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A Lone Giant [Class Training/Solo]

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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant
The woman wondered as she saw the setting sun through the window in her room, as the marmalade colored sky began to embrace the black colored paint. She was deep in thought as her sapphire orbs kept staring towards the dark sky, although there was nothing that could be seen there, no moon… no stars… only nothingness. Despite her usual confident appearance, with her height and body type… the blue haired woman let out a sigh tiredly, as if she put the weight of the world on her shoulders. She hated feeling this vulnerable… and she felt weaker than ever because of this heavy feeling within her chest, she hated every moment of this vulnerability within her. ‘Since when… since when did I start to feel like I just want to stop doing all of this and go home, starting anew and move on…’ She knitted her eyebrow and gritted her teeth, with her hands that were cupping her chin began to tremble. ‘Fate doesn’t deserve to control me by giving me that kind of feeling… I will be the one to carve my own path… and that is what I should be doing right now, for the sake of revenge...’

As Lilithia straightened her posture, her blazer that was hanging on her shoulders dropped into the wooden floor. She would stare towards the blazer for a second before she bent down to grab it and bring it up. ‘If Kuroro was here, he would tell me to just go strengthen my body and mind to distract me from bad thoughts…’ She said to herself mentally before letting out a chuckle, “I can’t believe I’m mentioning him right now…” The Imuchakk missed her friend, something that she didn't usually feel because she thought such feelings would be unnecessary. Perhaps the vibe of the night put her into a melancholy mood, but perhaps it was because it has been a long time since the last time she saw her friend. Well, he was perhaps doing just fine getting buff and doing all of those tribe stuff with full of excitement. “Funny...” A word coming from her lips, but there was no reason for her to say that...although perhaps she was mocking her own state at the moment.

The imuchakk would put on her blazer again before heading out from her room, she would let her heels bring her to wherever her mind wanted to be. Perhaps it would be a good time to strengthen herself again, she did feel a little bit rusty because the peaceful information seeking that she didn't let her fight anyone., at least not someone strong… but still. She arrived at an empty lot, far from the city’s crowd...and she thought that perhaps she needed something like this, a silent nature accompanying her without a word since she Like she felt she could do anything, like she felt like herself. She would take a deep breath before letting it out slowly, the woman brought her hands up and stretched them a little bit. After that she would bend her body, letting her hands touch her ankle and paused like that for several seconds. Lilithia thought it would be better to do a step by step training to refresh herself, so today she would just focus on basic body training. The night went by quickly as she did an hour of boxing exercise, mostly focusing on her arms and legs.

The second day, she waited until the sun set before heading towards the empty lot from the day before. Well, she would hate the curious gaze and the interaction with other people if she went to the empty lot in the morning, she could guess that a lot of merchants would be using the lot to sell their goods so… night training would be better suitable for her unless she could find a remote place within the city to train herself, although that would be troubling for her at the moment. The giant woman thought that she perhaps could train her body manipulation skill. Although she would hate it if it changed the shape of her body… but this training would be necessary to let her control her body more than before. She would breathe in and out several times as she closed her eyes, focusing on both of her arms and starting to feel the change. As she opened her eyes, Liltihia would see her arms gaining more veins and her nails got longer, sharper and harder than normal. Not only that, she could feel her arms tensed up and when she touched them, it felt like she was touching a rock. Perhaps she could try to explore more, so she focused more on her arms although it felt a little bit difficult to put some more power and control there. But her progress was pretty good at the moment, she managed to make the skin of her arm harder than before.

After several successful attempts as she trained her arms, the Imuchakk began to train with her hair, shaping it into several weapon shapes and controlling it. This time, she was more focused on how fast she could change the shape of her hair and how fast she could swing it around, that would need more improvement as she recalled her past fights using it. After countless attempts, she managed to shorten the transition time although she would need more improvement to make it perfect since she needed to make the shorter transition time to be more consistent. So with the total of around 8 days training, Lilithia finally managed to make it consistent and successfully shorten her hair shape shifting time every single time of her attempting to do it. It was weird but she felt more refreshed now after doing the training, as the clouds inside her head had been lifted. She might not be as strong as she wanted to be, but at least this would be another step she took to be there, for the sake of revenge…

WC: 1010/1000

Body manipulation C -> B


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