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Start the Crusades! [Event/Repeatable]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Job Name: Start the Crusades!
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Any Location
Job Reward: 7,000 Huang | 100 XP
Job Prerequisites: Sasan Knight
Job Overview: Start asking questions from the nearby Locals to find out about dungeons. Some of the nearby people may not be friendly or be willing to listen to the holy word of Sasan. Deal with them if they get in the way.

Local Militia :
Enemy Name: Local Militia x5
Enemy Tier: C-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: C-tier
Description: The local forces or people of the area.  Generally, normal humans carrying swords, daggers or even rakes as their weapons, being able to do C-tier damage with their weapons.

  • Gather! The Militia gathers together and forms a blockade in order to take up to A-tier damage as long as there is 5 or more of them, otherwise only blocks C-tier damage.

  • Back!The militia member slashes away at a target with their weapon dealing C-tier damage

  • I said get back! The militia member lunges 2m forward swinging their weapon wildly dealing C-tier damage to whoever they hit.

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