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Order of Merlin

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1Order of Merlin Empty Order of Merlin on 30/04/14, 03:37 pm

OoM - Callisto Havik


The war has ended! Voldemort was defeated and trumpets sounded the cries of victory! So everything was all sunshine and daisies, everyone lived happily ever after, right? Wrong! London’s sky was filled with smoke as the bodies of the fallen burned.

With haunting visions, filled with the last moments of the departed, the collapse of a death eater run government, and the death of important professors, researchers, and healers alike the survivors had little time for singing. Everyone squabbled to try and mend the broken pieces of a shattered infrastructure, all while contending with wounded hearts.

It was a difficult undertaking, but everyone tried to put their best foot forward and restore peace and order. There was moderate success. Classes resumed at Hogwarts and new government officials and healers were brought into the fold to help deal with the crises. Still, the picture is far from bright. Hogwarts’ library was decimated and students and professor are suffering from a lack of research materials. St. Mungo's is struggling with a shortage of staff. People in their early twenties find themselves head of departments as there are no survivors who can better lead the hospital. On top of that the new head of St. Mungo's, Callisto Havik, is being charged for illegal experimentation on both minors and visitors from other countries. Her efforts to find a cure for Lycanthropy have been put on the back burner while she attempts to deal with these false accusations.

The government is still trying to win back the trust of the people after the war. And Britain’s government in general is fighting for the support of other countries. Ambassadors from all countries have been getting killed on British soil and Britain is being charged with orchestrating the attacks. The United States of America and Spain have declared war in retaliation with the Ministry of Magic refusing to comment and rectify the confusion. Currently Bulgaria is Britain’s only ally.

As if this wasn't enough to deal with, there are whispers of another uprising. The Ministry is overly eager to dismiss these rumors but those who find their way in Knockturn Alley hear a different story. Hooded figures huddled around suspicious looking shops and clubs speak of extremists in hushed tones. Everyone is aware of the bombings but few know the people or reasons behind them. Most say the Death Eaters still linger and plan on reclaiming what they lost. But recently there have been speculations about the birth of a third group. Who they are and what they want no one seems to know.[div style="padding-top:25px;"][div]We are a Post Potter RPG hosted on Proboards and entering our 10th year of existence!
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