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Big Trouble In Litttle Kina [Lagi/eight/necowl] D-Rank

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Job Name: Fleeing Prey | Kogata
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kina
Job Reward: 50XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Pledge fealty to the Kogata.
Job Overview: To join Kogata, Kina's infamous shinobi clan, one must prove useful. They assign you a job pursuing and capturing a rival shinobi who has just been found eavesdropping on the Kogata but escaped. The shinobi is injured, leaving drops of blood for you to follow to him. If you can defeat and capture the shinobi, they will recognize you as someone capable of working with them.

Enemy Name: Injured Shinobi
Enemy Tier: D
Damage Required to Defeat: D
Description: A cloaked wounded ninja who is trying to escape deeper into the forests and avoid capture.

  • Smoke Bomb: The shinobi throws down a bomb, causing a cloud of smoke 10m in diameter to appear.

  • Kunai Throw: The shinobi throws a kunai at you in hopes of dealing D-Tier damage to you.

  • Shuriken Throw: The shinobi throws a shuriken at you in hopes of dealing D-Tier damage to you.

Killing, the fundamental job of every underworld contract. The Kogata was no different, enemy ninja still seemed to be the main problem for the integrity of their secrets was threatened by this enemy. In addition to that, even when that person was exposed, they survived the encounter while barely injured.  This job didn't need all three of them, but since Lagi was here in Kina due to the invitation of a new comrade and a promise, he had to participate.


His Requiem Jynx mask shown with a strange hue as he mulled over the course of events and the proper path to take in order to see that it would be executed.

"Ok, this job is a little beneath me if I'm being honest. I can track him pretty well with him leaving such a trail. If he's injured, his breathing would be irregular. I track, and you kill, I want to see you guys in action. Is that fair?"

Lagi said this as he looked at the two others before using his danger sense in order to float in the direction of the irregular breathing and heartbeat by using his danger sense.  

"I think he's over this ridge, go check it out. I can fly so i'll be right behind you, pretty much. "

Lagi said as he flown over the ridge with C rank flight as  he flew over to get a good seat of the action in the sky.


Trait Name: Danger Sense
Trait Tier: Ω-Tier
Trait Requirement: N/A
Trait Description: Protecting the host's body is the first and foremost function of a symbiote due to the fact that their relationship is dependent on each other. With the recent evolution that Orie has experienced, one of the ways she keeps her host safe is by alerting the user of any lifeforms that enter a certain range and provides heightened senses as well.
Trait Effect: Through Orie, the user is able to sense and determine the location of all living beings within a 10m radius. However, non-living entities are unable to be detected. In a 40 meter radius, the user is able to hear noises as quiet as a whisper and smell scents that are normally scentless.

Big Trouble In Litttle Kina [Lagi/eight/necowl] D-Rank Hollow_mask_9_by_satanx15-d3hn0qt
Name: Requiem Jynx
Tier: A-Tier
Material: (Steel+Orie's Black Sludge)
Description: Feeling that there needed to be a way to operate more freely without changing his face constantly all the time , Lagi figured that making a unique organic mask that's fitted to his face through orie's special goop can be the perfect combination for a skin-tight mask that can be called upon and released upon his leisure. Due to it bonding with Orie somewhat, the mask can be put on at any time for the sake of representing himself as the drug kingpin of the dark hand and associating himself with an icon he would want them to see.

[*]Has C-tier flight equivalent to a magician's C-tier flight spell, maneuvering easily through the air, in vampire lord form users wings allow them to propel them faster to A-tier flight speeds.



Big Trouble In Litttle Kina [Lagi/eight/necowl] D-Rank CrChE3t

Big Trouble In Litttle Kina [Lagi/eight/necowl] D-Rank LBbFjDO

Lagi's Vault

Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Eight had hired two chaplains from Reim, from a relatively obscure religion willing to protect people for donations and offerings to their cause. Eight spent a lot of huang to have these two watch over Dalia for him, they would also be partaking in the events within Kou. They belong to a tribe that worshipped the sun and the moon. Two women a warrior and a magician who worked together. The brunette carried two large shields and was a physical monster, while the albino woman was a magician who had a few tricks up her sleeve.

Eight did not want to bring slaves to the festival to make sure he wouldn't ruin his chances to network while in the country. The two mercs had explicit orders to primarily protect Dalia from anything, then they could save themselves and then himself as a final priority. They were to also let Dalia have as much autonomy as possible so she could do as she liked, except when it came to following his own orders.

Diana, the moon magician had caught a whiff of the injured target through her superior set of senses, and then following him by scent as well, verifying the words of Jynx. Eight nodded and signaled to Dalia what she had to do. An Injured target should be no match for his new apprentice who handled a few attacks from him without even coming close to giving up.

Eight's feet glid over the floor at B-tier speeds as he stood cross armed. Eight was eager to get this mission now that he had an open invitation to the Kogata clan should they be able to finish this simple task for them. Eight went way ahead, cutting off the injured shinobi. The slaver thumbed over his lobes, polishing a pair of skull-shaped earrings. As the ruby eyes lit of with magoi, summoning a Bones Party. A small troupe of skeletons were summoned out of thin air, they began to wiggle from their ankles. An electric groove passing through them as they began to dance comically. The skeletons dancing in the way of the shinobi. The increasingly frustrated shinobi, feeling underestimated reached into his gi and quickdrew a shuriken launching it at one of the skeletons, causing it to crumble.

However Eight was right behind him, not letting him get any further. The panicked shinobi decided to take a last ditch effort and scanned for what he believed to be the weakest target out of the bunch: Dalia. Using his final weapon, and launching the kunai at Dalia's face. Leona, who was only a few feet away from her charge, simply got in the way with the high quality tower shield taking the bladed weapon with a single *thunk. Leona looked awful proud of herself for taking the attack, turning back to Dali with an excessive smile and a thumbs up from her free hand.

"It's all up to you Dalia, show us what you got." Eight yelled out to his protoge.



Big Trouble In Litttle Kina [Lagi/eight/necowl] D-Rank UwPVdcs

Dalia Fedcono

Dalia Fedcono

Find the stabby slash group, find their bleeding enemy who is also a stabby slash person, kill the stabby slash person. What happened to the whole, enslaving others thing or the simplicity that was, hunt down every person in the area, have fun killing them and take whats left behind? Then you know the celebratory feast that would ensue with all the loads of grub you'd have left over? And now she had like 2 baby sitters? So laaaaame. She walked with her foot and leg extending out totally every time making over the top steps with every step as she held her hands behind her head leaning back into them curling her bottom up up. She looking over a bit as the new guy said this was all beneath him and so on and so forth.

It seemed like this was below all of them with how many there were of them. She rolled her eyes a bit as she kept following eyeing one of the baby sitters eyeing the trail before she was signaled by 8. Finally, something fun to do! She lowering her arms grabbing the scythe on he r back on the way down and shifted it in front of her the tool would easily tower over her if it was stood up right next to her. She watching as 8 did his weirdo sliding thing ahead of them all. He summoning some skeletons to distract the stabby slash guy who seemed frustrated by the whole thing. Dalia looked to the Stabby slash man who locked eyes with her and grinned widely. Finally! she shifted to get ready to fight as he threw a knife thing at her! ...

Only for one of the baby sitters to black it. "Gaaaaaaaaaah! you're such a kill joy!!!!" Seeing the woman giving her a thumbs up with a smile made her squint her eyes with a disgruntled face as she leaned over to look past her to 8. He was so still trying to mess with her even now with these people wasn't he? She shifted back over looking to the woman shifting to look all proper. "... I'm gonna go have fun! MOVE!" She roared out running around her if she had to as 8 yelled to her. She yelling back as she ran at the Stabby slash man with her Fanalis speeds jutting forward her scythe activating her Bite Harder Scaling it up for extra damage of B Tier for 30 Stamina "I'm not gonna show off!"

Her eyes then turned to slits and her teeth razor sharp as she used the long blade to hook the mans throat and yank him forward she jumping up. "I'm gonna have fun!" She roared out sinking her teeth into the mans throat biting off a large chunk of his neck as she rode him down to the ground. As they landed she stoop up straight and spat out his flesh back at his face letting the blood trickle down her chin shifting her features back to normal as she looked down to him with one squinted eye and one wide eye. "... I lied... That was too easy." She hopped off him jerking the scythe from under him away. "And thus boring..." She grumbled out.

( 120 / 200 Stamina )
( 547 / 500 Words )

Abilities Used:

Bite Harder
Tier: C
Class: Body Manipulation
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Dalia has to take time to let the change take affect before she can use it as an attack.
Scaling: Scaled for extra damage
Sustain: 2 Posts
Cool Down: 1 Post
Cost: 20 Stamina | 10 Stamina

    Dalia's pupils shrink and turn into sharp cat-like slits as she unhinges her jaw like a snake to allow for a larger bite. Her teeth then turn razor sharp and needle like, allowing her to deal C-tier damage if she attacks her enemy with her teeth. To use this skill, she has to be close enough to be within biting distance from her enemy.

Weapons Brought:
Name: Pumpkin Scythe
Tier: A
Type: Scythe
Magic Type: Ice
Appearance: A wooden handled lines with the vines of a single pumpkin which rest at the tip of the shaft. With an oddly blue glow coming from the carved out sections of the Jackolantern. Thorns stick out from the wines while a blade stabs through the front and back of the pumpkinhead. It stands 5 meters in Length, the blade 1.5 meters wide in full length and 4 Cm width.

  • Frozen in Fear-

Sending magoi into the weapon, the user is able to cast out an Ice ray of magic along the ground causing Ice spikes to rise from the cooling ray of magic while giving off a skin chilling breeze from their swing. The ground is frozen for 30 meters from the user in a single line and 1 meter wide. 1 meter tall ice spikes erupt from the frozen ground stabbing into anything caught for B tier damage. Whatever is caught by the spikes becomes frozen for 2 turns and take B tier Frostbite damage (IE. a leg, or legs, not the entire body) The Ice beam come from the blade when it hits the ground.
Cost:10 Magoi, 5 Sustain


Big Trouble In Litttle Kina [Lagi/eight/necowl] D-Rank Half-Dal-Sig1Big Trouble In Litttle Kina [Lagi/eight/necowl] D-Rank Half-Dal-Sig2



From beneath the mask, Lagi's eyes remained on Dalia's actions, judging her every move. It wasn't necessarily based off style points or things of that nature, Lagi thought that people needed to make their own style to handle situations just like this. There was always a chance that he could be too cocky, which would become a great weakness for him in the future. He didn't want to be stereotypical and underestimating every opponent that he met, Lagi had come from humble beginnings and wanted to remember that. He wanted to remember how he fought before, even though he can admit that Zygus was a little more cleaner when it came to combat.

"Alright, so you have some skill. You should bring something like a prize or something similar to the Kogata. Maybe frisk the body to see if there is something of worth or value to prove that the job's been completed. We weren't paid for a clean up, this was more of an initiation and favor so it's not like we have to think that far ahead. "

Lagi flew down to the body that Dalia just killed and squatted around the front of the deceased victim.

"Life is funny that way, I bet that he never thought that death would be such a reality to him in such a short time after making enemies with the Kogata. But then again, it's mosly for eight's sake. It's up in the air as to what they could offer me as a whole."

After removing a sigil from the body, Lagi would then proceed to pocket it as he looks at the others.

"I don't know what this means, but at the very least, it proves that we done what we needed to do. "

500/500 WC “Finished”


Big Trouble In Litttle Kina [Lagi/eight/necowl] D-Rank CrChE3t

Big Trouble In Litttle Kina [Lagi/eight/necowl] D-Rank LBbFjDO

Lagi's Vault

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