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Phobos Corvus

Phobos Corvus

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Phobos Corvus

Phobos Corvus


Name phobos corvus

Country Affiliation wanderer

Race fanalis

Tier d

Class beast tamer

Age fourteen

Gender male

Sexuality bisexual


+ rambunctious
{as someone that missed out on most of his youth, he tends to be rather childish. while he can be a great deal of fun, his high energy can be annoying.}

+ loyal
{while he is not quick to give out his loyalty to easy, once someone has it- they have it for a lifetime. their enemies are his though their allies may go through the same scrutiny as he placed on those he follows.}

+ protective
{while phobos detests weakness in others, he will act as a shield to those he deems worthy of his protection.}

+ selfless
{even as a child, what keeps him satisfied is to be useful to someone else. even as a tool for war as he once was.}

- irritable
{being a fanalis, he fits the stereotype of having a hot head. due to the lasting effects of the changes in his system, it makes it worse at times. causing him to go into a feral state.}

- tactless
{he has no filter and will often say what is on his mind regardless of their feelings. even if it would make them hate him.}

- cold
{much like diana, in his calmer times, he can be very callous towards others. often showing a lack of emotion or affinity towards others even if he knows them.}

- difficult
{having little to no manners outside of what his peers have taught him, he can be quite troublesome.}


+ diana
{ his sole obsession. the woman who saved him from ruin all those years ago. }

+ fighting
{due to the blood of the red lion running through his veins and a desire to be stronger. he loves to spar with others and get his hands dirty.}

+ sailing
{phobos enjoys the calm rocking of ships and the scent of the ocean breeze.}

+ dogs
{a corvus family staple for most of their tamers. his adoration for canines stemmed from pluto.}


- weakness
{ phobos views those emotionally or physically weaker than him as lesser beings. he values strength above all. }

- medicine
{ due to his past, he has an aversion towards any sort of pill or liquid medicine. nor does he trust doctors. }

- war
{ as much as he likes fighting, he does not agree with the concept of war. }

- talking
{ as he is not adept in communicating with others, he prefers not to talk because he can't get his thoughts out properly. }


an outsider into the corvus clan, a lot of eyes are on him to uphold the duties of diana, the current alpha. his goal is to become stronger, to prove himself to be good enough to exist within her shadow. his desire to be strong and overcome his mutations are what drive him to strive for more.

he has a personal vendetta to find and eliminate those who had once served gao yuan zu for what they did to him and all of the other fanalis children during the civil war.


his greatest fear is of death itself. as a boy he had seen it grasp onto many lives and has even experienced it's grazing kisses for himself. it is not the unknown he is afraid of how much is has cost him. so many memories skewed and steeped in it's darkness. he fears that one day, it will claim him before his time. it will take away all he holds dear and he would be powerless to stop it.

Face-Claim Kyojuro Rengoku from Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hair Color Gold with Red Tips

Eye Color Gold with Red Irides

Height 167 cm | 5 ft 6 in

Weight 62 kg | 137 lbs


phobos is a young teen of a tall stature with bright yellow hair with red streaks, dark thick eyebrows, light skin, and golden eyes with red irides.

his hair and eye color differentiate from a normal fanalis' due to the mutations he underwent from the drugs he was given as a young boy. thus he is often mistaken for a human or a half-breed despite having full lineage.

his attire consists of a black uniform that is fastened with ornate golden buttons. as well as a cloak with a white to yellow gradient pattern and a red flame-like design along the bottom.

Rukh Alignment White


the beginnings of his life are a blur. he remembers a beautiful woman, holding him close to her breast. hot tears pouring down from her face. rough hands gripping at his arms. "no, please! stop!" she screams.

he is pulled away. her fingers dig desperately into his flesh. she is faceless. yet the vibrancy of her crimson hair stands out. like a spray of blood, it spreads out.


strange men throw him into a dark room. there are other children. they are loud so he is too. streams of fire run down his cheeks. his body shakes and he doesn't understand why. he wants the woman but he would never see her again. the men shout into the room. there is light but they remain shadows. a hand clamps itself over his nose and mouth. he can't breathe. something slips into his mouth and he swallows it. they force his mouth open, digging their dirty fingers around. when they leave, everything goes black.

he wakes to the soft touch of a hand. her slender fingers tangled in his mess of hair. his eyes gaze upon her. a bright white light takes over his vision. a goddess. he tries his hardest to stay awake. the demon in his body screams at him to kill her. he gasps for air. his limbs felt so heavy. the blood within him boils. it's too hot.


two years later, his mind still riddled by the ghosts of his past. the poison still running through his veins. the healers tell him he will not have a long life. but what does that mean to him? he was a reverent monster; following his savior with faith unwavering. he only kept his life at the mercy of her hand. she was his mother, his punisher, his everything.

now in the alabaster city of reim, under the blazing sun; he arrives to a family once unknown to him. they look at him with leery eyes. he has passed their tests. suffered their trials. yet they are hesitant to accept him. he holds onto the guidance of his goddess. the only religion he would accept in this world.


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Phobos Corvus

Phobos Corvus



Phobos Corvus' Vault FFEI3pt

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Phobos Corvus

Phobos Corvus


[b]Trait Name:[/b] Fanalis Physiology
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] -
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Fanalis Race
[b]Trait Description:[/b] Members of this fearsome race possess strength and speed beyond compare.
[b]Trait Effect:[/b]
[*]Physical Strength is above the average human's and increases with each rank up.
[*]D-tier: The character can now lift large boulders twice their size with ease and deal C-tier damage with their physical strength alone.
[*]C-tier: The character can now perform feats just as breaking down walls and large stone structures with their bare hands and deal B-tier damage with their physical strength alone.
[*]B-tier: The character can now bend steel and shatter iron with their bare hands and deal A-tier damage with their physical strength alone.
[*]A-tier: The character can now fell a castle wall with a single punch. Lifting up giant creatures or structures is child's play. The still deal A-tier damage with their physical strength alone.

[*]Movement speed is above the average human's and increases with each rank up.
[*]D-tier: The character can now sprint as fast as a horse and can maintain these speeds for several minutes.
[*]C-tier: The character can now outrun most mounts and maintain their speed for an hour.
[*]B-tier: The character can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls.
[*]A-tier: The character can now cover short gaps in an instant with a single step.(Costs 10 stamina)

[*]Access to the "Fanalis Roar" racial ability.


C Tier:
[center][b]Fanalis Roar[/b][/center]
[b]Tier:[/b] C
[b]Specialization:[/b] Fanalis Racial
[b]Type:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Range:[/b] Short(3m)
[b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
[b]Scaling:[/b] AoE
[b]Sustain:[/b] -
[b]Cool Down:[/b] 2 posts
[b]Cost:[/b] -
After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.[/list]

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Phobos Corvus

Phobos Corvus



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Phobos Corvus

Phobos Corvus

beasts / npcs

Essence of Ares:
Phobos Corvus' Vault O6pbMHc
[b]Name:[/b] Essence of Ares
[b]Tier:[/b] D
[b]Type:[/b] Symbiote
[b]Species:[/b] Proelium Ostium: Ares
[b]Appearance:[/b] The mysterious being takes no direct form once it is fully assimilated with it's host. It takes on the many different appearances in the psyche. This typically manifests as a large armored humanoid. It has it's own sentience, influenced by the host's brain, often giving advice or speaking in their mind at times.

It's effects on the body are rather constant. It causes the hair and eyes to take on a golden color, fighting against the hosts natural hue. During times when it is active, the disease causes the skin to glisten with small golden flecks of light.
[b]Beast Traits:[/b]

[b]Trait Name:[/b] God of War
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] D
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Proelium Ostium: Ares
[b]Trait Description:[/b] The symbiote is capable of causing the body to emit pheromones that influence the emotional states of the host and those around them.
[b]Trait Effect:[/b] Allows the symbiote to register abilities based around emotion manipulation. The user is not immune to these pheromones. Any released by the symbiote will effect the user at the same effectiveness.

[b]Trait Name:[/b] Hypersensitivity
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] D
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Proelium Ostium: Ares
[b]Trait Description:[/b] The symbiote alters and heightens the senses of the host to above their typical capabilities at all times, unable to dull them despite any desires of the host to do so.
[b]Trait Effect:[/b] As the symbiote mutates and strengthens within the host, an additional sense of the user is permanently enhanced:
[*][b]D Tier:[/b] The user is able to track down and identify the scents of any specific persons, objects, substances or even places. So long as these factors are within 3 kilometers of the user. The user must be familiar with their scent and it must be focused upon. They may not pinpoint the exact location of the scent, only the general direction and strength. A scent may not be picked up if it is submerged in water.
[b]Trait Name:[/b] Contaminant Immunity
[b]Trait Tier:[/b] D
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b] Proelium Ostium: Ares
[b]Trait Description:[/b] As it was created in a lab and placed under harsh conditions, the symbiote is very hardy against foreign substances that enter the body that may harm it or the user.
[b]Trait Effect:[/b] The symbiote enables the host and itself to be immune to any D Tier poisons/toxins/venom that affect their body. However, due to being averse to all foreign substances, any non-magic healing through medicine is recognized by the symbiote as a contaminant and rejected.


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