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New chapter part 2: reunion of friends

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After taking time to quickly adjust a little to his new from and settling stuff with his old home a clothes he was on his way out of the city. In fact he was on his was to a certain manor where his new Family was. He hadn't seen them since the dungeon and wasn't sure how much time has passed but was super excited to see Baba, Bayek and the others again. He had a few surprises in store this time as he walked with Gamiru his trusted steed and companion.

As he finally looked around he was surprised to see that everyone seemed to be gone. He wondered where they were till he finally came across a familiar face, Bayek, the former Heliohapt warrior turned member if the Family. The young Adventurer had met Bayek while they were both in the dungeon of the Kou emperor. They had become quick friends thanks to Sessho's electric personality. The large man sees a being even larger than him and looks alert and carry taking a stance ready to fight. He looks at the stranger growling "Halt! Who are you?" he asks shouting. Sesshomaru raises his arms, all six, and grins "!" He says but sees that the man was doubting his claim "!" he says proudly and with gusto which was a sure sign that is was the quirky warrior. He smiles and talks to Bayek a bit before rushing off to see Baba. Bayek tries to warn him and stop the warrior but it was too late.

"KEEEEEEEEE!" there was a loud, sudden scream that could be heard all across the manor if it wasn't empty. The young woman known as Baba was in the corner stremobling as the monster walked into the from. She knew right away she didn't like it. Her hair was wrapped around her body in an effort to protect her "!" was all she said. The warrior sighs and smacks his head forgetting she didn't like surprised like his. He looks at her trying to calms her down."It's okay Baba. It's me Sessho. I was the one who saved you and is gonna protect you remember? she looks at him confused. He did kinda look like her savior. "S..sessho?" she asks and he nods. of course! I woyld never lie to a friemd!" he says grinning and she just looks at him and his.

After a short while of trying to calm her down he eventually told his two friends all thay happened in the dungeon. He smiles looking at the shocked face of Bayek and stands up. Well that's enough relaxing time yo adventure again" he would say as he grabs Baba hand dragging her out. A shocked Baba looking at a chuckling Bayek and the two go off for thoer first of many adventures.

Name: Baba Yukori
Tier: B-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B-tier
Description: Baba is a tall woman seemingly of either Kou, or Kinan descent,
her features leaning more towards that of someone from Kina. She has a sharp gaze with
a stern looking face, however despite this she is a beautiful woman of a seemingly
shook nature. She can hold brief conversations with people she knows but suffers from
PTSD from experiments which she blocks out. She recalls nothing of her past except for
her name and her skills. She is rather tall standing at 176cm with long black hair
which goes all the way down to her thighs.
Weapons: NONE
Trait Name: Escape Artist
Trait Tier: B-tier
Trait Requirement: User must have experience with traps.
Trait Description: User has spent so much time in their past escaping from
traps they have the ability to get out of traps faster.
Trait Effect: Traps and immobilizing objects take one less post to get out of.
Trait Name: Fueled by fear
Trait Tier: B-tier
Trait Requirement: Born with high adrenaline,
Trait Description:The user has a high fight or flight response causing the body
to produce large amounts of adrenaline when fighting opponents of a higher tier or who
have high physical strength, usually B or higher.
Trait Effect: When fighting opponents that are a higher tier or have B-tier
strength or Higher their fight or flight kicks in giving them C-tier strength and the
ability to run as fast as a wild dog.
Trait Name:A forgotten past
Trait Tier:PLOT NPC TRAIT: B-tier
Trait Requirement: PLOT NPC Trait
Trait Description: The user has a forgotten past in which they get tidbits of
in the occasional flashback. These moments tend to lead to important pieces of the
character and their backstory.
Trait Effect:When roleplaying with this character they will occasionally have
proxy posts reminding them of their past. These memories will provide special missions
and quest lines to evolve the trait, npc and the bond with the character.

  • Whip it!: The user whips their hair forward manipulating it into a hard iron
    like material which is 3m long. The whip of hair can be flicked in another direction
    if it misses. When it hits the hair does B-tier cutting damage/
  • Blooming lotus: When using any of her hair related abilities Baba can
    activate Blooming lotus, which causes her hair to bloom out into a 5m in diameter dome
    of hair hair spikes dealing B-tier damage.
  • Bark of the Treant: Babas hair forms over her entire body forming a shell of
    dense hair which can take up to B-tier damage.
  • The Spider Rose: The user extends their hair shaping it into 4 limbs 3m tall
    which the user raises them self into the air which and can move up to the speeds of a
    horse in full sprint.

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