practice with her current magic then work on some onre swordsmanship with her moves. Then she could set off and bury Amiz with the rest of their people where he belonged….

She wondered when she died if she would be so lucky to be brought to their old tribelands to be buried there… would it even still be tribelands anymore? With how many people were making kingdoms and spreading them out it could be possible that when she dies her old triblends could be built over to make room for a new kingdom…

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl
What was next, for as long as she could remember… no… for as long as she had been out of her long standing coma she had been trying to get home, to the ruins that she could no longer remember, the the people long since gone, to apologize for something she no longer felt her fault but still felt the notion was a good sentiment to the people who were long since gone. What was next after that? After taking out the bandits who took out her family, her people? Would a magic arrow suddenly appear before her pointing to the direction of which she was meant to go next?

Would she just sit there amongst the dead ready to embrace death with all her goals finally complete only to find herself still breathing, her mind still broken at the end laughing at the fact that most though revenge broke your mind while hers broke after so long of others hurting her and her loved ones while ever so conveniently benign on a target set path to revenge? Would she try to build her own family a new one that she would hope would not die this time? One day have a child of her own and push her own fears onto them to get them to train until less things could kill them like the rest of her family?

Would she roam the lands as a living ghost refusing family like ties so no one could die around her with siad ties due to non-existence? No certainly not that, the world would just find another way to hurt her most likely even after she rejected her own fate as such. Maybe she would find that old gem her mother gave her so long ago that looked like the tyrants and try to make her own wish. Jumanah slowly aimed her staff, flowing more and more magoi into it. “Come on you little brats come on out , we’ll only kill you a little!” The bandit laughed with his own words, his allies chuckling behind him as they slowly shifted with their roaming about.

Jumanah had been hunting bandits in the local area all day for her usual reasons but heavily got more invested when she saw some sporting clothes that looked like her old tribes but integrated into the usual bandit garb. These guys had matched the standards as the rest for clothes and she found them quickly after interrogating their allies as to where the rest of them were. And when searching their bodies she had found a map to their strong hold. This group merely needed to be taken out to ensure none of them remained by the end of it all. She was going to go to her old tribe first… but now knowing where they were all of them were. She’d much rather take them all out then tell her family the news that they were finally all gone. “Come on you little shits, COME OUT!”

Jumanah flowed more magoi into her staff gently covering the mouth of the trembling shield behind her who held onto her little brother who was silently crying in fear. She had seen the bandits and was going to kill them with an aoe attack just like the rest until she spotted two children running and falling. The bandits had not looked over in time to see Jumanah scoop them up and take them to a well hidden spot in a deep crack in a nearby stone fixture. They were too busy with their own blood lust and greed to think straight about how to properly hunt two children who looked like runaway slaves. She wanted to ensure this next attack was more than powerful enough to destroy those bandits totally… or well at least their lives. She knew just the move to do so as well. She had used it countless times before in the past, including today.

It was what she would describe as her ironically silent killer. Amongst her countless of spells that she sang to activate them this one she only had to do the simple function of aim. She kept her staff steady on the nearing bandit group. Flow magoi into it. She flooded it to the capability she could. Let the orb grow. The form slowly finished reaching its peak as the bandits finally noticed it and cursed under their breaths with wide eyes.

“And fire.” She whispered. The spell was soundless until  it went off. As if all the sound in the  area was building up just to listen to what would be the spells eventual cry of victory. The orb shot out as she fully casted Sound Breaker before they could run, reaching the highest deadly capability it could, colliding quickly with the bandit group. It screeched out an ungodly screech shredding apart their clothes, their eardrums that flooded blood now, their gear, their very lives. The sound faded just as quickly as it arrived and Jumanah lowered her staff down gently removing her hand front he girls mouth as the corpses fell to the ground limp.

Jumanah started on at the bodies, they so easily died under the single attack of one of the first spells she ever made…. She looked to her staff, slightly tightening her grip on it. She would perfect the last bits of her training with her swordsman ship… then she would go after all of the bandits remaining that linked to her tribe's downfall. She would slaughter them all with the same lack of mercy they showed her people. She would collect her brother's corpse…. And reburry him where the rest of their family laid to rest… find her shard her mother gave her an- She blinked feeling the smaller child hug her leg and the older ong gently gripping the back of her dress. She looking back to see their tear filled eyes. She put her staff away and gently shifted to face the kidsas the smaller one let go of her only to cling to her front as she kneeled down.

She gently held him pulling off her mask to give the girl a reassuring look and soft smile letting her hug her as she held them both. “It's alright… you're safe now...We’ll get you back to the kingdom and get you somewhere safe to stay where you don't have to fear men like that ever again… alright?” She watched them nod gently holding them close as she said the words she had wished she heard in her childhood when she had been scared for her life. She would find her shard… and crush it wishing for the power needed… to keep those like her… like these children safe, and bring those who aren’t to safety… and to take out those who would wish to hurt them further.

She may have had to get hurt… to suffer… but if she could prevent this from happening to more kids… people in general… maybe that was her path… her new goal in life… protect those who could not protect themselves… she’d need more power for it  given how she failed to protect her brother… but clearly with enough power like she had here in this situation. She would have less of an issue keeping others safe. She gently kissed their head and shifted the boy to hold onto her back  using her staff as a rest for him to sit on so he wouldn’t fall off easily and gently picked up the girl in both her arms. The girl wrapped her arms back around Jumanah sniffling as she rested her head on her shoulder making Jumanah smile softly.

She shifted her hand free for the moment to put her mask back on before  putting her arm back and began to carry the two towards the kingdom. It was a bit of a hike but nothing she wasn't used to by this point. She hummed softly for the two to help them calm down as she walked  rubbing the girls back gently. Even if tragedy struck them again in the future she was glad to have at least prolonged their life to enjoy it before that happened again. She felt their heads on her as their breathing steadied the boy letting off a drowsy slow breath, while the girl held onto her still even as she herself drifted asleep. Maybe being an adult wasn’t too bad… she could have been this figure of safety to them.. Or not as big of one if she had been a child too… These two really had helped her just as much as she helped them hadn’t they?

She’d have to thank them later for that. And she did, she took them out to a nice meal and thanked them, giving them some money just in case telling them to save it for emergencies and to keep it well hidden until that time came, she then took them to an orphanage informing the caretakers that she didn't know if they had any families left but they had been slaves and needed safety now.  And the caretakers happily took them in and said they would try to find out and help them further. Jumanah smiled of course and gave the two one last hug before setting off. She had to work on her swordsmanship skills here very soon.

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”Weapon Brought”:

Forest Training, For All Your Forest Training Needs [ Solo | Training ] Recowl-staff-update

Name: Staff Of The Reclow Tribe
Tier: C
Material: It's outer parts are made of simple metals while the inside core is now a reinforced metal. The colors on it are painted on.
Appearance:  The staff is a total of  154.94 cm (5'1”) in length, in width it is about 2.54 cm (1 in) it has been resized to better fit the height standards of Jumanah Necowl. It’s base of the staff is 2 separate kinds of metals mended together the inner more reinforced then the outer, it also has several stripes painted on it. Towards the bottom and the top are 2 thick blue stripes with a normal metal non colored one between them on both ends. Between these near the center where one would hold there are 2 yellow stripes that are significantly bigger. Then the space between those ones is just normal metal.

At the top of the staff there is a strange looking ornament that comes off the top and sides of the staff. It has been damaged from its mirrored like design and has been roughly reformed and had its edges cleaned up leaving just one side full of what it used to look like with slightly sharpened edgings that have been painted over with blue and a hint of yellow on one side.


Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl

Take Back Training

Jumanah steadies her breath holding her sword slowly up in a back handed hold touching the upper half of the blunt sof of its blade to her elbow to brace it then slowly angles her wrist to make the blade point forward at a slight angle. She let out a slightly audible sound as she blew out with moving the blad forward taking a high step forward. She lifted her knee up high planting a foot a good way up the tree she faced. She gently pushed off from the tree backing up in front of the tree slowly as she slowly spun the blade in her hand around deliberately as she slowly stopped backing up.

She came to a stop and left the spin at a front handed hold. She nodded as she flipped the blade to back handed, to front, to back handed again. She bounced on her toes before running forward towards the tree before stopping fighting before it and in a fluid motion ran away from it skidding to a stop as she got far enough away. She clenched the handle of the blade closing her eyes, lifting up the blade looking down to it for a long while before lowering it and pulling out her staff with her other hand. She looking to her staff and walked away a few feet slamming it into the ground to help it prop up focusing on it as she flowed magoi into it as she casted Music of the Rukh letting some steady music play.

She pulled her hand away nodding a bit to the music she focused on facing back towards the tree. She then spun the blade once letting its end point be the end of her elbow like before as she ran forward towards the tree holding up the blade as if letting it block an attack while she ran forward. She bent her front leg as she got near the tree bringing her opposite leg forward leaping off with her bent leg. She planted her opposite foot up part way of the tree stepping off the ground with her main leg swinging it forward to plant another foot on the tree in which she stepped off from taking on more steps forward.

This time she then arched her back as she brought her back leg forward letting herself back flip away from the tree spinning her blade as she did so. She landed with a bit of a stumble about 2 feet away from the tree and signed as she fell to her butt. She narrowed her eyes but got up with a nod and moved back into her starting position kneeling down before trying again, blocking, leap, step, step, step, as she hit the top one she bent her legs a bit for extra power back flipping off of the tree again. Landing about a meter away from the tree with a stumble and then tumble. She rolled onto her back panting a bit as her staff slowly ended the song making her sigh.

She supposed she couldn’t always waste magoi to perform a song to listen to while fighting. She slowly got back up, catching her breath flipping the blade front handed, to back handed, to front again squinting her eyes at the tree a bit biting her bottom lip gently. She flipped the black back to back handed once more touching it to her elbow as she ran forward making each step more powerful than the last. She leaped up, walked up the tree, and with one mighty strong jump off as she moved her clenched teeth to a toothy grin she back flipped off the tree spinning the blade in her hand as she landed about 2 meters away sliding a bit before her feet slipped from under her.

She stopped barely from smacking the ground as she put a hand down right before her face met the ground and pushed off the ground with her arm to move onto her side to lay down for a moment. Her legs throbbing asking for a break. She grinning excitedly, they would get a break right after she got this move done right at least once. She got back up to her feet before steadying her breath and positioned her blade and her hand held once more. She then leaned forward as she darted forward into a quick sprint raising up her blade. She then leaped and took several steps up before making a powerful backflip off the tree spinning her blade angling her legs and body for the landing. She landed with a bit of a skid before slipping again.

She grunted grabbing her staff and put it back on her back stretching a bit more before darting back forward in the same way as before with a determined look in her eye. She ran forward again steading her breath, step step step jump. Aaaand She nails the landing bouncing on her toes excitedly “Yuuuuuuus!!!” She panted and jumped trying to do a standing backflip but stepped wrong and promptly at shit with a groan. Her legs screaming at this point for all the exertion they weren’t used to and she rolled onto her back pointing to the sky. “Look mom I’m almost fit now!” she said with a giggle smiling softly at the sky. “The last few steps are in place… I’m almost home guys… I promise… just wait a bit longer please.”

She said softly to the sky. She closed her eyes resting her legs for now knowing she would want to get back to training right after this rest so she'd need all the energy she could get. She wanted to get in as much physical training as possible today. The more she got in the sooner shed be done and the sooner shed be able to go to that bastard bandit camp. And when she got there… there’d be a whole hell of a lot more people returning to the white rukh.

( 1,007 / 1,000 Words )

”Abilities Used”:

The Music Of The Rukh
Tier: B Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Social
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The caster must focus on the music playing and what should be played next.
Scaling: The area of effect may increase by 10 m for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4 posts
Cost: 40 Magoi | 20

    The caster can focus on the Rukh around them and manipulate them to give off different sounds. The caster then sets them off in different sequences, speeds, and patterns in order to create various different songs that could be summed up to the caster using the Rukh to act like an instrument. All who are within range and are able to hear will hear whatever the caster tries to perform. The caster must tell the Ruhk what to perform to play the song. Each song will last for 2 posts, and the user can release the staff after sticking to a ground or propping it up to allow the music to play on its own though she at that point must still focus on the music as it plays, and pre plan the entire song as she's casting the spell. The spells base distance goes to 15 m in any direction away from Jumanah.


Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl
For a while now Jumanah had been workignon various forms of flips after finding how fun they were when she got them down, that and the endless possibilities she could use them in dance and performances. She had gotten many forms down and proudly so. Now it was thinking about how to integrate them into things and she though about it as she walked about the forest where she had learned the bandits that attacked her village tended to dwell. If she ran into them great she'd have a new subject to practice on and less strays to pick off later on. She though heard some people panicking and rose a brow  peeking around some trees to see a group of bandits messing with some people hiding up in a tree, likely local tribespeople.

She narrowed her eyes but made her way  off into the distance crouching forward before leaping up and running up the base of the tree grabbing hold of a firm branch pulling herself up swinging her legs to get up some more momentum to let herself swing to a higher branch pulling herself up all the way crouching down low as she pulled out her staff and slotted it into the branches leaves and twigs gently holding it as she focused casting out Music of the Rukh making loud attention worthy of concerned variety sounds and music gently letting it go as the bandits attentions slowly turned over towards the sound. She leaped in front of the tree and slowly made her way down quietly as the bandits made their way over.

She then snuck off a bit of ways before whistling at one of their other members of their group that was a bit behind the others. Watching his head perk up and follow the sounds she smirked pulling out her blade as she kept luring him away before stopping the whistling watching him look about. She shifted her blade in a back handed hold thinking carefully over her flips, how to integrate it into a nice attack…? Got it. She smirked running forward but as he braced to black her strike she jumped off to the side of him about 1.5 meters away making him blink in surprise.

She then jumped off from the same landing leg to do a side flip with a twirl she knew he wouldn’t see under her mask but she winked at him with a smirk as she would strike him twice with her blades for a total of C Tier Damage as she landed. The man falling to the ground as blood poured from him. She twirled her blade with a giggle what she would name this move….? How about Over The Top Slashes? Oh yeah that was it for sure. She heard a branch snap behind her and twirled around ducking just in time to dodge a daggers swipe slashing at the bandit in return making him grunt and stumble back a bit holding his gut as she then flipped her blade back forward and slashed his throat before he could react killing him and letting him fall.

Well this was going better then expec- “There she is! See i told you they couldn’t have been in the tree!” One of the remaining 3 men shouted pointing at her as the others ran at her.

“Oh a dance? Been a while since I’ve had several partners at once.” She said with a smirk “You got a lot to live up to as well those children really knew how to dance.” She said with a laugh.

“You think this is funny?!” One shouted barely grazing her mask but not cutting it in the slightest, making his eyes go wide.

“Hysterical even!” She announced twirling around him  jogging forward towards the one running at her he bracing for an attack but blinked as she suddenly pivoting her heel and ran at the bandit who was still about to turn around  and did a no handed front flip grinning widely feeling the wind fluttering her hair and clothing in the wind. She landing in the splits as she leaned forward to slide more aerodynamically through the grass and dirt under her. The bandit looked back and down to her as she started to slide by him slashing his ankles making him shout in pain and kneel down to hold them. She sliding to a stop a bit away from them as she shifted in one fluid motion into a Fú Hǔ Bù like stance. She kept low to the ground as she  had her extended arm aimed out towards them with her sword. Daring them to come at her. The other two watched her carefully.

Low Blow kid.” the one grunted out trying to suppress his pain in his ankles.

“Nice move name guy.” She said with a giggle as she watched the other two go on either side of her.

“Get em!” one of the people up in the tree called out.

“Shut it! When were done with her, we're coming after you next!”  the leader roared out before his brow twitched at Jumanah’s giggling. “What’s so funny?!” He growled out at her clearly fed up with her already.

“Well I don’t suppose youtube a ranger are you?” She asked, looking at him.

“What?” he raised a brow confused.

“Well you’re all the way over there and I’m all the way over eeeeeeee. So Either you’re a ranger… or you’re scared of some girl chillin in the grass.” She said with her smirk clearly evident in her tone. With that he ran forward with his blade and went to stomp down on her leg that was extended she though leaned forward shifting her bent knee with her other leg with the blade near it letting his foot  land on the side of her blade protecting her leg as she slid her other one at his off leg easily tripping him.

She then twirled around stabbing him in the throat and got up to her feet as he bleed out looking to the last one she holding her blade in a backhanded banner behind her back and with her free hand pulled off the mouth cover of her mask that now had blood splatter on it to reveal her soft calm smile. The bandit before her twitching his brow clearly disturbed as she moved into a curtsy like stance, as if bowling to her new dance partner. “Such a gentleman…” She lifted her head to him smirking “waiting your turn to dance… so wonderful.”

She stood back up right as she looked on at him. “Care to make the first move?” She offered. The man clearly panicked and rose his sword up with a shaky grip shaking his head.

“Y you first…” he stammered out, making her giggle, pressing the top of the mouth cover to her chin.

“Even letting me go first? So sweet~! I’ll make sure this is quick for you then alright?” She offered  with another giggle. “Now how to finish this off…. Ah yes. Shall we Take A Bow?” She asked with a near playful tone to her voice slotting the mouth mask back into place. She started to move towards the man spinning like a top making him more frantic due to uncertainty right as he lifted his blade to strike out of fear she dropped to one knee sliding beside him as he missed. Her blood was firmly extended out slashing his midsection with C tier damage, her hand placed to her chest as the other was extended looking like she was bowing.

The bandit dropped his sword to grip his belly and hunched forward like he was bowing before falling over totally to the ground. The people in the tree clapped as she flicked her blade to get some of the blood off before wiping the rest in the grass then the bottom of her dress before sheathing her sword getting up. She gave a wave to the people in the tree that slowly were coming down. She made her way up the tree with her staff pulling it loose and putting it back in its holder as the two, a young woman and a young man smiled up to her.

“Thank you for the help mam!” one said happily she smiled softly down to them from under their mask as she carefully made her way down.

“Honestly I was more being selfish given my vendetta against their group… but I am glad I could assist you both.” She said casually but honestly. “Your tribes folk right?” She asked as they nodded. “Wonderful by any chance is your tribe nearby? I could probably use a good rest before a trip I plan on going on tomorrow if you wouldn’t mind.” She asked with a friendly tone the two nodding happily.

“Of course you could stay with our family!” The woman said happily

“Right! Mother and father would likely have no issues given how you saved us!” The boy added on happily.

Jumanah nodded and walked over to the bodies taking their Huang passing it to them. “Wonderful… here payment for my stay.” She said warmly “I'm winking” she said with a giggle getting them to giggle as well as they took it bowling their head to her she bowled hers back in return. “Alright, lead the way, I’ll make sure we all get there safely alright?” She said with a chuckle.

“Right!” they both said at once with a pumped tone. They all then set off to walk there as the young man and woman talked her up asking about her staff and sword asking how she did the things she did. And she happily telling them.

( 526 / 500 Words - OTTS )
( 575 / 500 Words - LB )
( 532 / 500 Words - TAB )

”Abilities Used”:

The Music Of The Rukh
Tier: B Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Social
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The caster must focus on the music playing and what should be played next.
Scaling: The area of effect may increase by 10 m for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4 posts
Cost: 40 Magoi | 20

    The caster can focus on the Rukh around them and manipulate them to give off different sounds. The caster then sets them off in different sequences, speeds, and patterns in order to create various different songs that could be summed up to the caster using the Rukh to act like an instrument. All who are within range and are able to hear will hear whatever the caster tries to perform. The caster must tell the Rukh what to perform to play the song. Each song will last for 2 posts, and the user can release the staff after sticking to a ground or propping it up to allow the music to play on its own though she at that point must still focus on the music as it plays, and pre plan the entire song as she's casting the spell. The spells base distance goes to 15 m in any direction away from Jumanah.


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