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Master Professions

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Updating my Primary Profession, changing my secondary profession.

Primary Profession
Related Class: Tamer
Profession Title: Slave Master
Description: One who controls slaves with ease. A slave master either puts slaves to use through labor or by selling them.
Profession Perks:

  • Authority ¬
    A slave will instinctively follow orders from Eight. His voice, looks, words and body language give him an air of total control. • [ Slaves that this Slave Master will obey, under normal circumstances. ]
  • Black Market ¬
    A slave master must be able to find work even in nations were slavery is illegal, or risk losing potential business. • [ Slave Master can find work in any nation. ]
  • Cover Story ¬
    A slave master working in slavery-outlawed nations has to find a way to deal with it. A cover story requires absolute command and faith in your slaves. • [ Any slaves will be able to pass for non-slaves, under normal circumstances. ]

Secondary Profession
Profession Title: Ring Master
Description: A master of the ring, akin to an emcee with physical prowess. Able to command any stage with his presence, power and proficiency.
Profession Perks:

  • Master of the Ring ¬
    A ring master has a natural gravitas when they are the center of attention, inspiring and captivating those watching. • [ People watching the Ring Master on a stage during combat are prone to focus on him or her. ]
  • Comfort Zone ¬
    A ring master must be comfortable and ready for anything where ever he goes. After being in several arenas, he's ready for anything. • [ The Ring Master is calm, collected and confident whenever on a stage, under normal circumstances. ]


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2Master Professions Empty Re: Master Professions on 27/04/20, 05:10 pm


For Authority, rephrase [ Slaves that this Slave Master will obey, under normal circumstances. ] to [ Slaves of his shall obey his commands, under normal circumstances. ]

For Black Market, rephrase [ Slave Master can find work in any nation. ] to [ Slave Master can find work in any region. ]

For Master of the Ring, keep in mind this is not a hard locked in focus.

Everything checks out other than that. Apologies for the late grading.


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