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Mama Told Me [D - Reserved]

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1Mama Told Me [D - Reserved] Empty Mama Told Me [D - Reserved] 15/11/18, 07:37 pm

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Job Name:Mama told me.
Job Rank:D
Job Location:Heliohapt
Job Reward:3000 Huang | 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: BASTET FAMILY
Job Overview:El Ragu has plagued the country, the citizens especially the young have became addicted to the substance known as El Ragu at an epidemic rate. Disgusted by its presence in her community and realizing it to be the actual cause of death, loss of livelihood, health and family; The High Priestess Takes her stance. Formulate the plot to clean Helio

  • Cleopatra and Nefertiri must investigate and form a plan to begin war on drugs

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