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Work on a ship (job/solo)

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Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida
Job Name: A Helping Hand
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A local sailor is too lazy to do his job and so has tasked anyone willing to take on the job, to do his job, but for less pay. You, job-taker, will go down to the harbor and meet up with the sailor in question. He will give you a description of what his job of the day is and you will end up doing everything that he details for the rest of that day. In the end, when you finish his work, meet up again with the lazy sailor and he will give you the reward.

Things to do:

Mop the deck of the ship
Carry a few barrels into storage
Organize the storage in any way you see fit
Tighten the ropes holding down the ship to the port

Today was a bit of a change of pace for the magical assassin known as Silva. He had decided not to take the normal assassination contract but instead to take a help wanted notice he had found. Apparently a sailor was unable to work for the day and was requiring someone to help do his chores for that day. So He showed up at the harbor talking to the young sailor and they had talked and he had figured out what all needed to be done and they come upon an agreement on the payment and the sailor left while Silva began his work.

The first task to do was to mop the deck. This was normally work meant for a cabin boy but the old man had no qualms about doing this menial task. He grabbed a mop and filled a bucket full of water to wash the deck. This task would take awhile as it was a large deck and he was staying in his old man body to complete this task instead of using his fight mode body. It would take a few hours till he was done and moving on to the next task.

Up next was carrying some barrels and move them into storage. This was an easy task however it was a bit to much for his normal form. So in order to carry them his body would grow to 195 cm and his whole body would greatly increase in size as muscles began to form and grow leaving a massive old man where a frail body used to be. He would pick up a barrel in each arm and gracefully carry them to the storage and repeating this step a couple of times till all of the barrels were where they belonged.

They third task was to arrange and organize the storage room and its supplies however Silva saw fit. This was perfect for the old man since he was a bit meticulous when it comes to this area of work. As an assassin you had to put a lot of attention into what you do and look at every bit of detail when doing a job. He would spend the next hour or so organizing the storage room. He would organize it in types such as food and tool then organize those alphabetically.

He was quickly moving onto the next and final task which was tightening ropes that were holding down the ship. He did not have any experience on a ship, or at least none that he knows of, yet this was a very simple task for him. He got it done quickly and would smile after the hard day of work and would go and talk to the sailor who seemed thrilled at the thought of not having to do all of that. He would pay the old man what they agreed on and leave. Silva would also go on his own way wondering what contract he should take up next.

WC 510/500

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