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Day 1 in Magno (plot)

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After 6 months of traveling the trio had finally made it to the great Plains near Magno.. Of course They couldn't go into the city since they werent magicians So they were in an inn at an outpost nearby t called koval estate that allowed goi or non magicians. The trio was staying at an inn which Sessho was paying for.

Bayek was drinking with some people at a tavern trying to gather information avout the region amd the country itself. So it was just the super talkative Sessho and the not so sociable Baba in the inn. While they have been friends for several months now the warrior still didnt know anything at all about the quiet girl. When they first met she was terrified of everyone especially the red haired warrior. Also all she would talk about than was about dog people which he had actually seen a painting of in the dungeon but didnt want to mention it yet. Now she was at least warming up to him and Bayek even staying close to the 2 seeing them kind of as her protectors. She still didn't say much but she did talk more than she once did, normally just a few words at a time though.

Sessho looks at Baba smiling. "So Baba I hardly know anything about you, why dont you tell me about your past." She looks at him and shrugs a bit.  "Not much to say, maybe a bit lonely not sure dont really remember " she says not really wanting to go i to much detail about her life, mainly because as she said she couldnt remember. He frowns a bit wondering if he could help her evetnaully get her memories back. And with that the first day in the area near Magno was over.

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