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Koval Estate Improvement III [Job/Solo]

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola
Job Name: Animal Farm
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Magnostatd
Job Reward: 7k Huang | 100xp
Job Prerequisites: Noir
Job Overview: After fixing the water system, Noir will move on to do the next step, creating an animal farm to keep livestock and also make it as a public farm so people visiting the inn can enjoy and learn about the animals.

“So you are saying we will raise some animals near the inn?” Jericho said, wanting to get another confirmation from Noir. “And you are saying these animals are going to be… livestocks? Oh lord, I thought you meant like unique animals…” The man wiped his own cold sweats with his handkerchief, wondering why Noir would suggest such a plan. The golden eyed girl nodded to the man confidently, “Why not?” She asked back, but looking at Jericho’s doubtful reaction gave her no reason but to unveil more of her plan.

“This is so we can raise our own livestocks, maintaining our own quality and so we can give some kind of a tour to the villagers, especially when we have workers who can share their knowledge about these kinds of animals.” She paused for a bit as she recalled her past days, “When I was a slave for this rich merchant, he created this kind of thing with livestocks and people were enthusiastic. Because it’s similar to visiting a zoo, but they get some knowledge and will be able to try harvesting from the livestocks too as an unique experience.” Her statement made Jericho’s eyes widened, probably surprised to hear that Noir was a slave in her past. “I would suggest we try it with several animals first, such as cows, goats and lambs. If people received this program well, then we can add more animals.”

As the older magician looked at Noir, she would let out a chuckle before shifting her gaze to Jericho who still looked unsure. “Let’s give it a try, if we are able to raise good quality livestocks, we can also sell them to make more money too. Not to mention that we agreed to make this into a free attraction for the visitors, if we want to use unique animals, it would cost too much.”

“Also, we can ask local breeders who don't have a place to actually raise their animals, to keep it in our place for free. That way, not only we can get the livestock, we also get the experts to share their knowledge.” Noir added some more additional points, hoping that Jericho would be convinced.

The man would be silent though, closing his eyes as he cupped his chin on his fingers before reaching his own conclusion inside his head. “Ahh, I see. Alright, we can try that concept. I will start by asking my farmer friends then, hopefully we can get one or two willing participants. Now if you’ll excuse me, Ladies.” Noir nodded as Jericho left the meeting room, hoping that this plan could workout.

“So, a rich merchant, eh?” Shousui threw a question towards the younger girl and waited for her to answer. Already expected that the other magician would ask about her former master, Noir nodded, not taken aback at all. “He passed away though… but I think he was the most foolish master i’ve ever had.” The golden-eyed girl would look into the window as she muttered something, “...and the kindest…”

Only several hours passed and both of the magicians could already hear a commotion from outside the inn. Wondering what was happening, they decided to go outside and saw several people bringing cows, goats, sheeps and pigs chatting to each other excitedly. Emerging from the crowds, a man called both Noir and Shousui to explain that those people were willing to participate in the new attraction of the estate.

Jericho would then explain to the crowds about the plan and they received it well.They also gave some inputs about how to manage the farm more effectively. When Noir asked the reason why they wanted to participate, most of them said that this might be the opportunity to increase their economy, as well as they need more places to keep the animals too, not only that, they thought it would be more fun and educating for people who would be interested to visit. Some also said that this estate’s owner had been helping some of them by creating this outpost, so if their help can improve the outpost, then they were willing to help.

After setting everything up, Jericho would then put up direction signs that would direct the visitors to their destination and also asked the locals to share the news about the ‘zoo’. Last but not least, the man put the sign made by Noir in front of the zoo, feeling proud as he planted it on the ground. “Now let’s wait for our first visitor.” The man said as he leaned on the wooden fence, looking tired but there was an excitement on his face.

Hours passed… no one came to the mini-zoo… and as the night began to embrace the day, they decided to take a rest, hoping that someone will come the next day. They were still hopeful until the sun was really high in the sky, sighed as they began to feel hopeless until they heard the sound of people’s step. But turns out it was one of the workers delivering lunches for them… They began to think if they made the wrong choice... and already tried to make a decision whether to keep waiting or just give and went home. Jericho who kept trying to cheer them up had begun to feel hopelessness as well, but he tried to keep it hidden and kept encouraging the others.

Not long after that, they could see several children coming towards the stables by running. Parents tried to chase after them with smiles, happy to see their children got so excited.

“We wanna see cows!” said one of the children.

“Sheeps too!” said the other.

“Cows and goats!”

“Piggy! Piggy!”

In instant, the voice of the children began to feel the silence in the stables and soon, the experts began to explain some fun knowledge about the animals, loving the curious and awed expression not only from the kids but from their parents and guardian as well.

Sighing in relief, Noir leaned on the wooden fence just outside the stables. Shousui chuckled seeing the other side of her companion, never seeing Noir being very nervous about something before. Jericho would then laugh happily, “Well, look at that happy smile from the children. Hopefully our next visitors would smile happily like that as well when they come to see the animals.”

WC: 1000+/1000


Koval Estate Improvement III [Job/Solo] GONhvwv

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