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Duban Tumblr_inline_odpumtDMQU1urz0jg_1280

Name: Duban
Country Affiliation: Balbadd
Race: Human
Tier: D
Class: Manipulator
Age + Birthdate: 31 10/31
Gender: M
Sexuality: Pansexual
You have to learn the rules before you break them. His life was broken into two phases. The first taught him everything about the world. He knew of all the countries in the world through book learning, from details to rulers, population, cities to major exports, and their laws. Taught to be meek, in the face of any authority to do as he was told. To fear risk, trying new things, meet strangers, and disobey the rules.

But as he grew up, his parents shattered that world. He grew to learn of the world, and how it actually worked. The black markets, how the trade worked, and how it depended on the health of the workers, how their manager worked, and it was under control of a lord who could be bribed or blackmailed to stop or double his efforts. To be audacious, and break any social norms. To do what has never done before.

Now he delights in sarcastic banter, is quite the merry man as he brings joy to every scene he encounters, and like to slice the gordian knot whenever possible. He's astute but always keeps in beneath his cheerful demeanor. When he is no longer in control for any reason, he relies on total stoicism.
Likes: Fond of Animals; they were true to their emotions. Eating; there was never a simpler pleasure so vital.
Dislikes: Seriousness; you don't interact with a mountain, you go around it or through it. Obtuseness; the angles are fine. However, one desires to stand with their peers, not babysit.
Aspirations: Unification. Duban once sought to be king of the world, but realized there was one step that had to happen before that. Unfying the entire world under one banner. As a man, who thought of solutions in ways not many people would, he realized one way to achieve the unification of the nations. This goal was not to be shared with any soul. He was extremely protective of the goal and ten times more secretive about his method.
Phobias: While most people might have a normal fear, something like death or losing loved ones, Duban's life experiences taught him not to fear those things. However, there is one thing that can still get under Duban's skin; stormy weather. Just the presence of shadowy sky cover would be enough to send a current down his spine, don't even mention what the sound of lightning would do to him. As a child, all the worst events in his life have all seemed to happen during off-weather, and the fact that he was struck by a spark of lightning doesn't help much either. At times of emotional distress, he will feel proportional phantom pains throughout his nervous system.
Face-Claim: Shinsou Hitoshi - My Hero Academia
Hair Color: Eggplant
Eye Color: Wine
Height: 171cm
Weight: 55kg
Appearance:  Not quite his appearance, but usually the first thing you will recognize  about Duban is his voice. It's manly, yet musical in nature, along with his choice of words. After that, his face is a bit distorted, oblong in nature, with whispy lips that reach nearly from ear to ear. His eyes are nearly drooping and sunken in, paired with discolored bags below. These features are combined with a fivehead. His hair almost looks like a regal crown. It's gravity defying and most people would desibe the color of his hair as eggplant because it's such a dark shade of purple while still retaining a waxy gloss.

Duban's frame and small stature make it so he can pull off just about any outfit with ease. His build is rather narrow with just the slightest hint of any definition. Always having great outfits for any occasion, usually quite modern, even by today's standards.
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features:Insomnia, Narcoleptic, Phantom Pain (Electrical in Nature during stress or bad weather, proportional)
History: Duban was born in Balbadd with both parents. At a young age, he was groomed to be an obdeient but brilliant child. A homeschooled boy with instructors from all disciplines. He was trained in mathematics, music, art, philosphy, economy, politics, medicine, engineering, history and more. He had an education that was more than that of the normal scholar of the times and he was quite the ace due to the way he was raised. But then his parents began to bring him to their careers. His father was a minor politician, and he got to see how deals were carried, both above board and below. How people were spoken to or about, what the gears of the machine were. His mother owned a shipping business, which seemed to have it's own ecosystem. There was a pyramid of power, with his mother near the top. He learned all the work, the handlers, the captains, the logistical portion, the procurement and more. This was a more human, real world education, which was followed by an introduction to his heritage.

On his Fathers side, there is a genetic trait that allowed Bodily Manipulation around the throat, it was partially connected to the ear and nose as well, with training, it could extend further but it was rare and difficult. His father was always taught to be an assassin and his line would always find a partner with a similar skill set. In this case, his mother was a spy.

Now that he was aware of their dayjobs, he was invited into their more nefarious job. As an assassin, his father killed political opponents, in many different ways. Stalking his opponents, judging what would be the best, how much attention it would attract and how to not leave evidence. While with his mother, he found out how to check forgeries, trail people, use certain tools of the trade, using the information to make decision or have it as an ace up the sleeve for later.

He was taught about the history and how his family would do assassinations. Usually a ruler would take control, and the type of person who would be able to wrestle control from others was usually the type to be ruthless. While they would be able to keep things in line for a while, once the people's threshold was passed they would unite against the evil force and become a stronger force than ever.
Role-Play Sample: Adrenaline coursed through his veins. Each beat of his heart fueling his frame to action. Senses were finely tuned to the situation at hand. Gulp. The ambience added to the raw emotions, in the cramped, poorly-lit space. The silhouette before his eyes tantalized him in every which way imaginable. A mixture of musk, citrus and vanilla crept into his nostrils while the sound of the lace being peeled from the skin grated against his tympanic membrane, echoing directly to his mind. Instantly, the figure was below him, shoulders pinned under his fists. They both knew what was coming next.  The lantern above them began to sway more and more, til became unhinged, crashing into the floor, obscuring the room in pure darkness.

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
Approved, don't forget to make a vault here

You can start making your starter spells, 4 D 1 C. Also don't for get the New character claims here


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